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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon dominates the world of online retail. The company does billions of dollars of sales every year –including $4 billion of this year’s prime day alone –and is a fixture in many people’s lives, especially the 100 million who have an Amazon prime membership. Prime membership includes free two-day shipping on many products, streaming for tons of TV shows and movies (like amazon’s  Emmy award-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), free kindle books, unlimited photo storage and more. But all those perks come at a price. For many people, a Prime membership is worth it. But others do not see the value, especially since the company raised the annual cost by $20 earlier this year. If you are fed up with amazon prime, here’s how to cancel your amazon membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

You might think that Amazon would make it difficult to cancel prime, but it is quite easy. To end your amazon prime membership, log in to your account, then select “your prime membership” from the “account and lists” drop-down menu.

Refund of a Membership Fee:

If you decide to cancel your amazon prime membership, chances are you won’t get a refund of your membership fee.  However, if you cancel within three days of signing up or within three days of converting from a free trial membership to a paid membership, you can get a refund. But know that Amazon will charge you the value of any prime benefits you used during this period.

You also get a refund of your membership fee if you cancel before using any prime benefits. So, if your membership renewed at the end of October, and you realize in mid- November you want to cancel, you can get your money back provided you didn’t place any prime order or use other prime services.

Paid members who have not used their benefits are eligible for a full refund of the current membership period. This refund will be processed in 3-5 business days.

  • Additional subscription tried to your membership will not renew once your prime membership ends.
  • If your prime membership is associated with a service you receive through another company (such as Sprint), please reach out to that company to manage your prime membership.

How to Get a Prime Membership for Less

Sometimes, Amazon will extend a prime membership for an extra month to make up for shipping delays. if one of your orders didn’t arrive on time,  contact customer service you might be rewarded with a free month of prime.

If you have never used prime before, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial and see if its right for you. According to tom’s guide, you can sign up for another 30 days free trial after 12 months have passed. Students are eligible for an extra six-month prime trial and can also get a membership at the reduced price of $6.49 a month.

Cancellation and Refund for Digital Subscription:

Once you cancel the renewal date in your subscription details become the end date. You will no longer be charged for the subscription, but can continue to access it until this date. You can cancel a subscription at any time, with no early termination fees. For subscriptions with a renewal period longer than one month, new subscribers are eligible for a full refund if they cancel within 7 days of purchase. Access to the subscription is removed as soon as a refund is issued.

Outside of the refund window, or for subscriptions with a billing period one month or less in length, cancellation turns off auto-renew for the subscription so you won’t be billed again.

Once you cancel you will still have access to the subscription through the end of your current paid billing period.

For subscriptions with a billing period of 6 months or longer, or when otherwise required by law, we’ll notify you when the subscription is set to renew. You can then change your billing information or cancel your subscription before you’re charged again.

Cancellation for Physical Subscription:

Once you cancel, no further orders will be placed. You will not be charged until the order ships. Canceling a subscription does not cancel any pending unshipped order. To cancel pending unshipped orders, you can go to Your Orders and request cancellation.

Log into Amazon:

Enter your email address and password, then click sign in. this will verify your account.

  • Even if you are already logged into your amazon account. You will still need to click sign-in in the middle of the page.

End your Amazon Membership:

You have two choices, clicking end now will cancel your amazon prime for the rest of the current billing cycle and refund part of your prime payment for the month, while clicking end on the date will allow you to continue using amazon prime until its set to renew.

this was all about our amazon membership cancellation. With the hope that you got enough information, we pay regards to you for your time.

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