How To Apply For Health Insurance – Everything You Need To Know

Health is the most important aspect of our lives and there are many situations when our health is deteriorating but we don’t have enough finances to cater to our health. In such situations, health insurances come to our disposal and this is why everyone needs to have health insurance. If you are from the United Kingdom, this post is for you as we have mentioned everything you need to know about gaining health insurance. In this article, we have added details on How To Apply For Health Insurance – Everything You Need To Know to make sure that you have access to all the essential information.

How To Apply For Health Insurance

The health insurance shopping has been transformed and we must say that the transformation is positive as the pr0cesses are easiest as compared to they ever have been. When you start off with the procedure of buying health insurance, make sure you are eligible for the special enrolment period if the open enrolment period is over. There are monthly and annual plans for health insurance and you can choose the one that easily suits your needs and preferences. Once you have made the decision about which plan to choose, the application process is pretty easy. Few background checks will be made before you are considered eligible for health insurance. After that, you will need to fill out an application form in which you will have to add the following information;

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number

The EHIC is totally free of cost but you may have to pay some additional service charges. However, the EHIC insurance will not replace travel insurance.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance

Buying health insurance is a very critical decision to make and you need to be careful while choosing the company. We have made our research and we have made a detailed guide on how to choose the best health insurance, so, let’s hop on to the details!

  • Take a look at your budget
  • Facilities provided by the health insurance companies
  • Check if the plan can be customized according to your preferences
  • If you have access to a quick diagnosis
  • Which illnesses and treatments will be allowed

You can easily ask these questions and the companies will be happy to provide you with sufficient and suitable answers. Before choosing one company, you have to be satisfied!

Various Health Insurance Types Available In The United Kingdom

  1. Private Medical Insurance – In the United Kingdome, the health insurance is commonly known as private medical insurance. These insurances cover various points and you need to be asking questions about the coverings and treatments. The plans normally cost about £25-40 monthly
  2. Cancer Cover – For many people, private health insurances can be a bit expensive but they are concerned about the severe illnesses such as cancer. For instance, if you go for the cancer cover plan by AXA, the lump sum amount can be around £60,000 and it will cover all the costs of your cancer treatments including the home care nurses
  3. Cash Plans – This type of insurance is relatively cheaper as compared to above-mentioned health insurance types but only the regular costs will be covered in this such as opticians, physiotherapists. The best thing about this insurance plan is that money can be returned to you and you will have to pay only 50% or 70% of the total amount spent on the treatment. The normal cost of cash plans can vary from £50 to £400 annually

Top Five Health Insurance Companies Of The United Kingdom

In this section, we have added the details on the top five health insurances of the United Kingdom along with all the essential details. Let’s see what different companies have panned out for you!


This company has been gaining a lot of popularity because of various plans made to meet the varying needs and preferences of the customers. The key features of their health insurance areas;

  • They give 50% discount for the memberships of active gyms
  • They offer the diagnosis and regular checkup costs
  • They offer 75% off during holidaysvitaity-300x300
  • There is an outpatient facility available
  • £15k and £20k for the psychiatrist
  • £350 for therapies
  • There is no dental cover
  • 120 days of travel regarding the treatment
  • There is no cancer cover


Bupa has been recognized as the top health insurance providers of the UK. They have their own clinics, therapists, and hospitals and offers private care to the insurance holders. Some key features of their health insurance areas.

  • They have two policy levels
  • Scans, consultations, and investigations are coveredbupa-300x300
  • Dental cover is available
  • More affordable plans


It was formerly known as Norwich Union and has millions of claims attached to them all around the globe and this has made them the biggest health insurance providers of the UK. The key features of their health insurance areas;

  • The cover is extremely flexibleaviva
  • One month trial period
  • 25% on Aviva registered gyms
  • No hospital fee for the hospitals registered with Aviva
  • Consultation fee is covered
  • Special treatments are covered up to a specific level
  • Cancer cover is available
  • Diagnostic tests are covered
  • Therapies are covered
  • Dental cover is available


The company was first launched in 1940 and since then, it has been helping the people of the UK to attain optimum health and has been recognized as the top health insurance provider of the UK. The key features of AXA health insurance areas;

  • Cancer cover is available
  • Health cover is available
  • Day patient along with in-patient facilities are covered
  • Scans and diagnosis are covered such as MRI, PET, and CT scans
  • The 24/7 customer support service is available
  • Outpatient surgeries are covered


This company is a not for profit company and has been helping the families attain optimum health and they do not offer the fee assured schemes or capped payouts. The key features of their health insurance are as;

  • Flexible and multifamily options are available
  • Policies and schemes can be customized
  • Cancer cover is available but the drugs will not be included
  • The hospital can be chosen by the patient

Apply For Free Health Insurance In UK

For the people of the UK, EHIC health insurance is free and gives access to the health care to its registers. These health insurances will cover the pre-existing medical condition’s costs along with the regular checkups. However, the travel insurance cannot be replaced after attaining this health insurance. The step-by-step guide to applying for the free health insurance is as follows;

  • Check the eligibility criteria and check if you are eligible to apply
  • If yes, then prepare the important documents such as utility bills, pay stubs, past medical bills, current financial situation
  • Go to the local health insurance office to start off with the application and submit your documents along with the contact details

Once you have signed up and submitted an application, you can sit back and wait for the approval of your health insurance.

How To Get Health Insurance After Open Enrolment In UK

After the open enrolment period ends, there are three main ways by which you gain health insurance if you are living in the United Kingdom. We have added details on all the three methods so that you can choose the one for your preferences and needs. Let’s see what different ways have in the house for you

Special Enrolment

This is an option for people who have faced a severe life-changing event such as;

  • Losing the job-based health plan
  • Getting married or getting divorced
  • If you have adopted or have had a baby
  • If there has been a death in the family
  • If you have moved to a new place

There are many other situations in which the special enrolment can be granted so, you need to go and check with the providers for the complete overview and details.

Another Minimum Essential Coverage

In these types of health insurance, various things are included such as;

  • Medicare
  • Health insurance from the employers
  • Student health care plans
  • Child health care plans
  • Medicaid

Alternative Health Insurance

Everyone needs to have health insurance as per the orders of ACA and the alternatives can be;

  • Hospital insurance
  • Short-term medical health insurance

These types of health plans aren’t minimum coverage but you can apply for them yearly. There are various other health benefits attached to the registers such as medical cover for unexpected injuries and illnesses but in case of pre-existing coverage, there is no coverage

This was all about attaining health insurance in the United Kingdome. If you have any more questions, you can ask us in the comment section below and we will be here to answer them all. Thank you!

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