Why Can’t You Change Your Facebook Name

Facebook is a social community that connects people globally across the world. It has generated some of the policies to avoid mishandling and misuse. Among these policies, there is a policy known as, ‘Name Policy’. This policy is generated to avoid scams.

According to this policy, you have some restrictions on changing the name and editing the name. I’ve seen many people complaining hat their facebook name is not changing anymore. So if you are facing the same issue it is ok. Here is today’s session, I will tell you some of the major reasons. And guide you why can’t you change your facebook name anymore. Have patience and evaluate if you are focusing on these mentioned points or not.

Why Can’t You Change Your Facebook Name

You may be having trouble in changing the name on facebook profile. This can be because of many reasons like we are going to mention down. Have a look

  • Your name is maybe not according to the policy.
  • You cannot use punctuations, symbols and language characters in your name.
  • If you have already changed your name in the last 60 days then you are not allowed to change it again till the Duration of 60 days completes.
  • This can be because previously system has asked you to change and save your name
  • Or in the rarest cases, it happens that the facebook ID list does not identify your name properly and ultimately rejects the changes you try to make.

If you are still having issues then you can visit the help page of facebook from their official site.

or for more informative content you can visit our website. Visit our website to know about how can you change your name on Facebook and Instagram. You are free to ask if you have any confusion left or you have any questions. we will try to resolve your issue as much as we can. Thank you for the Read!


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