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Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar and Iftar Timings For Each Country Worldwide

Ramadan is just a few days away. Every Muslim is waiting for this holy month, which is the true blessing of Allah Almighty. In this month Muslims o fasting from dawn to the desk. Muslims are living in different parts of the world and timings of iftar and sehar varies from place to place. This is a very sensitive moment for Muslims. We respect this moment as well, so here on this webpage, we have aligned a proper and authentic Ramadan calendar sehar and Iftar timings for each country so that no one will get worried about timings.

This is an important aspect of Ramadan, we have added here the Ramadan’s iftar and sehar time for the countries like India, Pakistan, Canada, UK, USA, Qatar, Abu Dehbi, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arab, Singapore, Oman, turkey, and many other countries.

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Have a look below at your country’s timetable and prepare your sehar and iftar accordingly!

Ramadan Calendar Worldwide 2019

the Ramadan Calendar for this year is arranged as follow. This is authentic and you can practice it.

I hope you will get what you were looking for. This is a very important time and Muslims are always concerned about it. So we have added the Ramadan Calendars to help you. Visit our home page for Ramadan wishes, quotes, Ashrah’s Dua and Amaal, and for many other Ramadan related posts. Give us your ideas and recommendations. You can catch us below in the comment section we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Canada Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Mon 06 May04:29 AM8:27 PM
2Tue 07 May04:28 AM8:28 PM
3Wed 08 May04:26 AM8:29 PM
4Thu 09 May04:24 AM8:30 PM
5Fri 10 May04:23 AM8:31 PM
6Sat 11 May04:21 AM8:33 PM
7Sun 12 May04:19 AM8:34 PM
8Mon 13 May04:17 AM8:35 PM
9Tue 14 May04:16 AM8:36 PM
10Wed 15 May04:14 AM8:37 PM
11Thu 16 May04:13 AM8:38 PM
12Fri 17 May04:11 AM8:39 PM
13Sat 18 May04:10 AM8:40 PM
14Sun 19 May04:08 AM8:41 PM
15Mon 20 May04:07 AM8:42 PM
16Tue 21 May04:05 AM8:43 PM
17Wed 22 May04:04 AM8:44 PM
18Thu 23 May04:03 AM8:45 PM
19Fri 24 May04:01 AM8:46 PM
20Sat 25 May04:00 AM8:47 PM
21Sun 26 May03:59 AM8:48 PM
22Mon 27 May03:58 AM8:49 PM
23Tue 28 May03:57 AM8:50 PM
24Wed 29 May03:55 AM8:51 PM
25Thu 30 May03:54 AM8:52 PM
26Fri 31 May03:53 AM8:53 PM
27Sat 01 June03:52 AM8:53 PM
28Sun 02 June03:51 AM8:54 PM
29Mon 03 June03:51 AM8:55 PM
30Tue 04 June03:50 AM8:56 PM

Singapore Muis Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan, 1440(6 May, 2019)Monday5:36 AM7:08 PM
2nd Ramadan, 1440(7 May, 2019)Tuesday5:36 AM7:08 PM
3rd Ramadan, 1440(8 May, 2019)Wednesday5:36 AM7:08 PM
4th Ramadan, 1440(9 May, 2019)Thursday5:36 AM7:08 PM
5th Ramadan, 1440(10 May, 2019)Friday5:36 AM7:08 PM
6th Ramadan, 1440(11 May, 2019)Saturday5:35 AM7:08 PM
7th  Ramadan, 1440(12 May, 2019)Sunday5:35 AM7:08 PM
8th Ramadan, 1440(13 May, 2019)Monday5:35 AM7:08 PM
9th Ramadan, 1440(14 May, 2019)Tuesday5:35 AM7:08 PM
10 Ramadan, 1440(15 May, 2019)Wednesday5:35 AM7:08 PM
11 Ramadan, 1440(16 May, 2019)Thursday5:35 AM7:08 PM
12 Ramadan, 1440(17 May, 2019)Friday5:35 AM7:08 PM
13 Ramadan, 1440(18 May, 2019)Saturday5:35 AM7:08 PM
14  Ramadan, 1440(19 May, 2019)Sunday5:35 AM7:08 PM
15 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Monday5:35 AM7:08 PM
16 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Tuesday5:35 AM7:08 PM
17 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Wednesday5:35 AM7:08 PM
18 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Thursday5:35 AM7:09 PM
19 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Friday5:34 AM7:09 PM
20 Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Saturday5:34 AM7:09 PM
21 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Sunday5:34 AM7:09 PM
22 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Monday5:34 AM7:09 PM
23 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Tuesday5:34 AM7:09 PM
24 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Wednesday5:34 AM7:09 PM
25 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Thursday5:34 AM7:09 PM
26 Ramadan, 1440(31 May, 2019)Friday5:34 AM7:10 PM
27 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Saturday5:34 AM7:10 PM
28 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Sunday5:34 AM7:10 PM
29 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Monday5:34 AM7:10 PM
30 Ramadan, 1440(4 June, 2019)Tuesday5:34 AM7:10 PM

Egypt Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

6th May03:31 am6:37 pm05:08 (EET)18:35 (EET)
7th May03:30 am6:37 pm05:08 (EET)18:36 (EET)
8th May03:29 am6:38 pm05:07 (EET)18:37 (EET)
9th May03:27 am6:38 pm05:06 (EET)18:37 (EET)
10th May03:26 am6:39 pm05:05 (EET)18:38 (EET)
11 May03:25 am6:40 pm05:05 (EET)18:39 (EET)
12 May03:24 am6:40 pm05:04 (EET)18:39 (EET)
13 May03:23 am6:41 pm05:03 (EET)18:40 (EET)
14 May03:22 am6:42 pm05:03 (EET)18:41 (EET)
15 May03:22 am6:42 pm05:02 (EET)18:41 (EET)
16 May03:21 am6:43 pm05:01 (EET)18:42 (EET)
17 May03:20 am6:44 pm05:01 (EET)18:43 (EET)
18 May03:19 am6:44 pm05:00 (EET)18:43 (EET)
19 May03:18 am6:45 pm05:00 (EET)18:44 (EET)
20 May03:17 am6:46 pm04:59 (EET)18:44 (EET)
21 May03:16 am6:46 pm04:59 (EET)18:45 (EET)
22 May03:16 am6:47 pm04:58 (EET)18:46 (EET)
23 May03:15 am6:47 pm04:58 (EET)18:46 (EET)
24 May03:14 am6:48 pm04:57 (EET)18:47 (EET)
25 May03:14 am6:49 pm04:57 (EET)18:47 (EET)
26 May03:13 am6:49 pm04:56 (EET)18:48 (EET)
27 May03:12 am6:50 pm04:56 (EET)18:49 (EET)
28 May03:12 am6:50 pm04:56 (EET)18:49 (EET)
29 May03:11 am6:51 pm04:55 (EET)18:50 (EET)
30 May03:11 am6:51 pm04:55 (EET)18:50 (EET)
31 May03:10 am6:52 pm04:55 (EET)18:51 (EET)
1st June03:10 am6:53 pm04:54 (EET)18:51 (EET)
2nd June03:09 am6:53 pm04:54 (EET)18:52 (EET)
3rd June03:09 am6:54 pm04:54 (EET)18:52 (EET)
4th June03:08 am6:54 pm04:54 (EET)18:53 (EET)

UK Birmingham Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan, 1440(6 May 2019)Monday3:21 (BST)8:42 (BST)
2nd Ramadan, 1440(7 May 2019)Tuesday3:18 (BST)8:44 (BST)
3rd Ramadan, 1440(8 May 2019)Wednesday3:14 (BST)8:45 (BST)
4th Ramadan, 1440(9 May 2019)Thursday3:13 (BST)8:47 (BST)
5th Ramadan, 1440(10 May 2019)Friday3:12 (BST)8:48 (BST)
6th Ramadan, 1440(11 May 2019)Saturday3:11 (BST)8:50 (BST)
7th  Ramadan, 1440(12 May 2019)Sunday3:11 (BST)8:52 (BST)
8th Ramadan, 1440(13 May 2019)Monday3:10 (BST)8:53 (BST)
9th Ramadan, 1440(14 May 2019)Tuesday3:09 (BST)8:55 (BST)
10 Ramadan, 1440(15 May 2019)Wednesday3:08 (BST)8:57 (BST)
11 Ramadan, 1440(16 May 2019)Thursday3:07 (BST)8:58 (BST)
12 Ramadan, 1440(17 May 2019)Friday3:07 (BST)9:00 (BST)
13 Ramadan, 1440(18 May 2019)Saturday3:06 (BST)9:01 (BST)
14  Ramadan, 1440(19 May 2019)Sunday3:05 (BST)9:03 (BST)
15 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Monday3:04 (BST)9:04 (BST)
16 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Tuesday3:03 (BST)9:06 (BST)
17 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Wednesday3:03 (BST)9:07 (BST)
18 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Thursday3:02 (BST)9:09 (BST)
19 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Friday3:02 (BST)9:10 (BST)
20 Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Saturday3:01 (BST)9:11 (BST)
21 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Sunday3:01 (BST)9:13 (BST)
22 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Monday3:00 (BST)9:14 (BST)
23 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Tuesday3:00 (BST)9:15 (BST)
24 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Wednesday3:00 (BST)9:16 (BST)
25 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Thursday2:59(BST)9:18 (BST)
26 Ramadan, 1440(31 May, 2019)Friday2:59 (BST)9:19 (BST)
27 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Saturday2:58 (BST)9:20 (BST)
28 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Sunday2:58 (BST)9:21 (BST)
29 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Monday2:58 (BST)9:22 (BST)
30 Ramadan, 1440(4 June, 2019)Tuesday2:57 (BST)9:23 (BST)

Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan, 1440(5 May, 2019)Sunday3:506:25
2nd Ramadan, 1440(6 May, 2019)Monday3:496:26
3rd Ramadan, 1440(7 May, 2019)Tuesday3:486:26
4th Ramadan, 1440(8 May, 2019)Wednesday3:486:27
5th Ramadan, 1440(9 May, 2019)Thursday3:476:27
6th Ramadan, 1440(10 May, 2019)Friday3:466:28
7th  Ramadan, 1440(11 May, 2019)Saturday3:456:28
8th Ramadan, 1440(12 May, 2019)Sunday3:446:29
9th Ramadan, 1440(13 May, 2019)Monday3:446:29
10 Ramadan, 1440(14 May, 2019)Tuesday3:436:30
11 Ramadan, 1440(15 May, 2019)Wednesday3:426:30
12 Ramadan, 1440(16 May, 2019)Thursday3:426:31
13 Ramadan, 1440(17 May, 2019)Friday3:416:31
14  Ramadan, 1440(18 May, 2019)Saturday3:406:32
15 Ramadan, 1440(19 May, 2019)Sunday3:406:32
16 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Monday3:396:33
17 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Tuesday3:386:33
18 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Wednesday3:386:34
19 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Thursday3:376:34
20 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Friday3:376:35
21 Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Saturday3:366:35
22 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Sunday3:366:36
23 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Monday3:366:36
24 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Tuesday3:356:37
25 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Wednesday3:356:37
26 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Thursday3:346:38
27 Ramadan, 1440(31 June, 2019)Friday3:346:38
28 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Saturday3:346:39
29 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Sunday3:346:39
30 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Monday3:336:39

Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan, 1440(6 May, 2019)Monday03:59 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:30 PM07:52 PM
2nd Ramadan, 1440(7 May, 2019)Tuesday03:58 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:30 PM07:53 PM
3rd Ramadan, 1440(8 May, 2019)Wednesday03:57 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:31 PM07:53 PM
4th Ramadan, 1440(9 May, 2019)Thursday03:56 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:31 PM07:54 PM
5th Ramadan, 1440(10 May, 2019)Friday03:56 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:32 PM07:55 PM
6th Ramadan, 1440(11 May, 2019)Saturday03:55 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:32 PM07:55 PM
7th  Ramadan, 1440(12 May, 2019)Sunday03:54 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:33 PM07:56 PM
8th Ramadan, 1440(13 May, 2019)Monday03:53 AM11:55 AM04:33 PM6:33 PM07:57 PM
9th Ramadan, 1440(14 May, 2019)Tuesday03:53 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:34 PM07:57 PM
10 Ramadan, 1440(15 May, 2019)Wednesday03:52 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:34 PM07:58 PM
11 Ramadan, 1440(16 May, 2019)Thursday03:51 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:35 PM07:59 PM
12 Ramadan, 1440(17 May, 2019)Friday03:51 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:35 PM07:59 PM
13 Ramadan, 1440(18 May, 2019)Saturday03:50 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:36 PM08:00 PM
14  Ramadan, 1440(19 May, 2019)Sunday03:50 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:36 PM08:01 PM
15 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Monday03:49 AM11:55 AM04:34 PM6:37 PM08:01 PM
16 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Tuesday03:48 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:37 PM08:02 PM
17 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Wednesday03:48 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:38 PM08:03 PM
18 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Thursday03:47 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:38 PM08:03 PM
19 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Friday03:47 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:39 PM08:04 PM
20th Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Saturday03:46 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:39 PM08:04 PM
21 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Sunday03:46 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:40 PM08:05 PM
22 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Monday03:46 AM11:56 AM04:36 PM6:40 PM08:06 PM
23 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Tuesday03:45 AM11:56 AM04:36 PM6:40 PM08:06 PM
24 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Wednesday03:45 AM11:56 AM04:36 PM6:41 PM08:07 PM
25 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Thursday03:45 AM11:57 AM04:36 PM6:41 PM08:08 PM
26 Ramadan, 1440(31 May, 2019)Friday03:44 AM11:57 AM04:36 PM6:42 PM08:08 PM
27 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Saturday03:44 AM11:57 AM04:37 PM6:42 PM08:09 PM
28 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Sunday03:44 AM11:57 AM04:37 PM6:43 PM08:09 PM
29 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Monday03:43 AM11:57 AM04:37 PM6:43 PM08:09 PM
30 Ramadan, 1440(4 June, 2019)Tuesday03:43 AM11:56 AM04:35 PM6:44 PM

USA Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

0106 May, 2019Sunday03:20 AM6:58 PM
0207 May, 2019Monday03:19 AM6:59 PM
0308 May, 2019Tuesday03:17 AM7:00 PM
0409 May, 2019Wednesday03:16 AM7:01 PM
0510 May, 2019Thursday03:14 AM7:02 PM
0611 May, 2019Friday03:13 AM7:03 PM
0712 May, 2019Saturday03:11 AM7:04 PM
0813 May, 2019Sunday03:10 AM7:05 PM
0914 May, 2019Sunday03:09 AM7:06 PM
1015 May, 2019Monday03:07 AM7:07 PM
1116 May, 2019Tuesday03:06 AM7:08 PM
1217 May, 2019Wednesday03:05 AM7:09 PM
1318 May, 2019Thursday03:03 AM7:10 PM
1419 May, 2019Friday03:02 AM7:11 PM
1520 May, 2019Saturday03:01 AM7:12 PM
1621 May, 2019Sunday03:00 AM7:13 PM
1722 May, 2019Monday02:59 AM7:14 PM
1823 May, 2019Tuesday02:57 AM7:15 PM
1924 May, 2019Wednesday02:56 AM7:16 PM
2025 May, 2019Thursday02:55 AM7:16 PM
2126 May, 2019Friday02:54 AM7:17 PM
2227 May, 2019Saturday02:53 AM7:18 PM
2328 May, 2019Sunday02:52 AM7:19 PM
2429 May, 2019Monday02:52 AM7:20 PM
2530 May, 2019Tuesday02:51 AM7:21 PM
2631 May, 2019Wednesday02:50 AM7:21 PM
2701 June, 2019Thursday02:49 AM7:22 PM
2802 June, 2019Friday02:48 AM7:23 PM
2903 June, 2019Saturday02:48 AM7:23 PM
3004 June, 2019Sunday02:47 AM7:24

Kuwait Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

Sehri Time (Fasting hours)Iftar TimeFast Date
3:31 am6:28 pm6 May
3:31 am6:28 pm7 May
3:30 am6:29 pm8 May
3:29 am6:29 pm9 May
3:28 am6:30 pm10 May
3:28 am6:30 pm11 May
3:27 am6:31 pm12 May
3:26 am6:32 pm13 May
3:25 am6:32 pm14 May
3:24 am6:33 pm15 May
3:23 am6:34 pm16 May
3:22 am6:34 pm17 May
3:21 am6:35 pm18 May
3:20 am6:35 pm19 May
3:20 am6:36 pm20 May
3:19 am6:37 pm21 May
3:18 am6:37 pm22 May
3:18 am6:38 pm23 May
3:17 am6:38 pm24 May
3:16 am6:39 pm25 May
3:16 am6:40 pm26 May
3:15 am6:40 pm27 May
3:14 am6:41 pm28 May
3:14 am6:41 pm29 May
3:13 am6:42 pm30 May
3:13 am6:42 pm31 May
3:13 am6:43 pm1 June
3:12 am6:43 pm2 June
3:12 am6:44 pm3 June
3:11 am6:44 pm4 June

Turkey Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1st Ramadan, 1440(6 May, 2019)Sunday03:07 am7:07 pm
2nd Ramadan, 1440(7 May 2019)Monday03:05 am7:08 pm
3rd Ramadan, 1440(8 May, 2019)Tuesday03:03 asm7:09 pm
4th Ramadan, 1440(9 May 2019)Wednesday03:02 am7:10 pm
5th Ramadan, 1440(10 May 2019)Thursday03:00 am7:11 pm
6th Ramadan, 1440(11 May 2019)Friday02:58 am7:12 pm
7th  Ramadan, 1440(12 May, 2019)Saturday02:57 am7:13 pm
8th Ramadan, 1440(13 May 2019)Sunday02:55 am7:14 pm
9th Ramadan, 1440(14 May 2019)Monday02:54 am7:15 pm
10 Ramadan, 1440(15 May, 2019)Tuesday02:52 am7:16 pm
11 Ramadan, 1440(16 May, 2019)Wednesday02:51 am7:17 pm
12 Ramadan, 1440(17 May, 2019)Thursday02:49 am7:18 pm
13 Ramadan, 1440(18 May, 2019)Friday02:48 am7:19 pm
14  Ramadan, 1440(19 May, 2019)Saturday02:46 am7:20 pm
15 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Sunday02:45 am7:21 pm
16 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Monday02:43 am7:22 pm
17 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Tuesday02:42 am7:23 pm
18 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Wednesday02:41 am7:23 pm
19 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Thursday02:39 am7:24 pm
20 Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Friday02:38 am7:25 pm
21 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Saturday02:37 am7:26 pm
22 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Sunday02:36 am7:27 pm
23 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Monday02:35 am7:28 pm
24 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Tuesday02:34 am7:29 pm
25 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Wednesday02:33 am7:29 pm
26 Ramadan, 1440(31 May, 2019)Thursday02:32 am7:30 pm
27 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Friday02:31 am7:31 pm
28 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Saturday02:30 am7:32 pm
29 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Sunday02:29 am7:32 pm
30 Ramadan, 1440(4 June, 2019)Monday02:28 am7:33 pm

India Ramadan  2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable

DATEDAYSahar (Emsak)Iftar Time (Fasting Time)
1st Ramadan, 1440(6 May, 2019)Sunday05:04 (IST)07:02 (IST)
2nd Ramadan, 1440(7 May 2019)Monday05:03 (IST)07:03 (IST)
3rd Ramadan, 1440(8 May, 2019)Tuesday05:03 (IST)07:03 (IST)
4th Ramadan, 1440(9 May 2019)Wednesday05:02 (IST)07:04 (IST)
5th Ramadan, 1440(10 May 2019)Thursday05:02 (IST)07:04 (IST)
6th Ramadan, 1440(11 May 2019)Friday05:01 (IST)07:04  (IST)
7th  Ramadan, 1440(12 May, 2019)Saturday05:00 (IST)07:05  (IST)
8th Ramadan, 1440(13 May 2019)Sunday05:00 (IST)07:05 (IST)
9th Ramadan, 1440(14 May 2019)Monday04:59 (IST)07:05 (IST)
10 Ramadan, 1440(15 May, 2019)Tuesday04:59 (IST)07:06 (IST)
11 Ramadan, 1440(16 May, 2019)Wednesday04:58 (IST)07:06 (IST)
12 Ramadan, 1440(17 May, 2019)Thursday04:58 (IST)07:07  (IST)
13 Ramadan, 1440(18 May, 2019)Friday04:57 (IST)07:07  (IST)
14  Ramadan, 1440(19 May, 2019)Saturday04:57 (IST)07:07  (IST)
15 Ramadan, 1440(20 May, 2019)Sunday04:57 (IST)07:08  (IST)
16 Ramadan, 1440(21 May, 2019)Monday04:56 (IST)07:08 (IST)
17 Ramadan, 1440(22 May, 2019)Tuesday04:56 (IST)07:08 (IST)
18 Ramadan, 1440(23 May, 2019)Wednesday04:55 (IST)07:09  (IST)
19 Ramadan, 1440(24 May, 2019)Thursday04:55 (IST)07:09 (IST)
20 Ramadan, 1440(25 May, 2019)Friday04:55 (IST)07:10  (IST)
21 Ramadan, 1440(26 May, 2019)Saturday04:54 (IST)07:10 (IST)
22 Ramadan, 1440(27 May, 2019)Sunday04:54 (IST)07:10 (IST)
23 Ramadan, 1440(28 May, 2019)Monday04:54 (IST)07:11  (IST)
24 Ramadan, 1440(29 May, 2019)Tuesday04:54 (IST)07:11  (IST)
25 Ramadan, 1440(30 May, 2019)Wednesday04:53 (IST)07:12 (IST)
26 Ramadan, 1440(31 May, 2019)Thursday04:53 (IST)07:12 (IST)
27 Ramadan, 1440(1 June, 2019)Friday04:53 (IST)07:12 (IST)
28 Ramadan, 1440(2 June, 2019)Saturday04:53 (IST)07:13  (IST)
29 Ramadan, 1440(3 June, 2019)Sunday04:53 (IST)07:13  (IST)
30 Ramadan, 1440(4 June, 2019)Monday04:53 (IST)07:13  (IST)

Ramadan Australia 2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May5:35 AM5:28 PM
2Tuesday 07 May5:36 AM5:27 PM
3Wednesday 08 May5:37 AM5:26 PM
4Thursday 09 May5:38 AM5:25 PM
5Friday 10 May5:38 AM5:24 PM
6Saturday 11 May5:39 AM5:23 PM
7Sunday 12 May5:40 AM5:22 PM
8Monday 13 May5:40 AM5:21 PM
9Tuesday 14 May5:41 AM5:21 PM
10Wednesday 15 May5:43 AM5:19 PM
11Thursday 16 May5:43 AM5:18 PM
12Friday 17 May5:44 AM5:17 PM
13Saturday 18 May5:45 AM5:17 PM
14Sunday 19 May5:45 AM5:16 PM
15Monday 20 May5:46 AM5:15 PM
16Tuesday 21 May5:47 AM5:15 PM
17Wednesday 22 May5:47 AM5:14 PM
18Thursday 23 May5:47 AM5:14 PM
19Friday 24 May5:48 AM5:13 PM
20Saturday 25 May5:49 AM5:13 PM
21Sunday 26 May5:49 AM5:12 PM
22Monday 27 May5:50 AM5:12 PM
23Tuesday 28 May5:50 AM5:11 PM
24Wednesday 29 May5:51 AM5:11 PM
25Thursday 30 May5:52 AM5:10 PM
26Friday 31 May5:52 AM5:10 PM
27Saturday 1 June5:53 AM5:09 PM
28Sunday 2 June5:53 AM5:09 PM
29Monday 3 June5:54 AM5:09 PM
30Tuesday 4 June5:54 AM5:09 PM

Oman Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May04:04 AM6:37 PM
2Tuesday 07 May04:03 AM6:38 PM
3Wednesday 08 May04:02 AM6:38 PM
4Thursday 09 May04:01 AM6:39 PM
5Friday 10 May04:01 AM6:39 PM
6Saturday 11 May04:00 AM6:39 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:59 AM06:40 PM
8Monday 13 May03:58 AM06:40 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:58 AM06:41 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:57 AM06:41 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:56 AM6:42 PM
12Friday 17 May03:56 AM6:42 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:55 AM6:43 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:55 AM6:43 PM
15Monday 20 May03:54 AM6:44 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:53 AM6:44 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:53 AM6:45 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:52 AM6:45 PM
19Friday 24 May03:52 AM6:46 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:51 AM6:46 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:51 AM6:47 PM
22Monday 27 May03:51 AM6:47 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:50 AM6:48 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:50 AM6:48 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:49 AM6:48 PM
26Friday 31 May03:49 AM6:49 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:49 AM6:49 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:49 AM6:50 PM
29Monday 3 June03:48 AM6:50 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:48 AM6:51 PM

Ramadan UAE 2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May04:37 AM18:54 PM
2Tuesday 07 May04:36 AM18:55 PM
3Wednesday 08 May04:36 AM18:55 PM
4Thursday 09 May04:35 AM18:56 PM
5Friday 10 May04:34 AM18:56 PM
6Saturday 11 May04:33 AM18:57 PM
7Sunday 12 May04:33 AM18:57 PM
8Monday 13 May04:32 AM18:58 PM
9Tuesday 14 May04:31 AM18:58 PM
10Wednesday 15 May04:31 AM18:59 PM
11Thursday 16 May04:30 AM18:59 PM
12Friday 17 May04:29 AM19:00 PM
13Saturday 18 May04:29 AM19:00 PM
14Sunday 19 May04:28AM19:01 PM
15Monday 20 May04:28 AM19:01 PM
16Tuesday 21 May04:27 AM19:02 PM
17Wednesday 22 May04:27 AM19:02 PM
18Thursday 23 May04:26AM19:03 PM
19Friday 24 May04:26AM19:03 PM
20Saturday 25 May04:25 AM19:04 PM
21Sunday 26 May04:25 AM19:04 PM
22Monday 27 May04:24 AM19:05 PM
23Tuesday 28 May04:24 AM19:05 PM
24Wednesday 29 May04:24 AM19:05 PM
25Thursday 30 May04:23 AM19:06 PM
26Friday 31 May04:23 AM19:06 PM
27Saturday 1 June04:23 AM19:07 PM
28Sunday 2 June04:23 AM19:07 PM
29Monday 3 June04:22 AM19:08 PM
30Tuesday 4 June04:22 AM19:08PM

 Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2019 Sehar & Iftar Timetable

0106 May, 2019Sunday03:28 AM6:08 PM
0207 May, 2019Monday03:27 AM6:08 PM
0308 May, 2019Tuesday03:26 AM6:09 PM
0409 May, 2019Wednesday03:25 AM6:09 PM
0510 May, 2019Thursday03:25 AM6:10 PM
0611 May, 2019Friday03:24 AM6:10 PM
0712 May, 2019Saturday03:23 AM6:11 PM
0813 May, 2019Sunday03:22 AM6:11 PM
0914 May, 2019Monday03:21 AM6:12 PM
1015 May, 2019Tuesday03:21 AM6:13 PM
1116 May, 2019Wednesday03:20 AM6:13 PM
1217 May, 2019Thursday03:19 AM6:14 PM
1318 May, 2019Friday03:19 AM6:14 PM
1419 May, 2019Saturday03:18 AM6:15 PM
1520 May, 2019Sunday03:17 AM6:15 PM
1621 May, 2019Monday03:17 AM6:16 PM
1722 May, 2019Tuesday03:16 AM6:16 PM
1823 May, 2019Wednesday03:16 AM6:17 PM
1924 May, 2019Thursday03:15 AM6:17 PM
2025 May, 2019Friday03:15 AM6:18 PM
2126 May, 2019Saturday03:14 AM6:18 PM
2227 May, 2019Sunday03:14 AM6:19 PM
2328 May, 2019Monday03:13 AM6:19 PM
2429 May, 2019Tuesday03:13 AM6:20 PM
2530 May, 2019Wednesday03:12 AM6:20 PM
2631 May, 2019Thursday03:12 AM6:21 PM
2701 June, 2019Friday03:12 AM6:21 PM
2802 June, 2019Saturday03:11 AM6:21 PM
2903 June, 2019Sunday03:11 AM6:22 PM
3004 June, 2019Monday03:11 AM6:22 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Sehar & Iftar Timetable In Pakistan City Wise:

1Monday 06 May03:28 AM6:08 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:27 AM6:08 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:26 AM6:09 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:25 AM6:09 PM
5Friday 10 May03:25 AM6:10 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:24 AM6:10 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:23 AM6:11 PM
8Monday 13 May03:22 AM6:11 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:21 AM6:12 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:21 AM6:13PM
11Thursday 16 May03:20 AM6:13 PM
12Friday 17 May03:19 AM6:14 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:19 AM6:14 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:18 AM6:15 PM
15Monday 20 May03:17 AM6:15 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:17 AM6:16 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:16 AM6:16 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:16 AM6:17 PM
19Friday 24 May03:15 AM6:17 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:15 AM6:18 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:14 AM6:18 PM
22Monday 27 May03:14 AM6:19 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:13 AM6:19 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:13 AM6:20 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:12 AM6:20 PM
26Friday 31 May03:12 AM6:21 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:12 AM6:21 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:11 AM6:21 PM
29Monday 3 June03:11 AM6:22 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:11 AM6:22 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Multan: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May03:58 AM6:56 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:57 AM6:56 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:56 AM6:57 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:55 AM6:58 PM
5Friday 10 May03:54 AM6:58 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:53 AM6:59 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:52 AM7:00 PM
8Monday 13 May03:51 AM7:00 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:50 AM7:01 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:49 AM7:02 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:48 AM7:02 PM
12Friday 17 May03:47 AM7:03 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:46 AM7:03 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:46 AM7:04 PM
15Monday 20 May03:45 AM7:05 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:44 AM7:05 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:43 AM7:05 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:43 AM7:06 PM
19Friday 24 May03:42 AM7:07 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:41 AM7:07 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:41 AM7:08 PM
22Monday 27 May03:40 AM7:08 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:39 AM7:09 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:39 AM7:10 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:38 AM7:10 PM
26Friday 31 May03:38 AM7:11 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:37 AM7:11 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:37 AM7:12 PM
29Monday 3 June03:37 AM7:13 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:36 AM7:13 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Islamabad: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May03:41 AM6:55 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:40 AM6:56 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:38 AM6:57 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:37 AM6:58 PM
5Friday 10 May03:36 AM6:58 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:35 AM6:59 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:34 AM7:00 PM
8Monday 13 May03:32 AM7:01 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:31 AM7:01 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:30 AM7:02 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:29 AM7:03 PM
12Friday 17 May03:28 AM7:04 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:27 AM7:04 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:26 AM7:05 PM
15Monday 20 May03:25 AM7:06 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:24 AM7:07 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:24 AM7:07 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:23 AM7:08 PM
19Friday 24 May03:22 AM7:09 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:21 AM7:09 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:20 AM7:10 PM
22Monday 27 May03:20 AM7:11 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:19 AM7:11 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:18 AM7:12 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:18 AM7:13 PM
26Friday 31 May03:17 AM7:13 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:16 AM7:14 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:16 AM7:14 PM
29Monday 3 June03:15 AM7:15 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:15 AM7:16 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Lahore: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May03:42 AM6:46 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:41 AM6:47 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:40 AM6:48 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:39 AM6:49 PM
5Friday 10 May03:38 AM6:49 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:37 AM6:50 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:36 AM6:51 PM
8Monday 13 May03:35 AM6:51 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:34 AM6:52 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:33 AM6:53 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:32 AM6:53 PM
12Friday 17 May03:31 AM6:54 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:30 AM6:55 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:29 AM6:55 PM
15Monday 20 May03:28 AM6:56 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:28 AM6:57 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:27 AM6:57 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:26 AM6:58 PM
19Friday 24 May03:25 AM6:59 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:25 AM6:59 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:24 AM7:00 PM
22Monday 27 May03:23 AM7:00 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:23 AM7:01 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:22 AM7:02 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:22 AM7:02 PM
26Friday 31 May03:21 AM7:03 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:21 AM7:03 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:20 AM7:04 PM
29Monday 3 June03:20 AM7:05 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:19 AM7:05 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Rawalpindi: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May03:41 AM6:55 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:40 AM6:56 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:39 AM6:57 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:37 AM6:58 PM
5Friday 10 May03:36 AM6:58 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:35 AM6:59 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:34 AM7:00 PM
8Monday 13 May03:32 AM7:01 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:31 AM7:01 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:30 AM7:02 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:29 AM7:03 PM
12Friday 17 May03:28 AM7:04 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:27 AM7:04 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:26 AM7:05 PM
15Monday 20 May03:25 AM7:06 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:24 AM7:07 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:24 AM7:07 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:23 AM7:08 PM
19Friday 24 May03:22 AM7:09 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:21 AM7:09 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:20 AM7:10 PM
22Monday 27 May03:20 AM7:11 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:19 AM7:11 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:18 AM7:12 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:18 AM7:13 PM
26Friday 31 May03:17 AM7:13 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:16 AM7:14 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:16 AM7:14 PM
29Monday 3 June03:15 AM7:15 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:15 AM7:15 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Karachi: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May04:30 AM7:05 PM
2Tuesday 07 May04:29 AM7:05 PM
3Wednesday 08 May04:28 AM7:06 PM
4Thursday 09 May04:27 AM7:07 PM
5Friday 10 May04:26 AM7:07 PM
6Saturday 11 May04:26 AM7:08 PM
7Sunday 12 May04:25 AM7:08 PM
8Monday 13 May04:24 AM7:09 PM
9Tuesday 14 May04:23 AM7:09 PM
10Wednesday 15 May04:23 AM7:10 PM
11Thursday 16 May04:22 AM7:10 PM
12Friday 17 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
13Saturday 18 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
14Sunday 19 May04:20 AM7:12 PM
15Monday 20 May04:19 AM7:12 PM
16Tuesday 21 May04:19 AM7:13 PM
17Wednesday 22 May04:18 AM7:13 PM
18Thursday 23 May04:18 AM7:14 PM
19Friday 24 May04:17 AM7:14 PM
20Saturday 25 May04:17 AM7:15 PM
21Sunday 26 May04:16 AM7:15 PM
22Monday 27 May04:16 AM7:16 PM
23Tuesday 28 May04:15 AM7:16 PM
24Wednesday 29 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
25Thursday 30 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
26Friday 31 May04:14 AM7:18 PM
27Saturday 1 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
28Sunday 2 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
29Monday 3 June04:13 AM7:19 PM
30Tuesday 4 June04:13 AM7:19 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Faisalabad: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May03:48 AM6:51 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:47 AM6:52 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:46 AM6:53 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:45 AM6:53 PM
5Friday 10 May03:44 AM6:54 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:42 AM6:55 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:41 AM6:55 PM
8Monday 13 May03:40 AM6:56 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:39 AM6:57 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:38 AM6:57 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:38 AM6:58 PM
12Friday 17 May03:37 AM6:59 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:36 AM6:59 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:35 AM7:00 PM
15Monday 20 May03:34 AM7:01 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:33 AM7:01 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:32 AM7:02 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:32 AM7:03 PM
19Friday 24 May03:31 AM7:03 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:30 AM7:04 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:30 AM7:05 PM
22Monday 27 May03:29 AM7:05 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:28 AM7:06 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:28 AM7:06 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:27 AM7:07 PM
26Friday 31 May03:27 AM7:08 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:26 AM7:08 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:26 AM7:09 PM
29Monday 3 June03:25 AM7:09 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:25 AM7:10 PM

Ramadan 2019 Calendar Hyderabad: Sehar & Iftar Timetable

1Monday 06 May04:23 AM7:00 PM
2Tuesday 07 May04:22 AM7:01 PM
3Wednesday 08 May04:22 AM7:02 PM
4Thursday 09 May04:21 AM7:02 PM
5Friday 10 May04:20 AM7:03 PM
6Saturday 11 May04:19 AM7:03 PM
7Sunday 12 May04:18 AM7:04 PM
8Monday 13 May04:17 AM7:04 PM
9Tuesday 14 May04:17 AM7:05 PM
10Wednesday 15 May04:16 AM7:05 PM
11Thursday 16 May04:15 AM7:06 PM
12Friday 17 May04:15 AM7:06 PM
13Saturday 18 May04:14 AM7:07 PM
14Sunday 19 May04:13 AM7:07 PM
15Monday 20 May04:13 AM7:08 PM
16Tuesday 21 May04:12 AM7:08 PM
17Wednesday 22 May04:11 AM7:09 PM
18Thursday 23 May04:11 AM7:09 PM
19Friday 24 May04:10 AM7:10 PM
20Saturday 25 May04:10 AM7:10 PM
21Sunday 26 May04:09 AM7:11 PM
22Monday 27 May04:09 AM7:11 PM
23Tuesday 28 May04:08 AM7:12 PM
24Wednesday 29 May04:08 AM7:12 PM
25Thursday 30 May04:08 AM7:13 PM
26Friday 31 May04:07 AM7:13 PM
27Saturday 1 June04:07 AM7:14 PM
28Sunday 2 June04:07 AM7:14 PM
29Monday 3 June04:06 AM7:15 PM
30Tuesday 4 June04:06 AM7:15 PM

Peshawar Ramadan Timing 2019 (Sehr & Iftar)

1Monday 06 May03:46 AM7:02 PM
2Tuesday 07 May03:44 AM7:03 PM
3Wednesday 08 May03:43 AM7:03 PM
4Thursday 09 May03:42 AM7:04 PM
5Friday 10 May03:41 AM7:05 PM
6Saturday 11 May03:40 AM7:06 PM
7Sunday 12 May03:38 AM7:07 PM
8Monday 13 May03:37 AM7:07 PM
9Tuesday 14 May03:36 AM7:08 PM
10Wednesday 15 May03:35 AM7:09 PM
11Thursday 16 May03:24 AM7:10 PM
12Friday 17 May03:23 AM7:10 PM
13Saturday 18 May03:32 AM7:11 PM
14Sunday 19 May03:31 AM7:12 PM
15Monday 20 May03:30 AM7:12 PM
16Tuesday 21 May03:29 AM7:13 PM
17Wednesday 22 May03:28 AM7:14 PM
18Thursday 23 May03:27 AM7:15 PM
19Friday 24 May03:26 AM7:15 PM
20Saturday 25 May03:26 AM7:16 PM
21Sunday 26 May03:25 AM7:17 PM
22Monday 27 May03:24 AM7:17 PM
23Tuesday 28 May03:23 AM7:18 PM
24Wednesday 29 May03:23 AM7:19 PM
25Thursday 30 May03:22 AM7:19 PM
26Friday 31 May03:21 AM7:20 PM
27Saturday 1 June03:21 AM7:21 PM
28Sunday 2 June03:20 AM7:21 PM
29Monday 3 June03:20 AM7:22 PM
30Tuesday 4 June03:19 AM7:22 PM

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