JIO APN Settings-Step By Step Complete Guide

Are you on the JIO sim and unable to get the promised speed of internet connection? Your device must not be set properly. To resolve this issue here we are to teach you to correct JIO APN settings. By doing the settings again, you will be able to get the promising speed of the internet.

Step by step Guide

  • Go to settings > Mobile Data
  • Change the network mode to LTE/GSM/WCDMA (automatic connection) or LTE only
  • Click the APN Type and select the JIO 4G
  • Switch the values like password, username, port, and proxy to ‘not set’
  • Set the other values like MMSC, MMS, and authentication type to ‘not set’
  • Change the APN protocol, switch it to IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6 to boost the browsing speed.

JIO APN Settings Modification

Prior to using the internet on your mobile phone, it is so necessary to set the correct APN setting to improve the internet Flow. Delete all the previous settings before making the new ones. Ensure that you are having a compatible data bundle as well. it happens that sometimes the device and network configure the settings on their own (automatically) but in case you are having connectivity issue or slow speed then you are recommended to add the settings manually.

We Have Added The Details About JIO APN Settings Have a Look:

JIO Apn Settings

Usernamenot set
Port:not set
MMSC:not set
Proxynot set
MMS proxynot set
authentication Typenot set
APN Typedefault,supl,mms
APN ProtocolIPv6 (you can change it to IPv4/IPv6 to get the fastest speed)
MMS portnot set
MNC857, 863 or 874

Important Considerations:

There are a few things that must be considered while adding the details of the APN settings. Firstly, it is a must to follow the pattern of writing. Add the values in the same track in which they are mentioned or written.

Like if something is capitalized write it in the same format. Do not add or remove any comma or space by your choice.

Double Checks:

If after making the aforementioned setting the problem is still existing, then make a double check or cross check. It may possible that you have not followed the correct pattern or you have added the wrong values

Other Possibilities Of Connectivity Issue:

The other major possibilities that can cause the internet connectivity issue can be either your device is not compatible with your phone or you have a damaged sim card. It may possible that you have not availed the desired bundle.


this all about JIO APN setting. I hope you will find this article helpful by getting the idea that how to execute JIO APN settings. You can reach out to us by commenting below. We will surely make as quick responses as possible.


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