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How To Backup Contact List To Google Drive

Losing your contact list can be the most dreading nightmare but do not worry because you can avoid such incident by backing up your phone data in PC. Every Android phone has Gmail and Google Drive in it from default.

In this article, we have added the guide on how to backup contact list to Google Drive. Let’s get to the method so you can have access to the deleted contacts!

How to Backup Contact List to Gmail or Google Drive

This is a very simple method through which you can just sync your Gmail account to the device’s data. Once you link your account to the device, you can access your data from anywhere by logging in to your Google account. The step-by-step guide is written below;

  1. In the first step, go to the “settings” on your android device
  2. Click on the “accounts” option
  3. Add the account and switch on the “sync” option
  4. This will automatically backup your data in the Gmail account or Google Drive.

This was all about how to backup data to Google Drive and we hope that it helped you. In case of any queries, reach out to us in the comment section and our team will be here to assist you.

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