Airtel APN Settings-For Android And IPhone-Complete Guide

If you are having trouble in sending or receiving pictures messages and there is a connectivity issue on your new Airtel Network, you must have a look on your Airtel APN settings. It is good that many networks give automatic settings options but it is not always the best choice to rely upon. For your assistance, here we have the manual Airtel Apn settings guide. Revise these below-mentioned settings and verify them.

Specifications That Must Be Remind:

  • Before doing the new settings delete all the previous settings
  • Once making the revised Airtel Apn settings, focus on the exact track of format.
  • If there is a comma, place it as it is
  • If something is capitalized write it in the same format
  • If you do not find any space between words or comma do not add it by your choice.


Step by Step Configuration.

To configure the Airtel Apn settings follow the mentioned steps

Airtel APN Settings For Android Phone:

  • Go with the flow as: settings > more > mobile networks > access point names > apn type
  • Then add the new Apn types by adding the Values as Airtel APN Settings
  • Save the settings and then restart your phone.

Airtel APN Settings For iPhone:

  • For iPhone settings go to the main menu > Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Networks > Access Point Names > apn type
  • Then add the new Apn types by adding the Values as Airtel APN Settings
  • Save the settings and then restart your phone.

Airtel apn settings

APN Access Point
Usernamenot set
MMSC:not required
MMS Port80
authentication Typenormal
APN Typeblank
APN Protocolblank
MCCnot required
MNCnot required

if after making the aforementioned settings, the problem remains, then your device is either not compatible with your network or you have a damaged sim card.

in this situation I recommend you to double check your settings it may possible that you have entered something wrong.

Airtel APN Settings Through Site

You can have the Airtel APN settings by just visiting the airtel site. enter your number their and get your settings done.

I hope this article will help you out in making exact apn setting, in case of any further assistance you can catch us in the below section.

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