10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons For Streaming Live Channels 100% Working

In case you haven’t heard, let us tell you that Kodi is the best and most famous media players and the reason for its popularity is the diversity it has to offer. Many media players can be used in collaboration with Kodi if you download or buy the add-ons. This software is accessible for everyone as it is completely free.

We have been analyzing that the TV cable fee is increasing day by day which is not convenient for many users. So, we came up with the idea of telling our users about the Top 10 Kodi Live Add-ins For Streaming. We have made sure that we add add-ons related to every niche i.e. entertainment, sports, news, etc. Read on for the information of all those top-notch add-ins for streaming.

Here is A List Kodi Live TV Addons For Streaming Live Channels 100% Working

1.cCloud TV

cCloud is an acronym for the Community Cloud as it is a community of people who are now ditching the cable networks and using an online TV. When you download this add-on, you will have access to the channels from all around the world especially the UK and US. This add-on is completely free and it helps you watch content online without stopping. In this add-on, every niche is available and it is also arranged generically so that the users do not have to hustle for finding their required channel. This add-on has the option for server section which will allow the users to surf the various servers available. This add-on can be downloaded from the Kodi repository.


Selfless is the best option for you if you are looking for streaming live TV on your phone using the Kodi. Kindly note that this is a third-party add-on which is comprised of an enormous number of channels from all around the globe. All the channels in this add-on are arranged in alphabetic order as well as according to the genre. This will help the users gain access to the required channel in a minimum period of time. All the channels available on this site are always working without any system glitch.  This add-on for TV streaming is available for download fro, Bookmark repo. However, people have been complaining that this add-on does not work fine for them and if you are facing the same issue, you have to download the SportsDevil add-on and you will be good to go.


This add-on is again for the people who want to stream live TV on their device without paying for the TV cable fee. The only limitation in this add-on is that it has a limited number of available channels. But even with this limitation, various channels of the UK and US are available for the users to watch. The installation time and process is very easy as it takes only 2-3 minutes. Other than that, it has various genres available such as movies, TV shows, cartoon, and many more. This add-on has one more advantage which is that sports can be streamed live and on-demand channels are also available for grab. This add-on can be downloaded from the SkyDarks repository.

4.USTVNow Plus

This add-on is subscription-based and it has covered all the channels that US TVs have to offer. The channels includes ESPN, NB, CBS, Fox News, and History. However, this add-on is the best choice for people who belong to military or if they are American expats. When you download this add-on, you can even video record the screen for sending out or maybe for watching later when you do not have the internet access. The one benefit is that even if you do not get the subscription, you will still be able to watch 6-7 channels only by downloading this add-on. This add-on can be downloaded from Kodi’s official repository.

5.Wolf Pack

This add-on is the perfect option for you if you do watch the sports, music, and news channels as it will easily give access to all of these channels available in the US as well as the UK. The collection of channels that is available is pretty diverse as it as various genres available. The great thing about this add-on is that all the channels are always working without buffering or other issues. This add-on can be downloaded from the Midian repository because it is a third-party add-on.

6.Star Tec

This add-on is the best if you are looking for every genre in one place. We call it the best because it has got music, games, documentaries, live events streaming, live concerts streaming, TV shows, and anime. All the available content on this add-on is always working. This add-on can be downloaded from the Gentec Star-Tec repository easily.


In case you are looking for options that not only provide the streaming and live channels of TV but also help you gain access to TV shows, movies, and music, this add-on is made for you! The available genres are a thriller, western, romance, comedy, and live streaming. This add-on can be downloaded from the Supremacy Kodi repository.


Deceit is a perfect option if you want an all-in-one thing for yourself. This add-on is considered to be the best because it provides access to streaming channels as well as the movies, games, and TV shows. This add-on can be downloaded from the Kodi’s official website. However, if it is not working out for you; install a dependency program compatible with this add-on.



As the name suggests, this is an add-on is for people who are likely to watch the news all the time. However, this add-on has access only to the US news channels. This add-on is very well-organized which ensure that all the news channels are segregated in accordance with the states of the US. This add-on can be downloaded from the official repository of Kodi.


Supremacy is one of the oldest add-ons for Kodi. As it is an old one, it has a huge collection of classic movies, kid’s movies, TV shows, and Christmas movies as well as various documentaries. It has channels from the US, UK, and India.


This was all about the Kodi’s best add-ons. We hope that it helped you to the best. In case of any queries, reach out to us in the comments below and we will be here to assist you with everything.

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