Top 11 Digital Marketing Platforms That You Need To Know

Every business either small or large needs an optimum marketing strategy to secure a good position in the industry, When they look out for the best marketing strategies, the get to know that not everyone is offering the same techniques or processes. This often makes it difficult for them to choose the right digital marketing platform for their business.

So, to avoid that chaotic situation, we have come up with Top 10 Digital Marketing Platforms that will not only advertise your business effectively but also help you secure a good position in your niche industry.

Top 11 Digital Marketing Platforms

In this section, we have listed down the top 10 digital marketing platforms. Have a look!

  1. Hubspot

This is inbound marketing software which is equipped with all the essential tools which are needed for improvement and management of your business’ online marketing strategy. The few functions of this application are;


  • Appeal leads by creating eBooks, infographics, videos, and blog posts that have the tendency to engage.
  • It helps in optimizing everything and shares them directly on social media
  • Transform leads by setting up CTA buttons as well as landing pages
  • Gathers information about new client base in order to gain the loyalty of the buyers
  1. ExactTarget

ExactTarget integrates various tools to manage different digital marketing strategies as a part of the sales force. The goal of ExactTarget is to create, improve, and build a strong relationship between a brand and its target market. With this application, people can easily businesses can perform various functions such as email, a social, mobile, web, and marketing automation, and data analysis which makes it such a multi-channel approach.

  1. Marketo

It is one of the best marketing automation software. The functions within this software are extremely efficient which ensure the time-saving and helps in creating multi-channel campaigns. The software has been developed to carry out flexible marketing strategies. The software has a user-friendly interface along with the modern yet powerful designs. It has been a top choice of marketing professionals for a long time.

  1. Marin Software

This software has been developed by the online advertising management by its all integrated online marketing platform. The use of this software ensures the online revenue generation through its complete solutions. The software was developed to improve websites’ ROI by display advertising, paid search, mobile advertising, and social advertising as well.

  1. Vocus

This application is known as the most simplified inbound marketing software. The PR and marketing software has won the hearts of all the marketing professionals by its delivery of marketing success. This software makes sure that the businesses manage their online platform and make new customers after the most productive development phase.


  1. Raven

This fall stack marketing platform utilizes four levels of digital marketing which includes SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media marketing. Apart from these four marketing strategies, the software allows its users to manage and create full-fledged reports

  1. WebCEO

The name sounds similar, right? WebCEO is an SEO specialized software which is famous for effectively creating SEO campaigns for the businesses. With this software, businesses can search for the keywords, optimize their websites, and monitor the performance of the website. This software allows the businesses to automate their SEO operation which makes the teamwork more productive and hassle-free. Apart from this, its B2B solutions will help you add CMS value to your business and making partnerships with the white label options.

  1. Ginzametrics

This application has turned the tables by helping businesses search for the relevant keywords that are in sync with the business which helps in turning organic traffic to your website. With its dashboard facility, businesses can easily monitor the search, social and content data recommendations. The application is used for content ROI and drive search more than the SEO functions.

  1. SEMrush

With this SEO software, businesses can effectively analyze the keywords competition in their niche market. This software provides essential SEO data after analyzing ranked keywords and comparing the traffic of various competitors’ websites. With this software, businesses can get the related keyword, figure out the organic keywords, and monthly research volumes.

  1. DOZ

This digital marketing platform as designed to make sure that businesses gain organic traffic to their websites along with reaching to international markets for business expansion. This software specializes in delivering ROU oriented campaigns while focusing on search engines, content marketing, and social media. DOZ even lets its users access each campaign composing task to ensure its effectiveness.

11. Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi

Its one of the fastest growing Digital marketing agency in Delhi, India. They offer tones of values to their users. Website development and rankings are getting more versatile as everything is getting digital. With this growth there is need to opt for right marketing agency as well.

We hope that this application helped you find an effective digital platform for your business marketing. Have a good day!

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