Sprint LTE 4G APN settings-Complete Guide

Did you get on a new network of Sprint LTE 4G and facing issues in internet usage? Worry not! You are perfectly in the right place. Here in this webpage, we have provided the complete guide of Sprint LTE 4G APN settings. You will find the latest and updated Apn settings that are reliable as well. these Sprint LTE 4G Apn Settings will assist you to browse the internet smoothly as well as you will be able to send or receive the picture messages or any multimedia message. So do not delay. Set your mobile with the compatible Sprint Apn setting.


Before making new steps you will have to keep some considerations in your mind. Firstly delete all the previous network settings prior to making the new ones. Then you are strictly required to follow the format. You cannot add a space with your own choice. If there is something capitalized you will have to write it as it is. You cannot even add or remove a comma by your will. In case you neglect the aforementioned instructions you will be continuously facing the problem in internet usage. So to make your device compatible with your network you will have to follow the instructions.

Step by Step Sprint LTE 4G Apn Settings

For your further assistance, here we have added the steps. You can follow them to make your settings.

For Android users

  • Firstly, go to the main menu and then open the settings
  • You will find an option here ‘Wireless connections and more’ click it
  • Select the ‘mobile network’ and then go to the ‘Access point names’
  • Enter the ‘Apn Values’ and add them up as suggested below
  • Save the settings
  • Before start using the internet, reboot your device to avoid any interruption

For iPhone users

  • Firstly, go to the main screen and then open the setup
  • You will find an option here ‘general’ click it
  • Select the ‘networks’ and then go to the ‘Mobile Data’
  • Enter the ‘Apn Values’ and add them up as suggested below
  • Save the settings
  • Before start using the internet, reboot your device to avoid any interruption

To configure the Apn settings you can add the below-mentioned values;

sprint LTE 4g apn SETTING

MCC / MNC234 / 15
MMS Port:not required
MMSC:not set
APN protocol:IPv4
MMS Proxy68.28.31.7
APN Typedefault

sprint LTE 4g apn alternate SETTING

MCC / MNC310 / 120
MMS Port:80
APN protocol:IPv4
MMS Proxy68.28.31.7

If you have tried the aforementioned APN settings and still your internet is not working, your phone is not catching the signals, you are unable to make a call, your sms is not sending or you are unable to send and receive MMS, then your phone is not compatible with Ultra mobile network or maybe your SIM card is damaged.

But in case only your internet is not working and you cannot send or receive MMS then it is a must hat your set/phone is not compatible with this Ultra mobile Network. Or it may happen that still, you didn’t apply the proper APN settings. To resolve such issues, firstly, I will recommend you to double check your APN settings. Check your commas, space, and words, if they are not in the correct format then write them in the correct format.

I hope this article will help you to sort out your internet browsing and MMS issue. For further queries and details, you can approach us by commenting in the below section. Stay tuned for more informative articles.

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