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How to Change Your Name on Instagram Compete Guide

Instagram is a social network as like Facebook and Twitter. And every social network is most popular in the present. Nowadays, many people are using these social networks and consume their time on it. Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also has many features that provide to the user.

The features that are including in an Instagram social network are; sending messages, voice calls, video calls, uploading and downloading of pictures and videos, etc. I’ll tell you the method that “how to change your name on Instagram”. Let me tell you that, actually all social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; all are used in free time. When you were bored, you can use these social networks to spend your time and you can also enjoy these social networks.  see How to Change Your Name on Instagram.

How to Change Your Name on Instagram- Compete Guide

Here In this content, I’m going to tell you that “how to change your name on Instagram”.

Sometimes you are bored with the one username and you want to change it, so if you want to change your username, follow the steps that are given below.

  1. First of all, open your Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the profile picture.
  3. Now you could see that there will be the option of edit profile. Then tap or click on the edit profile. You can also go to the settings menu and click on edit profile.
  4. Now you have to tap on your username, press backspace key for deleting it. And then enter your new username.
  5. The username that you want to enter, already taken, choose another one.
  6. Then tap on the save option and tap on the done option, that shows on the right top corner of the screen.

It’s a very simple and easy way to change the username in the present. And you can also use this method in the future. Hope you like it.

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