Fastest Broadband Provider in the UK

Everyone looks for the fastest internet provider. No one prefers to go with the broadband which could not fulfill the demand in time. The demands of fastest gaming, fastest browsing and fastest downloading is always the preference. So if you are looking for the fastest UK broadband service provider then you are perfectly at the right place. Here is today’s article, we are going to share the details about Fastest Broadband Provider in the UK. Give a read to the below article for better understanding.

Fastest Broadband provider in the UK

There are many internet service providers that promise to give better internet speed and data but fail to fulfill their words. Well among the many companies keep their words up to the mark and satisfy their customers with the best quantity and quality service. Here we are introducing the best and the fastest broadband provider and that is Virgin Media.

First Deal of the Virgin Media

Their wire cable range is M500. They launched the service this year 2019, April with a strong internet speed of 516 MB. The virgin media has optimized its hub.  They started working from the hub 3.0 and then shifted to intelligent Wi-Fi optimization tech. their services are categorized based on the speed they provide to their customers. The monthly price to get this bundle is £99.

Second Deal of Virgin Media

Virgin Media group is trying to beat the competitors at the higher middle and lower levels as well. They are not just the best and fastest provider but with their second bundle, they are competing for those who ranked in the second level. This is the M350 deal bundle offered by virgin media.

Although the virgin media is the best and fastest service provider still it is not good in all the areas. It gives limited coverage and not available in some of the areas. In the rest case, you cannot compete with this network provider. Here in the below content, there is a wordy competition between the broadband providers along with their packages and prices. Give a read to the content

Comparison of the nationwide service

Virgin Media is a network provider that delivers its services nationwide which is to cover approximately 51% area of the United Kingdom. They are running intending to achieve a higher target of nearly 53% of United Kingdom Coverage.
in the same competition, there are BT’s Ultrafast Fibre Plus, part of Open reach’s rollout, which is trying to provide fast speed and becoming successful in delivering 145 MB fast internet as well. But still, they are unable to beat the extra high M200 Virgin Media.

If we see the download average speed of the broadband then among the all, the virgin media is one of the best giving 516 MB average data downloading speed. other companies like BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet, and Sky gives the average downloading speed as 67 MB, 66 MB, 66 MB, and 59 MB respectively. virgin media gives this speed on the package M500. BT’s package is Superfast Fibre 2, Talktalk Package is Unlimited Fibre Speed Boost, Plusnet gives this average speed on availing the package Unlimited Fibre Extra and the Sky Company gives this 59 MB average downloading speed on having the package Broadband Superfast.
have a look at the virgin’s media other details and packages along with their prices.

if we considered the advertised speed then virgin media broadband is the leading company that gives the fastest internet speed but to the limited premises. But the roll-on Virgin’s 350M bundle is easily available to all. You can have this if the above-mentioned package is not accessible to your area.



Average Downloading Speed

Virgin MediaM500516 MB
BTSuperfast Fibre 267 MB
PlusnetUnlimited Fibre Extra66 MB
TalkTalkUnlimited Fibre Speed Boost66 MB
SkyBroadband Superfast59 MB

this was the one leading broadband company that gives the fastest and highest internet rates in the limited amount. There is much more to explore about the virgin media company/. if you get on this broadband bundle then you will not face any difficulty in the usage of internet it can lead you at the front and you can download with this in a better and fastest way. moreover, it does not interrupt the gaming and streaming but gives the fluent internet service to all its customers. So do not waste up your time and get on this bundle

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