PTCL Internet Packages 2022 – 2 Mb, 4 Mb, 8 Mb, 15 Mb, 25 Mb to 100 Mb

In this article, we have elaborated the PTCL Internet Packages that are the latest in the year 2021.  These internet packages include internet speed ranging from 2 MBPS, 4 MBPS, 8 MBPS, 15 MBPS, 25 MBPS to 100 MBPS.

PTCL is the national telecommunication company based in Pakistan. PTCL provides telephone and internet services around the nation and is the backbone for the country’s telecommunication system despite the arrival of various other telecommunication companies. PTCL manages and operates around 2000 telephone exchanges across the country, providing the largest telecommunication services.

PTCL Broadband Economy Package

The internet speed is satisfactory in this package and it is a perfect choice for the users who do not use the internet very frequently. There are 2 packages in the economy package. Details are given below;

1MB Economy PackRs. 59910 GB30 DaysRs. 1500
2MB Economy PackRs. 75015 GB30 DaysRs. 1500

PTCL Broadband Student Packages

PTCL has a large user base which belongs to the student community. PTCL keeps on offering exciting offers to the students and this package is no exception. You can easily avail these packages by proving your student identity. However, both of the following packages offer unlimited data but there is a change in network speed. Read below to find out!

1Mbps Student PackageRs. 1299Unlimited30 DaysRs. 1500
2Mbps Student PackageRs. 1549Unlimited30 DaysRs. 1500

PTCL High Internet Package

This internet package by PTCL is widely used because of its reasonable rate and exceptional internet quality. We have added the details in the table below;

4Mbps High Internet PackageRs. 2100Unlimited30 DaysRs. 1500

PTCL Broadband High-Speed Internet Bundles

There are people who want very high-speed internet and the following internet bundles are for them. There is a total of 6 internet packages being offered in this bundle. Let’s have a look at these options!

8 Mbps PackageRs. 3000Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500
12 Mbps PackageRs. 4000Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500
15 Mbps PackageRs. 5000Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500
20 Mbps PackageRs. 6000Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500
30 Mbps PackageRs. 7500Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500
50 Mbps PackageRs. 10,000Unlimited30 DaysContact PTCL Call CenterRs. 2500

In case you subscribe to these above packages, you will get free on-net minutes and Smart TV facility. However, you will have to pay Rs. 15000 as installation charges but that is only for the first time.

PTCL Broadband Corporate Packages

PTCL is offering this package for the corporate and business sections because of their immense data usage on regular basis. With this package, internet speed is extremely fast and does not stop for a second.

Business – 256Rs. 11999Unlimited30 Days256 KbpsRs. 750
Business – 384Rs. 14,499Unlimited30 Days384 KbpsRs. 750
Business – 512Rs. 19,499Unlimited30 Days512 KbpsRs. 750
Business – 768Rs. 24,999Unlimited30 Days768 KbpsRs. 750
Business – 1024Rs. 32,999Unlimited30 Days1024 KbpsRs. 750
Business – 1536Rs. 45,999Unlimited30 Days1536 KbpsRs. 750

PTCL Special Offers

PTCL is offering 3 special packages for its users who want the wholesome packages. These packages will be the perfect option as they will offer other incentives as well. All the details are in the table below;

4 Mbps Triple Play PackageRs. 2250UnlimitedNone30 Days
Freedom Unlimited PackageRs. 2250Unlimited100 Ufone minutes, Unlimited PTCL and PTCL Vphone minutes30 Days
PTCL Smart TV PackageRs. 2250UnlimitedFree Smart TV connection30 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • The installation charges will be paid on the first time only
  • There are no hidden charges
  • These charges are all inclusive of tax
  • Only one package can be subscribed at a time
  • You can convert to other packages at the start of the month as the conversion of a package is not allowed mid-month

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