TheTool#1 ASO Tool πŸ₯‡ App Store Optimization for iOS & Android

When you acquire an app for the business, you are not only investing the resources, time, and money but you are also investing your business reputation. This is because if the application does not do well on the Play Store or Apple Store, the overall image of the business will be tarnished which can even affect the revenue and profits. The best way is to optimize the application on Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store to deliver optimum results.

#1 ASO Tool πŸ₯‡ App Store Optimization For iOS & Android

There are tons of optimization tools available for the application optimization but if you talk about the top tool, it has to be TheTool. If you are unaware of this application optimization tool, we have added App Store Optimization Tool – TheTool to help you out. So, let’s see what it has in the house for you!


TheTool is the perfect option for the application optimization because it is not only easy to use but the results are astonishing as well. This tool ensures that everyone gets to perfectly optimize their application.

With this tool, the application owners will be able to track the application optimization and pay attention to each detail such as the number of organic and inorganic downloaded, the top charts, reviews and feedback, and the keyword ranking along with the intelligence. It also describes the revenue generated by the application, its engagement rate, and the conversion rate as well.

This tool helps the application owner measure and understand the overall impact of the application and implemented strategies. It is helping the users maximize the general visibility of the application to expand the business. Furthermore, it enables the users to view and measure the organic ratios in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

Benefits of TheTool

In this section, we have added the ultimate benefits of TheTool which makes the number one and most preferred choice when it comes to optimizing the application on Google Play Store or Apple Store. So, have a look!

Cost Reduction

This tool allows the users to adjust the organic and inorganic downloads while measuring the optimization metrics at one place. It allows the users to measure the organic uplift to ensure the effect optimization while cutting the ECPI campaigning costs

Track Visibility

This tool allows the users to track the performance of competitors’ applications and in return, it will help benefit your application do better

Localization Management

This tool offers a separate dashboard which allows the users to track the performance of the application and provides a graphical comparison of the performance in different localities. This ensures that users are easily able to see the weak points and devise strategies to improve them

API Data

This tool can be integrated with the intelligence tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio to keep the track of the application performance. It also enables the users to store the keywords and KPIs for more effective and personalized decisions

This was all about App Store Optimization Tool – TheTool and we hope that you got to optimize the application for efficient results. For further guidelines, reach out to us in the comment section below and we shall be here to help you out. Thank you!

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