50+ Cute Selfie Poses Ideas & Tips For Girls (Best For Instagram User)

There is no wonder that people love to take selfies and post them on Facebook and Instagram to gain some likes and comments and they want everyone to know how good they look! But sometimes, when we are taking selfies, we just can’t think of new poses and everything goes into the trash. If you are dealing with the same issue, we have got some amazing Top Selfie Poses – Do’s & Don’ts for your selfies. But before we jump on to the poses, let us tell you some do’s and don’ts of the extreme selfie game After working on these do’s and don’ts, we are sure that your selfies will be unbeatable!

Do’s Of Clicking Selfies

In this section, we have added the do’s aka the things you must do to make sure that your selfies are up to the mark and everyone loves them, so, let’s see what we have in the house for you!

  • Look Good – The first tip is to be ready for the selfie. If you are too makeup free, the selfie won’t work out good so, dab a little lip gloss on your lips and add a pink tint on your cheeks to attain that no makeup causal look and the selfie will be amazing
  • Know The Right Angle – Every person is different and so are their angles to get the right picture. You have no idea what a good angle can transform your picture into. So, you need to experiment a little to check the right angle from which you will loo bomb! If you take your phone a little up and face up, it can hide your double chin if you have any and even make you look slimmer. This has also been recognized as the most used angle by women
  • Smile – We know that you want to look hot and not too approachable but a little smile won’t hurt anyone. So, smile a little because a grumpy and grim face will not take you anywhere near a good selfie. But make sure your smile is natural and doesn’t loo plastered to the face
  • Play With Filters – There is a wide range of photo editing application and the application that allow the users to apply filters to the pictures. So, download some in your mobile and click the selfies and apply fun filters to add life to your selfies. It has also been seen that if you choose the right filter, it can enhance the facial features and highlight them and some filters even make your eyes pop, so, it’s a win-win
  • Toolbox Is Your Best Friend – We all zoom in the pictures to have a closer and clear look at the features of the picture and if you know how to crop and zoom the selfie in a perfect manner, it will easily spice up the way you click selfies and how they turn out! The right cropping and zooming can make your picture ten folds better and these basic features will be available in the mobile by default and you will not have to download an application for it
  • Your Surroundings Matter – Everyone will notice what is lying behind on the floor in your selfies and everyone will notice what type of flowers are on the plant beside you. So, when you are clicking selfies, make sure that your surroundings and background is attractive enough because the background and environment matter a lot. Even if you are taking a selfie in your bedroom, make sure it’s tidy and presentable
  • Lighting Is Crucial – You will like either a clown or a ghost in inappropriate lighting and the key to perfect bomb selfie is the right lighting. While taking a selfie, make sure that there is light falling on your face so that your picture is clear and all the things you want to be highlighted are highlighted enough!

Don’ts Of Clicking Selfies

In this section, we have added the don’ts of clicking selfies which portrays the things you must not do to make sure that your selfies are presentable and good enough to post on your social media handle, so, let’s see what we have got for you!

  • Try Too Hard – When you put a little too many efforts into something, the things is automatically ruined and this is why make things natural and act chill. The more you try to plaster the loos, the more selfies will go bad. For example, if you are trying too hard to smile, people will know and it won’t show any positive thing
  • Forget To Take A Look On Background – If you ever forget to look behind before taking a selfie, unfortunately, your selfie has been ruined because if the background isn’t pretty and attractive and clean, the selfie will not portrays any positive effects
  • Duck Face – We know that we have done it too but it was quite a long ago when the pose became popular. However, if we talk about the present, there is no way that a duck face selfie will attract anyone and rather will make you look weird
  • Flash – Using the flash to click selfies can over expose your face and may even highlight the unwanted features of your face. So, just try to click selfies in rather natural light and stop the use of flash
  • Hashtags – Many people upload 4 lines of hashtags only with their picture which looks tacky, to be frank. So, while you are uploading selfies, add only one or two hashtags if you like them so much but not more than that

Now, as we are done with the do’s and don’ts of the clicking selfies, let’s jump on to the amazing poses and examples of these poses which you can see and use to up your selfie game.

Hot Selfie Poses For Girls

There is no wonder or question that everyone wants to look hot and they try to look hot in the selfies too. If you want to have a look at the amazingly hot poses for the selfies, we have added a lot of pictures to give you an idea!

Hot Selfie Poses For Girls Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-1 Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-2 Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-3 Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-4 Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-5 Hot Selfie Poses For Girls-6

Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls

In this fashion savvy world, everyone wants to look up to date and stylish enough to meet the standards of beauty standards. If you are conscious about that thing and if you want to look stylish as per the standards of this beauty and style conscious world, we have got some beautifully stylish selfie poses

Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls-1 Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls-3 Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls-4 Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls-5 Stylish Selfie Poses Ideas For Stylish Girls-6


Mirror Selfies Poses For Cute And Stylish Girls

This type of selfies is famous among the iPhone as they just want to flaunt the apple on the back of their phone (just kidding!) Mirror selfies have gained a lot of popularity and literally everyone has tried them once. But for these selfies, make sure that the background is presentable enough. We have got some amazing mirror selfie poses for you in this section, so, let’s have a look!

mirror-selfie-poses mirror-selfie-poses-for-girl-2 mirror-selfie-poses-for-girls-1 mirror-selfie-poses-ideas-4 mirror-selfie-poses-ideas-for-girls-3


Pet Selfies Ideas For Girls

Every girl loves her pet to the core of her heart so why not add them into the selfies. When your pet is in a good mood and you look good, grab them up and pose with them to make a great selfie. We have added some easy poses that you can try with your pets to spice up your selfie game

cute-selfie-poses-with-pet cute-selfie-poses-pets-2 cute-girls-selfie-with-pet-1


Girls Hidden Face Selfie Ideas

In these selfies, you can cover the lower portion of your face and highlight the eyes but your eyes must be ready enough for such selfies. So, have a look at different selfie pose ideas for covered faces

creative-hideen-face-selfie-3 hideen-face-selfie-5 hideen-face-selfie-gym-4 hideen-face-selfie-ideas-2 hideen-face-selfie-posses-1 modest-selfie-poses-ideas-for-girls

Creative Girls Selfie Photos With Fun

Mostly, it has been seen that women and girls are very creative and if you like creative things and love to experiment new things, we have got some amazing poses for you that are going to add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to your selfies

best-selfie-pose-ideas-for-girls creative-selfie-poses-7 creative-selfie-poses-for-girls-3 creative-selfie-poses-ideas-8 selfie-poses-idea-for-girls-6 hot-selfie-pose-ideas-for-girls-5 hot-selfie-pose-for-girls-1 cute-selfie-pose-ideas-for-girls-2cute-selfie-pose-ideas-for-girls-2 cute-selfie-pose-for-girls-4

We hope that you found the right selfie pose for your next selfie. Just click away the selfies and enjoy!


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