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How To Play The Irish Lottery?- Complete Guide

You might have seen many countries that have their national lottery setups. But the most famous one is the Irish lottery. Yes, you can apply in this draw even if you are not living in Ireland. This lottery is available all across the UK. This is a special case. You cannot apply to all the competitions from anywhere. Local areas have their lottery program. But the Irish lottery is playable if you are living anywhere in the UK. This section is to guide you on how to play the Irish lottery?

Irish lottery does not bound you but it gives you alternative options if you want to switch from your usual drawer. If this is a piece of new news for you ten read this complete guide of Irish lottery. You will get to know how to play it and win this game.

Basics Of Irish Lottery

It will surprise you that this is the older than the UK national lottery. It has a long and vast history. The lottery program was launched in 1987. The organizer of this lottery id does not stipulate that your residence must be in Ireland. No, it is already mentioned that you do not need to be living in Ireland to apply in this. But if you are from somewhere in the UK, you can get it online. Get your ticket online, pay for it and get an equal chance to win.

What Benefit Do You Get By Applying in This Lottery?

Well, the most prominent one is that it guarantees the jackpot of a minimum of €2 million (about £1.7 million). And the maximum limit is not defined. But the prize fun keeps on rolling until it gives some benefit to someone to win. There are so many rollovers.

This feature makes it different from other UK national Lotteries. The national lottery has a limited rollover before they share the prize fund between the people to see whose number gets matched.

Other than this, the Irish lottery is better than the national UK lottery because it offers shorter odds. You get more chances to win. While playing Irish lottery you have the chance of winning the prize by 1 in 42. And for the jackpot, it is 1 in 8,145,060. According to surveys it is estimated that the Irish lottery offers the winning chance that is 40% more than the national UK lottery and other lotteries.

Above all, the Irish lottery also has small gifts and prized for the participants who get at least three numbers matched. The rest of the lotteries does not offer small prizes.

How Does It Work?

There is an age limit. To play the Irish lottery you must have 18 years of age. The draws of the Irish lottery happen mostly on Wednesday and Saturday. For this, you choose the six numbers. You can choose these numbers from one to 45. If all the six numbers get matched then you scoop a jackpot.

If 3 numbers get matched then there are small gifts for the players. This is also among the most important benefits of the Irish lottery. You can play it online as well as in-store.

How to Play Irish Lottery?

Step 1: Pick Six Numbers from 1 to 47

Either you are playing the lottery game online or in-store, you need to pick any six numbers. You can select these numbers from the number grid available or you can generate the quick numbers as well. These six numbers are called as the main numbers.

Step 2: Plus Option – Optional

Here is an option of plus that costs you some extra charges but once you get this mark on your ticket the chances to win the lottery enhance more. When you add a plus in one line it costs you 1€. In a minimum, it is recommended to add at least two plus in two lines.

When you add plus you directly get an entry in the Irish Plus lotto 1 and lotto 2. Other than this you get plus raffles that means you get extra three chances to win the lottery.

When you select the plus option it appears on your ticket as “Plus: YES”

Step 3: Selection of Drawer

As mentioned above, draws take place twice a day. Wednesday and Saturday are there to open the draw. It depends on your selection that in which draw you want to enter your ticket. You have options like you can get the entry in any of the draws or even in both draws.

Step 4: Decide How Far in Advance to Play.

Here comes the matter of chances you want to avail. Before the completion of your play slip, you need to decide how many times you want to enroll your ticket in draws. For this, you can have multiple options. Your ticket can participate one time, two times, four times and eight times.

Some online websites are working to enhance the features of lucky draws. is one of those websites that makes it available to purchase the bets for a year. You can get it in advance by subscription.

Step 5: Pay for what ticket package do you purchase.

If you are an in-store player, then you need to pay your retailer directly. You will pay a minimum of 4 for two lines, one draws, without plus. After paying properly to the retailer he will give you your ticket. Keep that safely until unless the draws open up.

If you are playing it online, then you will have to give the details of your account and after that, the cost of your ticket will automatically get deducted for your account.

What benefits do you get when you are playing online other than in-store?

So when you pay online than the in-store it gives you plenty of benefits. First of all, is that you do not need to leave your place. You can get all the work one by just clicking on your phone. You are not required to keep the hold of your ticket anymore. You get all the winnings in the form of notifications. If you are a winner than simply you can withdrawal the winning prize from your account.

The duration of withdrawal may vary from bank to bank.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have to go to the bookmarkers to play the Irish lottery?

No, you will not have to go to the bookmarkers. You can play it online.

  • When does the Irish lottery sakes close?

The sales get close on 19:45 on Wednesday and Saturday evening.

  • How many numbers do you need to match to win the Irish lottery?

Well, you start to get prizes when at lats two main numbers match with the six main numbers.

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