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How To Use Text Editing Gestures On Your iPad & iPhone

In recent years, the popularity of Apple devices has increased at a tremendous rate and people have been literally selling off things to buy the latest iPhone. However, there is an audience base that faces enormous problems with iPhones and iPad, one being the inability to use the text editing gestures. First of all, this feature is known to very fewer people and even if they know, the usage is out of their capability. So, if you are facing the same then you have come to the right place. We are saying this because we have added How To Use Text Editing Gestures On Your iPad & iPhone to help you out!

We have added the complete guideline and everything that you know. However, before starting, let us clear that you need to follow the steps accurately to gain results and to become able to do it. Let’s start now!

Tap Tap Everything

With this feature, users can easily select the words, paragraphs, and sentences just by tapping on them. If you are using the iOS 13, this will work without any hassle and you will not need to pull off any shortcuts. There need to be some updates because it is not working properly in every app. Now, there are different tap metrics which you need to know while editing the text;

  • Double Tap – This is for selecting a work
  • Triple Tap – This is for selecting the sentence
  • Quadra Tap – This is for selecting the paragraph

Want To Adjust the Text Selection? Drag It!

If you selected a specific word but it dawns upon you that you need to elongate the selection or compress it, you can do it by swiping left to compress the selection and by swiping right to elongate the selection. This was very daunting until the release of Apple iOS 13. We are saying this because, with the iOS 13, users are able to select the text precisely without tapping in a perfect manner.

Pinching Is Important

No, we aren’t asking you to pinch your friends rather we are talking about pinching the text. When you are working with the text selection, you can pinch the text for copying, cutting, and pasting. However, there are different metrics to perform all of three functions because the pinching is not same for every action. Let’s see!

  • If you need to copy the text, pinch three times
  • If you need to cut the text, pinch twice with three fingers
  • If you need to paste the text, put your fingers on the screen and spread them out like you do for zooming in

Swipe & Tap

IN case you think you have made a wrong action and if you have committed a mistake, it is very easy to reverse your action on iOS 13. So, let’s see how you can do it!

  • If you need to undo, double-tap the text with three fingers
  • If you need to redo something, swipe right

There was a gesture in past where you had to shake your phone to undo the typing but that’s long gone and gestures have been made smarter now!

Moving The Cursor

There was a time when mobiles very complex to use but Apple makes sure that the user experience is made better with every iOS release. So, if you need to move the cursor, tap and hold the cursor and wait for it to get bigger. Once it gets bigger, you can use it as you like (just like you move your finger on your laptop’s touchpad!)

Moving The Cursor With A Keyboard

If your iPhone has been equipped with the 3D touch, you can just press hard on the mobile’s keyboard and then use your fingers to move the cursor as you like. However, you don’t necessarily need the 3D touch as you can do it from the keyboard as well. So, on the mobile’s keyboard, long-press on the space bar and move your fingers around to use the cursor.

However, if you are using the iPad, you will need to touch the space bar with two fingers to enable the cursor and to use it!

Intelligent Selection and Double Tapping

There is an intelligent selection feature which allows the users to select the addresses, phone numbers, and email address just by double-tapping in the nearest area of the information.  However, this function works only in the editing mode. To put it into simpler words, it will work on the email messages but on the information on web pages.

Formatting Bar

There is a complete set of formatting bar in iOS devices such as in iPhones and iPads of iOS 13. With the formatting bar, users can cut, copy, and paste the texts. If you don’t want to use the gestures which we have mentioned above, you can use the icons in the formatting bar.

Plus, if you need to format anything while editing the text, select the text and tap and hold with three fingers and all the formatting will appear at the screen’s top.

Scroll Bar For Faster Scrolling

There is no doubt in the fact that iOS ensures a natural user feel for its users but if you are working on reading some webpage with extensive text lines and the long emails, you can use the scroll bar to move the page as you like; upside or downwards. This feature was easily available in the old Windows computers but Apple got the ideas pretty late.

Slide The Fingers To Type

This is the most fun and interesting feature ever as it allows the users to type anything on their keyboard without lifting their finger. For instance, if you need to write the word “cat”, you can write c, slide your finger to a, and then slide to t without lifting. Once you do it and lift the finger, the word cat will be written and then, you can start with the next word.

This feature is switched on by default in the iOS 13 but if you want to disable it, go to settings, then general, and go to the Keyboard. Then, toggle the “slide to text” option and write as you like!

Additional Features of iPad in iOS 13

All the gestures that we have mentioned above are for iPads as well as the iPhones. But in this section, we are going to add the features which are specifically for the iPad users who have iOS 13!

  • Users can tap and drag the notification to make it appear on the screen with other app running in the background
  • Users can open the full-screen by dragging the different components at the top of the iPad. This feature works perfectly in messages, notes, and Safari browser
  • Users can make their iPad’s keyboard smaller by dragging it to the desired location. To shrink and compress the keyboard, just pinch the keyboard in with two fingers and you will be done!

This was all about How To Use Text Editing Gestures On Your iPad & iPhone and we hope you enjoyed the new gestures of iOS 13. If you need any other information, get in touch with us and we shall be here to help. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends who are iPad or iPhone users. Thank you!

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