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Praying Salah maintains a clear difference between Muslim and Kiuffar. Allah subhanatallah says that in worshiping of all the religions, salah is the one that defines the line of Muslims and nonbelievers. Offering prayer is the second important pillar of Islam. Allah almighty obligated every Muslims by asking to pray five times a day. And among these five times, the best time to make a connection with Allah is the time of Fajar, before sunrise. Allah says that he opens the doors of Rehmat at the time of fajar and bless everyone who seeks guidance and asks for help, wishes, blessings, long life, knowledge, and many more things.

Fajar is the first prayer that is offered prior to dawn. It is incorporated with two rakats of farz (2 farz) and two Rakats of nawafil (2 Nawafil). It is considered as the most peaceful time to build contact with Allah Almighty. According to some Hadiths and saying Allah loves those the most, who sacrificed their sleep and stand with the obedience in front of Allah at the time of fajar.

Today, in this section, we are going to present some beautiful and outstanding Fajar prayer quotes and hadiths along with its importance and affection.

Fajar Prayer Quotes in English and Urdu

The fajar prayer quotes in English and Urdu are collected here. The below-mentioned quotes will surely boost up your beliefs and will encourage the value to offer fajar prayer. Have a look at the collection below:

  • “If you are facing problem in waking up to offer fajr prayer then ser wake up alarm. It will work in sha Allah.”
  • “No morning is ever good morning without praying Fajr.”
  • “No doubt it’s difficult to pray fajr during this cold season but Those few minutes of sleep you sacrifice for Allah is worth it!.”- Mukhlis Ibn Ali
  • “When your bed feels so comfortable that you don’t have the strength to get out of it to pray and then you remember that prayer is better than sleep. Alhamdulillah.”
  • “Pray Fajr and brighten your day even before the sun does.”
  • “Don’t underestimate yourself, keep yourself stronger than shyatan and pray fajr.”
  • “Fajr is a blessed time, when the believers are awake seeking success, whilst others are asleep simply dreaming of success.”
  • “Fajr prayer is a chance to judge yourself on how close you are to Allah. How much do you want to jannah? Enough to leave your bed and pray fajr.”
  • “Alarm clocks are only a means, what really wakes you up for Fajr prayer is your Imaan.”
  • Every one has their own reason of waking up in the morning… Mine is of performing fajr prayer.”
  • “Whoever prays Fajr prayer is under the protection of Allah.”
  • “Fajr prayer is better than sleep. May Allah make us among those who never miss Fajr”
  • “Fajr prayer is a blessing. Don’t forget to pray fajr.”
  • “Never miss fajr prayer(Namaz), it is your first victory of the day against Shaytan.”
  • “Fajr prayer is a blessed time, when the believers are not asleep dreaming of success, but awake seeking success.”
  • “We live in a society where we wake up our children for school but not Fajr prayer”…..!!! – Nouman Ali khan
  • “Fajr Prayer: the most precious time you’ll have a quiet & intimate relationship with your Lord.” Subhanallah.
  • “Fajr prayer is the test of your commitment to Allah.”
  • “A day that starts with Fajr prayer is a day worth living.” – Muhammad ibn Faqih
  • “Fajr Salat (Namaz) is amazing prayer, it helps us to start the day with with remembrance of Allah. May We never miss this blessing.”
  • “Fajr prayer makes successful the day otherwise the day is lost before it starts.”
  • “O Allah, Grant us the sweetness of praying Fajr Salah(Prayer).”
  • Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn al-Qayyim regarding morning and evening supplications
    “The place of these supplications are after the Fajr prayer and after the Asr prayer.”
  • “Prayer makes busy life easier and removes stress and wrorries.”
  • “Your soul needs prayer like your lungs need air.”
  • “Two Rakats of (the Sunnah) fajr are better than the world and all it contains.” – [Muslim]
  • “Life is too short don’t miss fajr prayer.”
  • “Mainting salah(Namaz) is not just from Jumma to Jumma but it is fajr to isha every day.”
  • “Waking up for fajr prayer(Namaz)is verily a blessing from Allah. May Allah make us among those who rise and pray Fajr easily and consistently.”
  • “A day that starts with fajr prayer(Namaz) is a day worth living.” – Muhammad Ibn Faqih

Fajar Prayer Hadiths

The sayings of the Holy Prophet are worthy to understand and learn. Here we have added the hadiths which show the strict orders for offering salah, most specifically fajar prayer. Moreover, there are the bunches of the prophet’s sayings that reflect the importance and significance of fajar prayer.

1) It is the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Prayer as a whole is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, holding a place of such importance and benefit that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) stated that it is the observance of daily prayers that delineates belief from disbelief. So it is a essential part of our faith.

2) Prayer provides us with guidance and support from Allah

The word Fajr means “dawn” in Arabic, and comes from the same root word as infijar, which means “to explode” or “to burst forth”, referring to the light of the sun as it erupts into the darkness of night and illuminates the world, replacing darkness with light, vision and clarity. It is the light of the sun that sustains all life on the planet, enables and causes all things to grow, and provides warmth and comfort, safety and security to humanity. In the same way, the Fajr prayer provides light and guidance, strength and support, to the human soul and heart.

3) Starting our day with fajr invites positive energy into our lives

Fajr prayer in Islam ensures that we begin the day with light and with life. This equates to positive energy and the presence of God’s angels. The early morning sets the tone and energy for the entire day, and by beginning the day in the best possible way, in prayer and meditation, this spiritual practice will bless your entire day with barakah and noor, blessings and light.

4) Fajr teaches us the importance of time

It teaches you that time is precious. Therefore, we need to use it well and structure our day and make use of it. The prayers are in specified times during the day, to bless you and to keep you grounded. We are here in the world to worship Allah swt. And that doesn’t mean that we can’t live a good life either. It is about living a balanced lifestyle.

5) Prayer cleanses the soul

The importance of prayer is conveyed constantly in the Quran and was also stressed by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “Know that among your duties, prayer is foremost”. Don’t forget what’s important in this life. Prayer really is one of the most beautiful acts and cleanses the soul and brings about happiness and contentment.

Fajr Prayer importance Quotes

Islam is a complete religion. It is a belief of every Muslim that whatever is ordered or asked to do, in Islam, benefits the Muslim in the end. There is a quotes bunch that shows the importance of fajar salah. Have a look at below

Fajr Prayer importance Quotes Fajr Prayer importance Quotes-1 Fajr Prayer importance Quotes-2 Fajr Prayer importance Quotes-2 Fajr Prayer importance Quotes-2 Fajr Prayer importance Quotes-2

This was all about the fajar prayer, the first salah of the ay. It Is said that fajar prayer is the source of invoking Allah and getting his attention the most. We prepare the article to let you know the importance of fajar salah. We believe that the hadiths, and quoted added in the content will surely make you energetic and affectionate towards the morning-prayer. Hoping the best we added the new and boosting quotes. We pay thanks for your time and concern. If you have any questions let us know in the below section and give us recommendations. We appreciate your concerns and will surely catch you back as soon as possible.

Stay connected and tuned for the more informative content!

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