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How To Manage And Delete Contacts On iPhone and iPad

Every person has the contact numbers in their phones and that signifies that they have friends, family, and colleagues who they talk to. There are literally hundreds and thousands of contacts in the contacts book and if you are an iPhone user, this article has been designed for you.

How To Manage And Delete Contacts On iPhone and iPad

We are saying this because we have added an article on How To Manage & Delete The Contacts On iPhone and iPad. So, let’s see how it is possible!

Set Up The Account For Contacts

This is the first step in which you need to create an account which will later be synced and it will make sure that all the contacts are saved. To do that, go to the settings and search for “Passwords & Accounts”

Click on the accounts

You can choose any account that you choose such as iCloud, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or any other

Then, enter the account details such as username or email along with the password to add the account and sign in. After signing in, choose the information that you mean to get synchronized and after that, you need to enable the “Contacts” to make sure they sync

Default Account For The Contact Syncing

This is the thing you need to do if you are using multiple accounts on your iPhone or iPad. This section asks you to choose a certain account for syncing the contacts.

You need to go to the settings and search for “Contacts” and choose the “Default account” option

Whichever account you choose, you will be able to see the contacts and also sync them.

How To Delete The Contacts On iPhone or iPad

In this section, we will tell you how to delete the multiple contacts on your iPad or iPhone to make sure you don’t have to delete the contact one by one. So, have a look at the procedure!

  1. You will need to download the app named “Cleaner Pro” on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Once downloaded, tap on the “All Contacts” and by clicking on the edit button, select the contacts that you want to delete
  3. Once you have selected, click on the trash icon and all the chosen contacts will be deleted

This was all about How To Manage & Delete The Contacts On iPhone and iPad and we hope that we got to help you out. If you need additional information, let us know in the comments below and we will be here to help. Thank you!

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