Top AdSense Niches – The Highest Paying In 2020

Google AdSense works by adding the clickable ads on the website along with the original website content and when people click on those ads, the website owners will earn the money. So, the trend of using AdSense is on the peak and the top niches of AdSense and its information stay in demand. If you have been looking for the niches too, we have added Top AdSense Niches – The Highest Paying In 2020, so, let’s see what we have got for you! Or we may say what the Google AdSense has in the house for you!

Today, there billions of internet users and all of them are visiting the website one way or another. This has increased the number of website on the internet base and each day, a new website is launched. The main aim of these websites is to earn the money but when they launch the website, that just does not happen which puts them off. For such people, there is Google AdSense which allows the website owners to monetize their website to earn money.

You need to start speaking lingo if you are using the revenue model from the AdSense. The ads which are uploaded using the Google AdSense work on the Pay Per Click basis which helps the website owners earn the money when the website visitor clicks on them. There are different pay rate for different niches and are defined by the Cost Per Click. The pay mainly depends upon the location of the website visitor along with the niche. So, now let’s just get on with the highest paying niches!

Evergreen High Paying AdSense Niches

By evergreen, these niches reflect that they have been topping the charts for the highest paying niches and there is no forecast of them being slowed down. If you have a website from the below-mentioned niches, good for you because you are on the edge for earning a lot of bucks through the ads!

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is a field which will never stop until the human race is alive and people will always keep on searching for them. For example, people are going to stay concerned about the weight loss, less calorie intake, low-carb diet recipes, nutritional guides, and much more. Over the years, this CPC is still at the top even after the launch of health and wellness applications.

Forex & Insurance

The rise of digital currencies started off at the start of the 2000s and the craze doesn’t seem to know any bounds. It’s been two decades that forex and insurance have been money-spinning niches on the AdSense. There is no way that CPC for these niches are going down anytime soon but the competition is rising at the top too!

Motivation & Stress

These two niches stay hand-in-hand because one-time people search for stress and after an hour, they are searching the internet for motivation. There are millions of blogs that working on creating the personal development and motivational content and literally they have found the goldmine. The number of stressors in the world are increasing which has given rise to the online solutions for their issues. This rise is due to the reason that people usually like to find online solutions rather than paying the hefty amounts to the psychiatrists.


With the ever-increasing crime rates and legal matters, the need for lawyers is on the spike literally. All the legal matters are being discussed on the internet because let’s accept it, people are comfortable talking to anonymous people these days. These massive amounts of discussions have hyped up the CPC for this niche and have made $500 in the year 2019.

Highest Paying Tech & Trending Niches

In this section, we have highlighted the niches related to the technology because of the recent massive advancements as well as the trending niches. So, have a look and fortune yourself by opting for them!


Ah! the digital currency and its rise seem to know no ends and with the rise, the popularity of the Bitcoins is increasing as well. Literally, everyone around the globe has been investing in Bitcoin to get some easy money. In the digital currency niche, “Bitcoin merchant account” is the most searched and most paid keywords. The rates of current CPC are $64 but the numbers seem to grow in the coming years.

Tech Updates

There are some tech geeks but there are some people who have no idea about the tiny tech glitches and as soon as the glitch happens, they choose to seek help from the internet. It has been observed that in 3 search engine queries are related to tech and mostly, they are searching for the software reviews, industrial news regarding tech, gadget reviews, and how-to tutorials.

PC Repair

We all have been to the point where our PC started working off and we had no idea what to do next. Don’t worry; you are not alone because 2 out of 5 searches on the tech are related to the PC glitches and how the issues can be resolved. Most common solutions asked for are for RAM issues, power problems, and the motherboard issues. The keywords related to a system error, virus, pop-ups, and hanging PCs are at the top of the CPC rates.

Vegetarian Diets

People are concerned about their health more than ever in today’s world. There is a rising trend for people going vegetarian and the number is reaching to 375 million. The trend of the vegan lifestyle is at the spike and keywords such as eastern food, medicine, and vegetarianism have the highest CPC rates.

Entertainment & Celebrity News

The world of glitz and glamour attracts everyone around the globe and the celebrities are the most talked-about people. Every fan of the different celebrities are looking for interesting and new insights and love to see the daily updates about them. The most search celebrity on the search engine is Jennifer Lawrence and is the part of celebrity discussions.

Blogging & SEO

As a website owner, you would surely know about the importance of blogging and SEO and people are acknowledging that as well. The most used and search keywords in this niche include “online courses for digital marketing” and “SEO explanation”. This popularity is due to the ever-going discussion of the website owners about the black and white hat methods.

This was all about Top AdSense Niches – The Highest Paying In 2019 and we hope you grasped the information well. If you need more information, reach out to us in the comment section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!


Which niche is best for Adsense?
Given the recent trends, SEO and blogging are the top paid niches. There has been a rising trend for bloggers which has expanded the profits for them
Which niche is best for Adsense?
Make Money Online. Technology. Blogging Tutorials. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The Web Development Niche. IT-related Information. Apps Listing (Android, iOS, and Windows) Viral Content.
Which ad network pays the most?
Propeller Ads Popads Chitika Infolinks Revenuehits Bidvertiser Adbuff Hilltop Ads
Which country CPC is highest?
If your website has an origin from the highest CPC paying countries, you will be able to make a good amount of money. For instance, if your website is from the USA, it has a CPC or 0.61 and the CTR of 0.75%
What Adsense do ads pay the most?
Mortgage $47 CPC. Attorney $47 CPC. Loans $44 CPC. Lawyer $42 CPC. Donate $42 CPC. Conference Call $42 CPC. Degree $40 CPC. Credit $38 CPC.

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