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Earning With a Website Without Ads- Easy and Popular Methods

Are you wondering how you can make money without ads? or you are not sure about it? Here we will tell you the secret of Earning with a website without ads. Yes, a website can make money without ads, but people don’t know how to do it, they believe it’s a myth, there is no doubt that we can earn money with ads on a website but through a website, you can earn money without ads as well. There are some different ways to do it so, some popular and easy ways are given below. These ways range from easy to a bit technical. You can follow all the given below steps to earn money using a website or blog without ads.

Affiliate Websites:

It’s also called affiliate marketing, it is a very popular way of earning money through a website without using any kind of ads, it may not be the fastest way to earn through a website but, yes, you can earn using this method. Given below are the steps to affiliate marketing.

  • First, explore and look for some products and services from random trusted websites and make sure that the service or product is reliable, it is important because you don’t want your visitors to go away from your website.
  • Promote the products and services from other websites on your website or blog using, visitors on your website will see the offer of service or product that you are promoting and anyone who needs the service or product will click the affiliate link.
  • You will get the commission from the sale of service or product your website visitor will avail; commission could be between somewhere like 20% to 60% or more depending upon the vendor.
  • You can even have an agreement with the product or service provider to give you the commission of 30% or 50% or whatever you think right according to worth and demand of the product.

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Selling Digital Products:

Selling your own products through your own website is a great approach, well it’s not that easy as it seems, if you have resources to make your own products you can produce your own products and simply sell them on your website immediately, because a there will be no middle person and no extra cuts you will get paid directly the cost of your product, you can start with digital products like e-books, software, etc. Because the require less or no investment.

  • First, you have to make your own product (e-books or software, etc.) and analyze them to ensure the quality and trust of customers.
  • After the production of your digital product put a buy link and details and description of your product on your website, you can also post pictures to attract visitors more effectively.
  • You can choose any payment method you think reliable.

Selling ad Space:

Most people think they can only get money using google AdSense ads on their website but it’s not true, you can create your own ad space and sell it. You can sell them to companies looking to sponsor their blogs.

  • You will get paid depending on the number of visitors you will get on your website. For example, you can get $5 on every thousand impressions.
  • The best thing about this is that, if you have more sources of getting more visitors on your website you can earn more.
  • It also has a withdraw that if you are not able to get more traffic on your website you may not be able to earn much money.

Accepting Donations:

If you have some financially strong visitors on your website you can get a benefit of this, strong visitors can give you donations, in this way you may not be able to get a lot of money but it can fulfill the expenses of hosting and other basic expenses. It’s a short way to cover these expenses. For this approach, you can follow these given below steps.

  • You will have to put a note on your website that you do accept donations from the visitors of the website.
  • PayPal offers a small donation button, you can add a small PayPal button on your website, it will take like 10 mins to add this tiny button to your blog or website, so it will be more convenient for the visitors to donate.
  • You can use this money on web hosting, new product creation, research, and all of the other costs for a well maintained and active website or blog.

Using An E-Commerce Site:

Creating a website and earning from a website is not only about the content, but there is also a lot more you can do with a website. This technique is being used worldwide now, e-commerce is buying and selling items and products over inter through a website or online store.

  • You can start purchasing different items on your website, you could even sell your own items or products on your website, visitors on your website can also buy and sell items on your website.
  • You can use your website as an online store or e-commerce site using this method of buying and selling products online on your website.
  • This field requires skills and business tactics, patience and other strategies in order to stand in other online stores.

Sponsored Posts and Articles:

Once you have done hard work to get some consistency traffic to your website then you can earn money through a website without ads, when you will have more traffic on your website more people or companies would like to sponsor their products on your website.

  • When you will have more visitors on your website, companies will want you to sponsor their product or services or post their articles on your website.
  • Because more the visitor visits your website, more the people will see that sponsored product and more chances will be that some of them will buy the product which will benefit the sponsoring company.
  • You will get paid from the sponsoring company a fixed amount to promote their product or service or their content.
  • You will have to make sure that what you are promoting is league and beneficial because it’s going to affect your website’s reputation.

Creating An E-Mail List:

This method will provide you long term visitors and customers, it is a great way to create a good relationship with the customer or visitor.

  • you can put a box on your website or blog for people to put their email in.
  • Anyone who liked your content or purchased something from your website once gives you the email, you can let him know about new upcoming content and blogs or details about the product you are selling on your website.
  • It will attract your customer and make them regular to visit your website

Above are the most popular and effective ways to make money from a website without ads. we hope that you have liked this article. if it was helpful for you then do make shares and help us to grow. Share this with your friends and family. In case, you have a question or you want something else, do write to us in the below comment section. we appreciate your recommendations and concerns always. Some more interesting contents are on the way. so till then, stay connected with us.

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