How To Check Zong Sim Number- And Ownership Detail With Code

In this article, we are going to list down all the available methods to check your Zong SIM number to assist our readers to the fullest. There is a numerous amount of people who are eager to know the trick behind checking their Zong Number without paying any charges. The trick is pretty simple and hassle-free as you are a just a single click away from the acknowledgment of your Zong SIM number. But let’s have a little peek on Zong itself to have a better understanding of the whole procedure.

If we rewind back eight years, there was a network that was known as “Paktel” but it did not touch the heights of success. So, as in to try the fate of their network, they changed the network’s name to “Zong.” This change made quite a positive change in the success of the network as Zong reached the sky and broke all the records of success.

Zong has become a brand-name in a matter of few years and it is best known for providing with inexpensive SMS Packages, lowest possible calling rates and top finest internet packages to their customers. Apart from that, there are various other features that have put Zong as the most preferred local network i.e. excellent network quality all over Pakistan no matter what corner it is.

How To Check Zong SIM Number Check

Zong is providing many offers as mentioned above and it always makes them special. To assist their users in knowing their Zong SIM Numbers, Zong has introduced few methods. The reasons you may forget your number is not using it for a long time and when you put it back in your phone, you just do not remember your number at all. There is only one way to check your long lost number and that is by a code provided by Zong itself. Let’s move forward to the method part which will help you know your number.

Zong SIM Number Check Method 1

In this method, you do not need to pay any amount of charges to know your number. Below are all the essential details;By following all six above-mentioned steps, you will get to know your number without paying any charges.

Zong SIM Number Check Method 2 

This is another method for checking your Zong number and it is also free of cost. The code that we have mentioned above in the table is linked to Zong MBB Number

Zong SIM Number Check  Method 3

This method is different from all other methods that have been mentioned earlier. If you own an Android mobile phone, it’s a plus for you. Read the steps below to know why;

Zong SIM Number Check Method 4

Owning an iPhone just became a plus for you if you do not remember your Zong phone number. We have mentioned below how; There is another method for iPhone users to know their Zong number which is as:
We hope that this article helped in every way possible. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you. Thank you!

The first step is to dial *#2# from your mobile phone
Once you have dialed that above-mentioned code, dial *100# from your phone
In the next step, you will be asked to press the number “1”, do it
Once you have pressed it, the menu will appear on your mobile’s screen. Add all your favorite Zong numbers in that space. Make sure you have access to all those Zong numbers that you have added
Check for the mobile phone of the second number that you added in the space.
This will help you know your Zong SIM Number.
Dial *8# from your phone
Your Zong number will appear on the screen
In the first step, go the settings
Then, choose the “about phone” option
Click on the “status”
Now, click on the “SIM Status”
The, choose the “My Phone Number” option and you will see your number there
Open the “Contacts” option on your phone
Your Zong number will appear at the top of the contact list
In the first step, go to the “settings”
Now, go to the “phone section”
Then, choose the “My Number” option and you will see the number

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