Qubee Internet Packages-Unlimited 2Mbps, 3Mbps 4Mbps With Price Details

Here are Qubee internet packages that give you an uninterrupted supply of internet at the fastest rates with smooth connectivity. It is natural that prior to getting on a network everyone tries to have a look at the reviews, we appreciate it as well. But, here I would like to add that, when it comes to usage, most of the Qubee internet customers are satisfied with the services and packages.

Once you get on the network, you will be enjoying the fastest lightning speed with flawless networking and connectivity. as serving in most of the areas of Pakistan, Qubee mobile is spreading at a fast rate.

For your convenience in this section, we catch for you the best and latest Qubee internet packages so that you can choose the best one without any problem.

Qubee YouTube Unlimited Packages

Now you can get the unlimited YouTube Mbs at affordable charges. Get on this network and subscribe to the package by paying just a little line rent 1299 Rs.

  • Line rent; 1299 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 2 Mbps
NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
Qubee Youtube Unlimited Package2 Mbps1299 Rs

Qubee Limited Packages:

Here is the opportunity for you to Surf more with bigger data volume. You can also avail 50% Off on Non-Wifi Activation. Well this is categorized into two main bodies as

Qubee conquers 30 Packages:

with the speed limit of 2 Mbps but the line rent is slightly low

  • Offer details
  • Line rent: 999 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 2 Mbps
Qubee Conquer 30 Package2 MBps999 rs

The Qubee Conquer 60 Packages:

next, we have this cube conquer 60 packages in which you are having better quality service in slightly higher line rent. The offer details are as below

  • Line rent: 1199 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 2 Mbps


NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
Qubee Conquer 60 Package2 Mbps1199 rs.

Qubee Unlimited Package

Here is another deal for the Customers, they can get Exclusive FREE Wifi Router with Unlimited Packages. Qubee Unlimited Packages provide the fastest internet speeds and smooth connectivity for the whole family. these packages are further categorized into 3 packages. Here are the details:

The Qubee Conquer Max:

it gives the fastest unlimited internet with a speed limit of 2 Mbps and the line rent is lower than the other two.

  • Offer incentives
  • Line rent; 1399 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 2 Mbps
NETWORKPcakgePRICEline rent
Qubee Conquer Max2 Mbps1399 Rs.

Qubee Invades Max Package:

here is Qubee invade max package that facilitates its customers with higher connectivity and smoothness

  • The offer incentive are as follow
  • Line rent; 1499 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 3 Mbps
NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
Qubee Invade Max Package3 Mbps1499 rs

Qubee Supreme Max:

as the name indicated that this package is having a maximum power of connectivity and data coverage. This is giving you the fastest and smoothest internet at a higher speed.

The offer incentives are as follow

  • Line rent; 1999 Rs.
  • Speed limit: 4 Mbps
NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
Qubee supreme Max4  Mbps1999 rs

Qubee Plug N Play Packages:

Customers want to stay connected everywhere every time. For such convenience, we are offering you the best out of the stream. We catch for you the best deal of PLUG N PLAY. It enables users to get online anywhere anytime. Customers can avail this offer anywhere for instance; at home or on the go. It’s convenient, affordable, easy-to-use and what not. In this deal, we have 2 categories as

Qubee Explore Max Package

  • the offer incentives
  • line rent: 800 Rs
  • speed limit: 1 Mbps
NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
qubee explore max package1 Mbps800 Rs.

Qubee Conquer Max Package

the details are as follow;

  • line rent: 1000 Rs
  • speed limit: 2 Mbps
NETWORKpackagespeedline rent
Qubee Conquer max package2 Mbps1000 rs

Qubee Top Shop Bundles:

It happens that when you continue to use the data even after exceeding your limit then according to the company’s terms and conditions your account get blocked. His is a serious situation but you do not need to get worried about it.

To avoid such unpleasant situations you can keep continuing using Qubee’s intelligently designed bundles, in different categories, that are specially designed to fulfill all your needs:

Qubee 4 Gb Top Shop Package:

  • line rent: 100 Rs.
NETWORKpackageline rent
Qubee 4 GB top shop PackageRs. 100

Qubee 10 GB Top Shop Package:

  • Line rent: 200 Rs
NETWORKpackageline rent
Qubee 10 GB top shop PackageRs. 200

Qubee 20 GB Top Shop Package:

  • Line rent: 300 Rs.
NETWORKpackageline rent
Qubee 20 GB top shop PackageRs. 300

Qubee 40 GB Top Shop Package:

  • Line rent: 500 Rs
Qubee 40 GB top shop PackageRs. 500

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Refundable Security Deposits are equal to 1 Month Line Rent and this will be payable at the time of Sign up only.
  • all Internet Connections must be verified biometrically, as per orders of PTA
  • Service Charges of Rs. 100+taxes will be applicable on monthly line rent
  • Conquer 30 Package is inclusive of all taxes
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) gets applied

Qubee Pakistan Packages 2019 (Latest Promotions):

Some Qubee promotions are also proposed in Pakistan. Here, the following are the Qubee promotions that are introduced to facilitate the customers with better services and with more options.

Qubee 2GB Extra Offer:

So this is to inform you that if you pay your bills by due date of every month and you will be enjoying 2 GB extra volume for absolutely FREE.

Note: This offer will not be valid on Qubee Unlimited Packages.

Pay For 3, Get 1 Free:

So in his offer customer can get absolutely FREE service for the four months. So hurry up and avail this Promotion bundle by just paying an advance of three months. Do not delay to get on this package.

QClub Loyalty Records:

Qubee internet is giving gifts to its customers and free bundles as well. This offer serves customers with royal treatment and provides tons of amazing gifts, all for being a part of the Qubee Family.

NETWORKq-neu 3 to 6 monthsq-guru 6 to 12 monthsq-royal 12 months onward
10% Additional Volume20% Additional Volume40% Additional Volume

Free Wi-Fi Router:

Qubee is giving you Wi-Fi router for free only If you buy the Qubee unlimited internet package. Buy Qubee Unlimited Packages (Qubee Explore Max for Rs. 500/- Only) and get the free Wi-Fi router.

This service is Not Applicable on Shuttle Packages.

Activation Cost: Rs. 1000

Free USB Shuttle (Without Device Activation Charges):

Here in this promotion deal, you can get your device activated without paying any charges. You can get your device activation charges waived off by Paying 2 months advance Line rent along with Security Deposit. This promotion is exclusive for 2 Mbps Unlimited Package for USB Shuttle.

Free Device Activation (for Unlimited Packages):

This offer is for unlimited packages except for the 2 Mbps of shuttle USB package. To get on this promotion you are required to Pay 3 Months Advance Line Rent in addition to Security Deposit and get your device activation charges waived off. This was all about the latest Qubee Internet Packages 2019. Stay tuned for more updates.

About Qubee:

Qubee Pakistan is a branch of Augere which is a wireless broadband business founded in 2007. Further, this was headed by the former CEO of Orange, Mr. Sanjiv Ahuja. Qubee, for now, is offering its Internet services in big cities i.e. Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. The headquarter is in London, UK. The complete address is as follow;

Headquarters 5th Floor 55 Baker Street, London, W1U 8AN, United Kingdom

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