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How To Write A Cheque in the UK – Everything You Need To Know

We all know the hassle of writing cheques and undergoing immense confusion. Many people undergo confusion because they forget how to write cheques. If you can relate, we have all the information you need. After reading this guide, we assure you that you won’t dread paying the bills and giving out a check as a birthday present. So, let’s dig deeper right away!

The Prerequisites

When you sit down to write down the cheques, you will need the following information;

  • The date of writing the cheque
  • The person who you are paying to
  • The amount to pay in words
  • The amount to pay in numerical values
  • In the end, top it off with your signature

The Person Who You Are Paying To (Payee Name)

The payee name is essential because it shows on the bank account. For instance, you will need to write down your full name rather than putting down the nickname. However, if the joint payee names are there, you need to pay through the joint bank account. Also, if you are writing a cheque to the company, you need to write down the exact business name. This information will be readily available on their bills, statement, or invoices.


The date needs to be the same date as you are writing the date. You need to add the day, month, and year to make it a full date. However, if you need it, you can date the cheque for a future date as well. This will help the person to cash it out. But the dates need to be within six months because the cheques expire after six months if they are not cashed out.

The Amount To Pay In Words

Once you write the amount in words, you need to add the full amount. After writing down the amount, don’t forget to add “only” at the end. The word only is there to ensure people don’t add an additional amount on his own. For instance, if you need to pay off £23, you need to write it as Twenty Three Pounds Only. After writing the word only, draw a little line to show the end.

The Amount To Pay In Numerical Values

At the right hand, you need to add the amount in the numerical values. The value in the words needs to match with numerical values. You need to write down the amounts in words and numerical values for making the cheque valid.


Once you are done adding the details, at the bottom right corner, you need to sign the cheque. You need to enter the same signature as that on the bank account. If the signature isn’t the same, the cheque will bounce and you might land in trouble.

This was all about How To Write A Cheque in the UK – Everything You Need To Know. We hope the information was helpful and you were able to write down the cheque. If you need further assistance, get in touch through the comment section!

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