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As the holy month of Muharram is here and the sadness is in the air, people are reminiscing the battle of Karbala where the biggest massacre took place. If you are a Muslim and have the little knowledge about this incident, you would know how sorrows are the signature of this month. But still, many people are unaware of the basics and if you want to raise awareness about this incident, putting a status is the perfect way to do it. So, if you have been looking for the status ideas, we have added Muharram Status For WhatsApp & Facebook in this article.

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Shia Status For WhatsApp

If you are from the Shia community and you mourn for the massacre that happened centuries ago, it is very sad to see people not acknowledging its importance. If this intrigues you, we have added the Shia status in this section. You can easily download these statuses and upload on your WhatsApp story and let people know what it is all about!




Muharram Status For Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, we are sure that you have seen people making memes on Moharram shamelessly and as a Muslim, it must hurt to the core. If you want to raise awareness about this massacre, take help of your Facebook profile and upload a status and let people know the significance of this holy month.

Muharram Status In English

If your common language is English and you feel comfortable talking your opinions in English, this section has been designed for you. We are saying this because, in addition to other status categories in the above section, we have added the Moharram status in English which you can download and upload on WhatsApp or Facebook, wherever you like!

Muharram Status In English Muharram Status In English-1 Muharram Status In English-2 Muharram Status In English-4 Muharram Status In English-5

WhatsApp Status for Moharram And Karbala

If you are from Shia faith, we are sure that you know every aspect of the battle of Karbala and the significance of the holy month of Moharram. So, if you want to spread that knowledge about Karbala and Moharram, we have added the collection of WhatsApp status which you can download and upload easily!

Status Muharram Ul Haram

In this section, we have added the status related to Muharram Ul Haram and if you want to upload some statuses as well, download from this section and upload!


This was all about Moharram Status For WhatsApp & Facebook and we hope that you got what you have been looking for. If you need anything else, reach out to us in the section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!

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