Wateen Internet Packages-Complete Details

If you are facing connectivity issues on your service provider network then try Wateen, here we are introducing outstanding Wateen internet packages that give you high standard connectivity with un-catchable fastest speed. Wateen is actually serving individuals and organizations by fulfilling their needs of connectivity. Actually, Wateen internet packages give broader coverage. The service it provides; telecommunication and data, includes the long distance and international, optical fiber cable, hybrid and cable, telecom infrastructure, this is what makes it incomparable all across Pakistan.

Networkinternet packages
4 MbpsTruly Unlimited2,199 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
10 MbpsTruly Unlimited3,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
16 MbpsTruly Unlimited3,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
20 MbpsTruly Unlimited4,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
24 MbpsTruly Unlimited4,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
35 MbpsTruly Unlimited5,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
50 MbpsTruly Unlimited8,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
100 MbpsTruly Unlimited14,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter

these are all wateen internet packages, you can avail.  hope you will enjoy their service and his article will prove helpful for you. In case of any queries or issues, you can Catch us right here in the below Comment section. You guys are given an open hand to share your ideas and if you wanna share some suggestions, just reach us. We will definitely respond to you as soon as possible.

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