Top Best Live Chat Software For Businesses

When anyone reaches up on your website to make shopping, they want to know the value of their money and if the shop will be worth their money. In order to check that, check that, they are highly likely to send a message and if it is answered effectively, it can yield results to you. However, it has been seen that 67% of online shopping users drop their carts just because the customer service wasn’t good and their queries weren’t answered effectively. After all this, you must have understood the importance of a live chat box for your business and if you have been looking out for the options, we have got you covered as we are talking about the Top Best Live Chat Software – For Businesses in our today’s article. All the things will be covered and at the end of the article, you will be able to make a decision for your website and live chat support.

Is Live Chat Too Important?

Everyone wonders about this thing when they are first told that they need to have live chat support for their business website. We have got some facts for you which will help you make a decision and most importantly, it will tell you why is it important, so, let’s see what we have got in the house for you!

  • 73% of businesses generated more sales when they added live chat support to their business website
  • On the other hand, businesses who did not have live chat support weren’t able to bag many profits

Now that you know the stats, let us tell you that the quality of the chat support matters equally. And to cater to that, we have got some amazing software reviewed for you along with the features to give an idea about each of them and the best part is that they all work well with WordPress. So, let’s get started!


Ever since this software got launched, website developers have been hooked to it because it is easy going and is very easy to use as well. It comes with the free plugin for WordPress which just adds a cherry to the top. With this software, you can get your hands on the live chat support applications which can be easily used on mobile devices, tablets, and on laptops as well. This portrays that users can use them to connect to you while on the go.

After the chat, you can also offer a survey form to the users to find out how you did and if liked the services and if they would like to make improvements. Even in some cases if you aren’t online, customers can still send in their queries and you can reply to them once you come online.

With this software, you will get other amazing services such as Google analytics, email marketing, and zendesk and it will make sure that you have a lot of time on your hand as you can easily add the details and that too, automatically. Last but not the least, the software is known for its high speed and it never gets stuck and what else would you want for your business?


Adding this software with your WordPress will be an easy task to do and you will be astonished how small software can be so good and effective at the same time. To install this software in your WordPress, just copy and paste the code into the sidebar widget and there you go. However, if you do not want to use the code, there is also a free plugin that can be used.

The software can be a perfect fit if you want to attach it to other services such as highrise, salesforce, and even zendesk. It even allows the users to connect to third-party applications through which you can talk and answer to your customer’s queries while on the go.

Zendesk Chat

It is one of the leading software for help desk support and they have been rebranded after they acquired the Zopim application. This software works fine with the salesforce software as well as WordPress, and much other third-party software as well. The software allows real-time chats, chat-bots, and advanced analytics to automate the support process even if live chat support agents aren’t available.

The software has been equipped with amazing templates as well as other customization options to make sure the creation of attractive chat widgets which will engage with users.


If you are looking for the options where you do not have to pay anything, you can get your hands on Chaport. The software has been equipped with chat widgets and those too, bilingual, third-party integrations, reporting and analytics, and also the live chat support for the mobile applications. If you opt for the paid plan, it will give you access to the visitor notes, file sending, typing insights, saved replies, and auto-invitations.


No matter the sizes of your business, it will make sure that you live chat support is up and running all the time. If you look at the price factor, it is a little bit on the higher side but the features have been added which can easily justify the prices. The software can be integrated with the SRM software to install the features such as automated chat invitations, and even the option to customize the chat widgets. Moreover, the SMS option is available through which users can easily communicate with your live chat support team.


This software has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and all the credits go to its flexibility which helps the users engage users effectively, boost conversions, and capture the leads. The software allows the users to send a message through live chat widget with the help of chatbot addition and own flows.

In addition to the live chat support it can be used as a support assistant, marketing automation, onboarding tools, lead generation tool, and the software can also be used to create engagement. It will surely fit all your needs


In the short sane of time, this software has managed to grow a wide user base and also the competition gave all the features that it has in the house for you. The software was originally designed to be the messenger app and it allows the real-time chat with the help of agents as well as the AI-powered bots.

The software also allows the users to offer in-app campaigns, timeline views, live profiles, and bots which can be customized. The software can use plugins to be more productive and also support tickets on Zendesk.


It has been considered as one of the top live chat support software in the market with amazing features such as engaging customers through WhatsApp, SMS, and even the Facebook Messenger. LivePerson can use the chatbots to create the highly automated conversion flows and also help save the customer information.


This live chat support software is one of the finest support software out there and it can be easily used with WordPress. The software allows GDPR compliant services which them the perfect for the businesses residing in Europe. The software has been designed aesthetically to offer better user experience for the users as well as for the chat agents. The dashboard is clean as well as clutter-free so that the agents can find the tools of their choice in no time.

On the top of everything, it provides CRM, email platforms, chatbots, chat widgets, and even the integrations and all of them will act as a catalyst to improve the performance.


This has to be the most amazing yet the most cost-effective software out there. The software allows the users to record the user sessions and also helps them track. It will also users identify the problems that are causing the customers to not buy the business offerings. With Google Analytics, users can even track the chat conversions to analyze the performance. The software can be integrated with WordPress, Shopify, Magento and all other famous eCommerce platforms.


This was all about the Best Live Chat Software and we hope that you were able to find the best live chat support software for your business website. If you want some additional information, you can make the comment below and we will get back to you. If you like the content, you can share it with your family and friends and help us grow. Thank you!

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