Top Five Best Voice Changers For Discord

If you are into gaming and stuff, you would know staying in touch with the other players is an extremely important thing to do. In order to stay in touch and to ensure the optimal communication, chatting services are used that are assigned specifically to the gaming people. One such chatting service is Discord which offers text and audio chatting. Moreover, if the users want to stay anonymous and create the electronic voices, there are many voice changer options for the Discord users. In this article, we have added Top Five Best Voice Changers For Discord to make sure your gaming never stops and you never stop leading your packs!


It has to be the most famous and the most effective voice changing solution out there as it allows the users to get it connected to the Discord. The functionality is pretty hassle-free and you will not experience any bad aspects while changing the voice. It can be used with much other software such as Hangout, Skype, PUBG, Mumble, and Fortnite. Cave, possessed, cathedral, and kong are some of the best voice mods available for the users. In addition to these, there are over thousands of voice mods available.

It is compatible with Windows operating system and has a free trial period. However, after the free trial period, you will need to pay $14.99 on a monthly basis.

AV Voice Changer Software

It is the professional level software which allows the users to change their voices in real-time scenarios along with the services like Twitch and Discord. Moreover, it also allows the users to record their voices just as they like and the waveform can be adjusted to add the natural touch to it. With this software, users can create younger, feminine, older, deeper, higher, robotic, and masculine voice through different modification levels.

This software has been incorporated with virtual driver technology which allows the users to integrate it with web-chats, VoIP programs, and the role-playing games. There are basic, gold, and diamond versions priced at $29.95, $39.95, and $99.95, respectively given their varying feature. This software is compatible with Windows operating system.


It is the free software which you can download on your Windows and you can easily just keep on chatting on Discord and the voice will be changed automatically. This software is used at the system which signifies that whoever application has a microphone option, it will work with that efficiently i.e. Mumble, TeamSpeak, Skype, Viber, and Hangouts. There are many voice mods available and some of them include robot, baby, female, male, alien, and radio ones.

Overall, the application is pretty easy to use and the functions are convenient enough to meet the user demands.

MorphVox Jr

There are several built-in voice mods available which allow the users to sound like a baby, male, female, and robots. The voice mod options are limited given the factor that this software is free. This software is best in the case that it ensures the analyzing of input voice and then, make effects to ensure optimal output. However, there are some ads in the software which can be annoying and setting it up can be a little difficult. This software is perfect if you are in need of better sound quality and are using the Windows operating system.

Voxal Voice Changer

It has been blessed with the top-notch features which not only provide optimal functionality but are powerful as well. It allows the users to record the real-time voices along with adding the sound effects to the voices. When you integrate it with Discord, it will be perfectly synced so that you do not have to record it first and then send. There are an atmospheric, alien, male, female, echo, and many other voice mods which have become the talk of the town.

This software has a free trial period but after that, $29.99 will be charged extra. If we look at the compatibility factor, it is supported by Web and Window users!

What is the best free voice changer?
If you are a Windows users, Voicemod is the perfect option for you. To your good fortune, they are soon releasing their software for Linux and Macintosh computers as well
What voice changers do Youtubers use?
YouTube is a big game and for optimal results, you will need to choose some professional software such as AV Voice Changer Diamond or MorphVOX
How do you get voice effects on discord?
1. Open the voicemod application 2, Download Discord app and launch it 3. Integrate them both by connecting and done!
Does discord have a voice changer?
Discord does not have a built-in voice changing features but you can get Voicemod application and connect it with Discord to change the voice for free

This was all about Top Five Best Voice Changers For Discord and we hope that you found the perfect voice changer software as per your needs. If you liked the information, share it with your gaming friends and help them out. Thank you!

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