How To Check Telenor SIM Number – And Find Owner Detail With Code

In this article, we have mentioned how to check your Telenor SIM Number in case you have forgotten it. We have elaborated all the practical yet reliable methods to check your number. Have a read!

The company called Telenor kicked off its operations in 2004 in Pakistan which hints at the fact that Pakistan is a productive market for overseas companies and that always supports the investment; national or international. The most important fact is that Telenor is an international brand and it is serving numerous countries around the globe. Telenor has been providing its high-quality network services to almost 166 million users out of which 41 million users belong to Pakistan.

Telenor SIM Number Check

Telenor is a company that always put their users at the first priority and they always introduce the offers that will facilitate their users. In order to facilitate their users to a next level, Telenor lets its users easily check their number by following the easy yet completely practical procedures. We have listed and elaborated total three methods to check your Telenor SIM Number.

How To Check Telenor SIM Number Method 1

In order to check your Telenor number that you have forgotten, follow the below-elaborated steps accurately;

How To Check Telenor SIM Number Method 2

There is another method to check your number and it is totally free of cost. The step-by-step guide has been written below;

How To Check Telenor SIM Number Method 3

This method is practical and workable on both active and inactive SIMs. But for this method, you need to have some background information which is as;

Terms and ConditionsThere are few terms and condition of these methods which have been listed down as;

  • You will get to know of your number on your mobile phone’s screen for free
  • Checking the number may require an active number except for the method number 3 in which you talk to a live chat representative
  • You can always call at the official Telenor helpline for more information

Here is All Method Code To Check Telenor SIM Number

Go to the “message” option from your phone
Open a new message composition option
Send an empty message to 7241 from your phone and you will receive your SIM number in a matter of seconds
In the first step, open the “phone” option in your mobile phone
Dial a free code which is *101#
Your SIM Number will appear on the screen
Your Name
IMSI Number
Your CNIC Details
Now, visit official Telenor Website from your phone or computer
At the bottom right of your screen, you will see a “live chat” option. Click that option.
The Live Chat will be opened, you have to request your queries in that window (I want to check my Telenor Number)
You will be asked for few details by the Live Chat Representative such as your CNIC details or IMSI number and then they will tell you the Telenor number

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