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Whatsapp Security Procedure And Complete Guide Against Whatsapp Hijacking

Hacking of social app is a serious issue nowadays and according to cybercrime sector, it is reported that in recent years many issues have been recorded in federal investigation department. Social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp cover the privacy of a person so such hacking issues can create a serious problem.

In the below article we are concerned to give you security tips, by which you can protect your WhatsApp from the hacking.

Protection against WhatsAppWhatsapp Security Procedure hacking

Whatsapp hijacking is such a serious issue that it may cause physical or emotional harm to many people. So the PTA Pakistan Telecommunication authority, taking this issue grimly, decided to defy this issue by introducing a protection procedure and promoted this for the general public so that they can reduce the WhatsApp hijacking rate.

Whatsapp Security Procedure

There is simple four-step verification that is advised by the Pakistan telecommunication authority. Customers are required to enable the WhatsApp two-step verification by following the steps, as below.

  • Go to the WhatsApp app
  • Press the three dots (…) that are placed at the top right corner
  • Then open the settings
  • Go to the option of Account
  • Select the Two-step verification WhatsApp option
  • Enable it by selecting the option
  • And lastly, enter the 6 digit PIN code as a security code

Recovery Option

For recovery of the account, users need to give a recovery email after entering the 6 digit code. This is to make the account more secure especially for the case if you forget your WhatsApp pin code.

Importance of Two Step Verification

Last year in November 2018 approximately 90+ cases were registered as cyber-crime of WhatsApp hijacking. This issue was growing so tremendously that cyber-crime societies of different countries started to take serious actions.

They started issuing high-security alerts to the general public, devised many security procedures, promoted the procedures through emails, ads and personal sms.

These alerts made everyone aware of such serious crime and people became able to secure their personal apps even more precisely. They got to know more about this issue and took immediate steps.

The purpose of two-step verification code is same, this is to secure your whatsapp account so that no one can use your personal contacts against you or anyone.

It is recommended to all readers, take a second out and secure your whatsapp through two-step verification code. In case of any issue report the problem to the cyber-crime department on an immediate basis. Do not delay or do not waste time, if you face such issues report it as early as you can. Share this article with your friends and make them aware of this security procedure.

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