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How To Clear Cache From Android Phone

It is an evident fact that cache can slow down your phone which is really frustrating. Cache is basically the junk that your applications create and they get saved up in your phone’s memory automatically. So, in this article we have come up with the ways on How Can You Clear Cache From Android Phone to make sure that your phone usage is efficient and that your phone works smoothly.

1. Use Device Settings to Clear All Cached Data on Your Device:

In this method, all you need to do is to clear the cache in your mobile phone through the settings in your phone.

  1. In the first step, go to the settings and then “storage” tab
  2. There will be an option for “cached data”, click on it
  3. Now, delete the cached data and you are good to go

2. Use Third Party Apps:

You can download android cleaning apps from the Google Play Store to ensure the automatic clean-up of your phone. Other than the cache, these applications will also help delete the advertisement junk, increase the battery life and also delete the unused APK file.

We hope that this article helped you make your phone run smoothly. If you still have some queries, comment down below and our team will be here to assist you!

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