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Where is the Hash Key on the MAC? Easy Guide

We were receiving the issue from the apple users hat they are unable to use number key famously known as the Hash key on the Mac system. So if you are also facing the same problem then you have caught on the right place. With our simple instructions, you will become able to know how to use the hashtag on the mac system.

With the invention of Twitter, the hashtag has become trendy. The key is the representative symbol is “#”. Definitely you have seen this symbol everywhere on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, messenger, twitter, snap chat, and other sites as well. it is the most commonly used symbol and you cannot avoid it. We use this symbol in our daily lives as well. Basically it is being used to highlight something like #YOLO, #Happines, #socialIssue, #wedding, and #friendshipgoals, etc.

It is easy to use the hash key on the PC’s keyboard or on mobile phone but those who are on the MAC system find it difficult. It is because the hash key on the mac system is not easy to find and use.

Where is the Hash Key of MAC?

This article will help you in locating the hashtag key on the mac. The hash key is not added to the mac system separately because of some hidden reasons. Well, this is not our concern.

How to Use Hashtag on Mac System.

You can add the hashtag in your text by pressing two keys at the same time. If you want to use the hashtag (#) in the context then just press alt key along with the 3. Pressing ALT + 3 will add the hashtag symbol in your text. This system is workable on all the MAC OS X. it does not matter either you are using MacBook, iMac or Air you can use these two keys to put the hashtag symbol in the text.

Where is the Hash Key on the MAC? Easy Guide

Replaced Hash Key

We gave you a solution to put the hash key in your texts when you cannot find this symbol on your system. But in many cases, the apple has replaced this symbol with the local currency sign as well. So maybe you are working on that symbol but just because of lack of knowledge you are unable to use the hash keys.

For example in the UK the pound sign £ and in European countries, the euro sign € is being used.
Now you have found the hash key. I hope that this was a helpful session. Give us your feedback in the below comment section. We are looking forward to your response.

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