How To Make Money With AdSense – An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to making money online, the process can be very daunting and time-consuming due to which many websites give up. But to make sure that the give up factor is eliminated from the users, Google AdSense has been launched which allows the website owners to monetize their website and generate money from it. But many people do not have a clear idea about the AdSense and the ways they can earn money. But your search ends here as we are talking about How To Make Money With AdSense – An Ultimate Guide in this article.

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free platform which allows the website owners to monetize their website by adding the clickable ads on their page. When the visitors click on those ads, money is generated which is given back to the website owners and this is how monetization with AdSense works.

Today, two million users are taking advantage of this platform and $10 billion have been generated up till now. The most prominent features of Google AdSense include;

  • Allows the users to choose the ads as per their preference and also allows them to delete the ads which they do not want popping up on their website
  • It is mobile-friendly which means that the ads will adjust automatically according to the screen size
  • Users are allowed to promote a different type of ads to improve the revenue generation and the options range from different formats to types

How To Register For AdSense Account?

To use the monetization services of the Google AdSense, you will need to have an account and if you do not have an idea about it, we have added the registration guide in the section below;

  1. Go to the official AdSense website
  2. Click on the “sign up now” button
  3. Add the details such as the email address and URL of the website
  4. Change the contact settings and customize them as you like
  5. Review and then accept the “terms & conditions”
  6. Now, click on the “Create account” button and the account will be created

How To Verify The AdSense Account?

Once you have registered the account on AdSense, you will need to get it verified by following the below-mentioned steps;

  1. First of all, login to the AdSense account
  2. Now, click on the “My Ads” option from the left navigation panel
  3. Then, click on the “Apply Now” option which will be present under the “Add AdSense for Content”
  4. Add the information required and submit the application
  5. Now, just create the ad unit, place the ad code in the URL and the account will be verified

How Much Money Is Generated From AdSense?

People always ask this question whenever they start monetizing their website and to be honest, there is no hard and fast answer to this question.  There are many factors included which determine the revenue such as CPC and traffic on the website.

Ideas For Making Money Through AdSense

In this section, we have added the ideas which you can implement to make money through AdSense. These ideas are just the broader terms and you can choose the one niche which suits your skills and interest. It is important to make sure that you choose the right niche because if you will not offer the right content, no traffic will be directed to the website and monetization will not work. So, have a look at the ideas and choose the perfect one for you!


Blogging has become the most emerging field given the fact that people are more likely to share their views on a different thing. If you have a knack for talking about the diverse option and have strong logics and concepts, you should surely opt for blogging.


It is the highest-grossing Content Management System and has been named as the number one choice of the bloggers. If you wish to choose WordPress, there are two options to choose from;

  • .org – This is a self-hosted platform and is perfect for the bloggers who have sound knowledge of everything and intend to make hefty profits from it
  • .com – This is a perfect option for people who just want to focus on sharing their views with the world rather than filling their pockets with the currency notes

Moreover, if you have a business website, you can even try selling the business offerings through it.


If you aren’t good at writing and still want to share your views and opinions with the world, you can opt for the video creation and uploading those videos to YouTube – the most used video-watching platform. You can incorporate ads in your YouTube videos and the revenue will double up given the fact that the money will be generated from the views as well as from the ads.


How much does adsense pay per 1000 views?
You will need to have 400,000 clicks per year if the CPC value is around $0.25. This is when the CTR of your page lies around 1%.
How much can you make with Adsense?
If you have around 100,000 views on your website, it will make around $100 from Google AdSense.
Is AdSense still profitable in 2019?
There is nothing which has indicated the downfall of AdSense so far but it is advised to keep it on the last choice.
How do I monetize my Facebook likes?
Create the page (the most essential step) Build the audience Direct your audience to the monetized page Then, create the Facebook App Store Engage, maintain, and grow the page
How can I make fast money online?
Online surveys Paid for searching the web Online market trading Start your own website Review websites & apps for cash The ‘Disney Vault’ secret ‘Get Paid To’ sites
Does YouTube pay for likes?
Advertisers will pay you only when someone from your referral clicks on the ad or if they watch the ad for 30 seconds. It is surprising that even if your millions of views on your video but no one is clicking on the ads, you will not earn anything
How can I make money in one hour?
Start matched betting Sell unwanted gift cards Return your recent purchases Collect your debts Sell your gold Cash in coins

This was all about How To Make Money With AdSense – An Ultimate Guide and we hope that you found out the ways to make money online. If you need further guidance, let us know in the comment section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!

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