Top 10 Best Security Apps For Android – Features & Reviews

We all love Android because of its amazing features and a lot of things that it has to offer but the recent stagefright vulnerability affected 950 million devices by disclosing their personal data and much. This tells us that it is an extremely important thing to make sure that your device or phone is properly secured especially if you have sensitive and personal information on your phone.

If we look out for the options of Android security options, there are millions of them available but they are nothing but embarrassment. To cater to that issue, we have enlisted top 10 best security apps for Android which will make sure that your Android device is safe from every type of virus as well as the malware. Other than these listings, you can search for the AV comparatives as they are the most authentic ones. Now, let’s get to the point and see what android security app suits your device.

Lookout for Android

This application is best in the sense that it provides malware blockage, contact list backup, and theft protection. Theft protection feature will locate your device if it gets stolen or if you forget where you put it. Its premium version helps you see which application leaking or accessing your personal information is lying around in your device. Other than that, it also allows the safe browsing experience, remote wipe, and lock, backups for your deleted photos as well as call histories and contact lists.

Avast Free Mobile Security

This application is totally free and everyone can download it. This application provides anti-virus scanning, text and call filtering, reporting of privacy risks from applications in your phone, application manager, firewall, and scanning of malicious URLs. It also has anti-theft features which will allow hiding the Avast application from the application menu; sending alerts if SIM cards are removed, remote wipe and lock, and can call you on the safety number with screen blacked out so you can listen to the surroundings and estimate the location after listening to the surroundings. It also captures the picture from the front camera if there are 3 wrong attempts for unlocking the phone. Other than the data on your phone, it also allows the monitoring of advertisements within the application and tracking systems of your phone.

AVG Antivirus Free

This application blocks all the malware as well as spyware. It scans all the applications, files, websites, and links for viruses and threats. It also wipes and locks the stolen devices and can even locate them. Other than the protecting features, it provides the monitoring of storage usage, data usage, and battery consumption. It can help in blocking the unwanted calls and texts from stalkers. The premium versions are free of advertisements and also provides the application’s data backup. It happens to have an application lock feature which provides additional privacy and also provides the automatic locking up of a device when SIM is removed or replaced.

NQ Mobile Security

This application provides the malware and spyware scanning in real time, potential threat scanning, SMS and call blocking, safe browsing experience, privacy audit, contact list backup, and data usage monitoring. The premium version provides the wipe and lost feature and takes a photo on 3 wrong attempts of the password. It also provides a feature through which a photo will be clicked from the front camera in case of three wrong attempts of unlocking.

360 Security

It is the best application if you are looking for free option as this allows the automatic scanning of applications installed in your phone. Other than the applications, it also scans memory cards, links, and a new application for malware, viruses, and Trojans. It also has anti-theft features such as wipe and lock, alarms, locating of stolen devices. It also provides the features through which unwanted and unknown texts and a call can be blocked. It deletes junk files from the device and leads to efficient RAM working as it clears up the extra space.

McAfee Mobile Security

This application provides the scanning of viruses and real-time detection of malware. It provides safe web browsing, Wi-Fi security, call blocker, SMS filtering, application protection, anti-theft features. The anti-theft features allow you to take a photo if your device is unlocked for three times wrong. It’s premium version provides image support and media backup.  It can also be linked to battery optimizers and also has a junk file cleanup features.

Norton Mobile Security

This application will not allow the installation of the virus-carrying application in your device. If the application develops a virus after the installation, it will be automatically deleted. It has the feature of blocking unwanted texts and calls, scanning of a phone as well the memory card, contact list backup. Other than these features, it can help locate your phone if it gets missing or stolen and also wipe & lock the device remotely. It can even trigger an alarm if your device is stolen.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile

This application automatically scans and deletes the malware-carrying applications and files from your device. Users can block unwanted texts and messages. The premium version has the sim card lock option, battery consumption monitor. It happens to delete the viruses from your device automatically and it can even delete the infected applications.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

All of its features are somehow the same to the ones mentioned above. It has the option of call and text blocking, malware scanning, and locating the stolen device. The one feature that makes it different from other applications is that it blocks the potential threat causing websites and also blocks the phishing links in messages and calls. It provides a feature of password manager through which you can have extra privacy on your device.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This application comes with a 50MB cloud storage in which you can save your contacts or important pictures. It has a privacy scanner which scans applications like Facebook, battery consumption monitor, clears up the junk files which lead to faster RAM processing. It also allows parental control through which parents can set the device according to what they want their kids and what they do not want. It also has a wipe and locks feature especially for the stolen and missing devices.


We hope that this article helped you make a good choice for your phone. If you have any questions, reach out to us in the comments below and we will be here to assist you!

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