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How To Celebrate Diwali In India 2020

2019 has been a great year so far and it’s about to end, but before ending, Indians are eagerly waiting for the biggest festival which is Deepawali. If you know how people celebrate Diwali in India then its good but if you are one of them who are finding solutions of how to celebrate Diwali in India then you are reading the correct guide.

In this summarized guide you will be getting to know, what is Diwali, when is Diwali in 2020, why Diwali is celebrated and how you can celebrate Diwali in India or in other countries.

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About Diwali

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated on different dates according to the Hindu calendar and this year that is 2019, we will be celebrating Diwali on 27th October. It is a 5-day long festival which includes other important festivals such as Bhai Duj and Dhanteras.

Apart from that other festival which is near is Dussehra, the day on which god ram killed Raavan and is celebrated for this purpose only. It means whatever bad things happening in your life are temporary and it will soon fade away.

People who are not good for you should be distanced by you and you should stay alert about what people are speaking or going to do with you. Every bad intention has an end. So be good and do good to others also.

After completing 14 years of vanvaas (stay in a forest), God ram and goddess Sita returned to Ayodhya their home. To welcome them, people lighted diyas and exchanged happiness. From that day till now people are celebrating Diwali by burning crackers, lightning up their homes and exchanging gifts.

How to Celebrate Diwali in India?

To celebrate Diwali festival in India there are many ways available. You can either go on shopping, you can visit your relatives, you can go on a 5 long day vacation and there is an endless list of things that you can do. Celebrate diwali by sending beautiful diwali images in hd to your friends and family. From that endless list, we are here to tell you the 5 ideas that you can implement this Diwali and celebrate it.

  1. Shopping:

Everybody accepts the fact that doing shopping is loved by everyone! If you are a person who belongs to the category of not burning crackers or hate the noise of crackers, then you can just go to some mall, shop your favourite stuff, have a cup of coffee and come back to your place.

  1. Enjoying a Movie in the Room:

If in any case you were not able to visit your family this year, maybe because of work, and if you are alone, the best option is, put on your favourite movie, get a mega popcorn for yourself, dim the light of your room, turn on the AC and enjoy your personal space.

  1. Solo Trip:

Is your dream of being to go on a solo trip? Can you get a better option rather than achieving that dream in Diwali vacation? Then what are you waiting for? Find your bag, pack it and leave. You are not going to get this chance again.

  1. Donate:

We should feel lucky because god has given us everything, more than we deserve and there are people who are struggling to survive in their life. Donate them all those kinds of stuff which can sort their life out and their life can become easier.

  1. Kill The Bad Inside You:

We all are having a bit of negative energy inside us that comes up when we are most angry. Work on it tries to remain calm in all kind of situations and be good to people.

Happy Diwali!

We hope that you have got all the information on how to celebrate Diwali in India. There are many festivals coming up so start doing shopping and preparation to celebrate the festive season with your loved ones.

A very happy Diwali to you and your family on behalf of our entire team. Keep reading our blogs and share them with your buddies. We will be back soon till then keep reading and keep loving us!

Make sure to keep your kids away from crackers, burn fewer crackers and save our environment also. Happy Diwali! 

How will u celebrate Diwali?
We love this five days festival and we try to celebrate it full zeal. For example, we buy new clothes, buy new housewares, spend time with family and friends, have a feast, and light up the diyas
How do you celebrate Diwali at home?
When at home, we should clean the homes and make sure each corner is sparkling clean. Then, we can light up the home with lights and diyas. The women can make the rangoli at the entrance.
Where is Diwali 2020?
This year, the Diwali will be celebrated on 27th October
What special dishes are prepared on Diwali?
On Diwali, the sweet dishes are cooke in abundance. Many people make different sweet dishes such as; Cauliflower Pakora Pumpkin Halwa Besan Ladoo Paneer Makhani



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