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How To Change Your Name On Fortnite Game Complete Guide

In 2017 a video game, Fortnite was introduced with perfect designs and eye-catching graphics, this game was introuce4d in three distinct modes. Before playing the game you need to make a proper profile by your name to recognize your character. this name is changeable if you want to change your game’s profile name then I will guide you on how to change your name on Fortnite game. Have a look at this article to know about how to change the display name.

What is Epic Display Name

As I mentioned above once you got on the play station of epic games, Fortnite, then you are required to sign in with a special profile and you need to make an account on the epic game launcher. Your display name represents your personality and it gives you recognization. So you must be very selective in choosing your name as it appears on the epic launcher account, on the official forum of epic, The Answer Hub, and when you start playing any of the Epic games either on the computer, laptop or on your mobile.

How can I change my Fortnite Display name

This is so easy to change our display name. you just need to follow 3 basic steps mentioned below.

  • Visit your “Personal Profile” page
  • Enter your new name in the space given for Display name
  • Come at the end of the page and save the changes that you have made.
  • And then you are done.

How often Can You Change Your Epic game name

As per privacy and policy concerns, every organization and website has some specific limitations no site or application allows you to change your name too often because it leads to increasing scams that are a harm to society. So Epic allows you to change your display name once in two weeks.

Is Changing Your Epic Name Imposes Harm Effects on the Display?

If you change your display name it has nothing to do with the system. It will not impose any effect on PSN, Xbox Live, or Twitch Gamertags / display names.

If you want to change our Fortnite display name then you can simply change it without getting any harmful effect on the system. You can change your display name once in 14 days. For more informative content write to us in the comment section.

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