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How To Find & Add Citations In Google Docs

Academic people would know that writing a research paper is no joke and if you want to present it and make sure it gets accepted, you need to generate the citations because that is literally the prerequisite of writing the research paper. So, in case you are writing a paper and you are in need of something that helps you cite all the resources, that is possible with the Google Docs. If you want to know, read our below article on How To Find & Add Citations In Google Docs.

Google Docs is an amazing platform developed by Google which allows the users to find and add the citations in the research paper. So, let’s see how are we going to find and add the citations!

The Procedure

In this section, we have added the accurate steps which will help the users find and add the citations but make sure you follow the steps accurately to drive results. So, let’s start now!

  1. Go to the Google Docs and open your document from there
  2. At the bottom of the screen, there is an “Explore” button, click on it and it will open the panel.

3. The explore button will conduct the browser search and it will find all the sources of text and images that you added in the document

4. However, if the explore button is unable to find the resources, you can search the query in the search bar and hit the enter button

5. There will be three vertical dots and when you click on them, the citation style will appear and you can choose from the APA, Chicago, and MLA as per your paper requirement

6. Now, you need to highlight the text where you need to add the citation. Then, go to the explore panel and click on “Cite as a footnote” to complete the citation

7. Once you click on the icon, the number of citations along with the citation links will be added at in the footer of the document

8. There is no limit for adding the citations and you can repeat the same process for each citation

This was all about How To Find & Add Citations In Google Docs and we hope you got to cite your paper. If you need additional help, let us help you out. Best of luck for your research paper!

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