All In One Important SSD Codes For Jazz,Telenor,Ufone,Zong,Warid

Here we are presenting multiple offers of different networks. It is the platform where you get all the information about various networks of Pakistan in a single read that how to get the advance balance from any network, how to check your call minutes, how to check remaining internet minutes and much more information. this article will guide you about different codes of different networks. you will be able to grab all the information from one single platform.

Different Codes of Different Networks

if you are tired of searching to activate or check a special bundle then here we welcome you on a single platform that is having all the information. here we have added the data to assist you. you can take all the information for any network from this. without any detailing, we summarized the required data. you can have a look in one go.

How To Check Your Remaining Messages in Different Networks:

Here we have a complete list of Remaining Messages Check SSD Code For All Network

  • Telenor : *111#
  • Jazz:*101*2#
  • Warid:*002#
  • Ufone:*366*2*4
  • Zong:*102*3#
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *101*2#
Telenor *111#
Ufone *366*2*4
Zong *102*3#
Warid *002#

How to Check Remaining Call minutes:

  • Telenor:*222#
  • Jazz:*110#
  • Warid:*200#
  • Ufone:*707#
  • Zong: send p on 102
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *110#
Telenor *222#
Ufone *707#
Zong send p on 102
Warid *200#

How To Check Your Balance:

  • Telenor:*444#
  • Jazz:*111#
  • Warid:*100#
  • Ufone:*124#
  • Zong:*222#
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *111#
Telenor *444#
Ufone *124#
Zong *222#
Warid *100#

How To Get Advance Balance:

  • Telenor:*0#
  • Jazz:*112#
  • Warid: send AB on 7676
  • Ufone:*456#
  • Zong: send blank message on 911
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *112#
Telenor *0#
Ufone *456#
Zong Send blank message on 911
Warid Send AB on 7676

How To Get Free Facebook Minutes:

  • Telenor:*5*325#
  • Jazz:*114*5#
  • Warid: send fw on 7777
  • Ufone:*3434#
  • Zong:*6464*4#
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *114*5#
Telenor *5*325#
Ufone *3434#
Zong *6464*4#
Warid send fw on 7777

How To Check internet Data:

  • Telenor:*999#
  • Jazz:*114*1*2#
  • Warid:*200*4#
  • Ufone:*706#
  • Zong:*102#
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *114*1*2#
Telenor *999#
Ufone *706#
Zong *102#
Warid *200*4#

Internet settings:

  • Telenor: send All to 131
  • Jazz: send internet on 7342
  • Warid: send All to 2323
  • Ufone: send your cell phone model on 222
  • Zong: send All with your cell phone model on 5800
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ Send internet on 7342
Telenor Send All to 131
Ufone Send Your cell Phone Model on 222
Zong Send All with your cell phone model on 5800
Warid Send All to 2323

SIM Activation offer:

  • Telenor:*2222#
  • Jazz:*551#
  • Warid: send Y on 3733
  • Ufone: send Sim on 5000
  • Zong: *2244 #
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *551#
Telenor *2222#
Ufone send Sim on 5000
Zong *2244 #
Warid Send Y on 3733

How to Check your SIM number:

  • Telenor: send A on 7421
  • Jazz:*99#
  • Warid: send myno on 6060
  • Ufone:*707#
  • Zong: *8#
NetworkSSD Code
JazZ *99#
Telenor send A on 7421
Ufone *707#
Zong *8#
Warid send myno on 6060

it was all about Different Codes of Different Networks. We hope that it would be an informative session of reading and you got what you were looking for. for more informative and interesting information visit our page. we have all the details on it related to various networks and their various offers.
thank you for your time. o give us recommendations in the below comment section. or in case you have any queries, you can ask us by writing in comments. we will try to respond to you as soon as possible on priority.

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