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How You Can Make Money Without Website Ultimate Guide Step By Step

Are you an Adsense User who is looking for some source to earn money without having a website? then you are in the right place. here we are sharing methods of How to Earn Money with Google AdSense Without a Website. Give a read to the below content.

How You Can Make Money Without Website Ultimate Guide

There are a few ways of making money online through Google AdSense without a website individually or with an organization. Most of the people think that it’s impossible to make money with Google AdSense without a website, but it’s not true so far. Here are the two most easy and effective ways to make money using Google AdSense without a website given below.

  • Earning money using AdSense on YouTube.
  • Earning money using AdSense with revenue sharing websites.

In order to get money using Google AdSense without a website, it requires only a few things, such as Computer, internet connection, skills or interesting ideas or topics that can attract traffic e.g. Technology, writing skills, educational information, vlogging, nutrition, health, and fitness, etc.

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Google AdSense:

Firstly, to make money through the Google AdSense without a website, it’s necessary to understand what is Google AdSense and how you will get paid by Google through AdSense.

Google AdSense is a program that enables YouTubers, bloggers, website owners and other individual and business owners who are working online to make money by displaying advertisements by google on their contents, when a visitor visits your website or your content associated with google AdSense, visitor will see the add and may click on the add to see the offer, and you will get a certain amount from google for that, More the number of views and clicks means more the money you will get.

Creating google AdSense account:

To get make money online at home or in an organization using google AdSense, first, it’s necessary to make a Google AdSense account, make an AdSense account following the below-given instructions.

  • Open your web browser and type google AdSense and press enter and visit the very first website shown in the result.
  • Create a new AdSense account from the newly opened web page, if you already have an AdSense account you may skip creating a new one and can use your existing account.
  • You will have to put your website details, but as you want to earn via Google AdSense without a website so if you use the first method you will have to put your created YouTube channel’s link and if you are using the second method you will have to put the link of website you are working with on revenue sharing.
  • Then you will have to put your personal details (name, contact, address, etc.) and your bank account details where you are going to receive money from google.

Once your AdSense account is created then you can choose one of or both above-mentioned methods to make money via Google AdSense without a website. How to use and make money through both methods is given below respectively.

Earning money using Google AdSense on YouTube:

This the most beneficial and effective way of making money at home or in an organization using Google AdSense without a website, you will have to make a YouTube channel and upload videos (your content) and bring more and more views on your content and subscribers to your channel, and associate your YouTube account with your Google AdSense account, in order to do this so follow the bellow given guideline.

Making money using google AdSense via YouTube includes these steps given below:

  • Set up a YouTube channel and upload your content to it.
  • Get views and subscribers (traffic) to your channel.
  • Associate your YouTube channel with Google AdSense, wait for approval from Google and earn.

Above given steps are briefly described below.

Setting up a YouTube channel:

  • Go to the official YouTube website and login to YouTube with your google email account, if you don’t have one already you can make a new one using the  Account, and sign in to YouTube.
  • Then click on settings from the top left the menu, in the Account tab click Create New Channel, your new channel will be created, upload videos on the channel and get views and subscribers.

Getting traffic to the channel:

  • Make interesting content that can attract people or traffic to it, you can adopt any content for example Technology, nutrition, health and fitness, beauty, education, grooming, and others.
  • Share your video and channel’s link on social media and to your friends and ask peoples to rush to your channel.

Associate your channel with Google AdSense:

This step includes further two sub-steps that are

  • Monetization
  • Account verification.


You must have 1000 views on in order to get paid by Google AdSense after monetization.

  • After login to YouTube with google account on the top right corner click on account icon and then Creator Studio
  • Then click on channel > status and features, under the monetization tab click enable, it will allow Google to show adds on your videos.

Account Verification:

  • After accepting terms and conditions of google for monetization you will see the next button on the bottom click that button and you will be redirected to YouTube + Google AdSense.
  • Login to your Google AdSense accounts on that page, if you do not have a Google AdSense account already you can make a new one from the same page.
  • Then wait until google approves your account, it probably takes 3 to 4 working days and you will be notified via e-mail.

Once your account is approved you will start getting money from google on every click on the add google will display on your content, do not copy anyone’s video or content otherwise google can raise copyright issue and can block your account

Earning money using AdSense with revenue sharing websites:

It’s a second effective way through you can actually make money with AdSense without having your own website.

Revenue sharing websites:

These are the website that needs people to post contents and different articles on their website and in return you get paid a small percentage of their AdSense earnings. There are some few revenue sharing websites listed below.

  • SheToldMe
  • Squidoo
  • Hubpages
  • com

Above are a few best revenue sharing websites, but there are a lot more you will find online

Process of making money with Google AdSense without a website:

  • Register or signup to deafferent or a specific revenue sharing the website of your choice with you google AdSense account
  • Write any article of your choice or given by the website and submit it to the revenue sharing website you are registered with (Make sure your content or article is unique, google do not bother copied stuff)
  • The Revenue sharing website will post it on their website and will display google ads on it
  • More your content is attracting more traffic will visit the website and click the ads by google displayed on your content by the revenue sharing website, resulting in more earning from Google AdSense
  • More the traffic website will get and more the ads people will click, more the money you will get from revenue sharing website

That’s all…

These are the best ways to make money using Google AdSense without a website of your own, you can earn money with Google AdSense without a website individually by creating your own personal content which is also called freelancing in the market, on the other hand, you can also earn money with Google AdSense without a website along with an organization or company as an employee.

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