FM WhatsApp – Features & Overview Complete Guide Step By Step

With the increased demand for effective communication, people have been looking for the same means which led to the launch of best ever messaging application, WhatsApp which has over 2 billion users. When on WhatsApp, one can easily send text messages, GIFs, photos, and videos anytime and anywhere and all for free! Users are also able to send the documents and share the location with their friends and family. Moreover, it is equipped with end-to-end encryption which allows the users to keep their chats safe from the third-parties. However, in the genuine WhatsApp, there are many limitations which outs off the users such as the limitation to send only 30 photos at the moment or the limitation to send 30MB video at the time and much more.

These limitations led to the launch of FM WhatsApp which is a mode version of WhatsApp and comes free of all those limitations. FM WhatsApp works on the API of WhatsApp but the application is not available on Play Store and you will need to download the APK.  In addition to the elimination of the limitations, there are many customization options for the users. In order to know more about the features of FM WhatsApp, read the FM WhatsApp – Features & Overview below!

Features of FM WhatsApp

In this section, we have added the salient features of FM WhatsApp which have been the reason people are investing in this application!

  1. There is a call blocker feature which allows the users to customize the list of contacts into who can call you and who cannot. So, maintaining focus with work is easier than ever
  2. Media sharing of WhatsApp are very limited but with FM WhatsApp, users can send the media files up to 700 MB and the new formats such as RAR and APK can be sent via FM WhatsApp
  3. There is a wide range of themes available which improve the user experience up to a great level
  4. We all hate when people delete the messages, right? Well, they won’t be able to anymore with FM WhatsApp. So, you need to enable the “Anti-delete Messages” and the senders will not be able to delete the messages. However, they might delete from their side but you will be able to see it anyways
  5. FM WhatsApp has been equipped with full-stack emojis to make sure every user has their favorite emoji
  6. FM WhatsApp allows its users to customize the colors, status bar, background, and even the navigation bar which aren’t available with original WhatsApp
  7. FM WhatsApp will make sure that the pixelization doesn’t occur while sharing the photos
  8. There is a wide range of fonts available in FM WhatsApp so that you no longer have to deal with the default font

Pros of FM WhatsApp

In this section, we have added the pros of FM WhatsApp which the plus points!

  1. It allows the users to give a personalized look to their WhatsApp through the customization features
  2. It allows the users to put on a password to their chats and make them hidden
  3. It allows the users to use two accounts at the same in the same application

Cons of FM WhatsApp

In this section, we have added the cons of FM WhatsApp which you will need to be careful about!

  1. There is no end-to-end encryption which shows that your data can be accessed by the third-parties

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