Ufone All In One Offer – 1 Hour Daily, Weekly, Monthly With Activation Code

Ufone All In One Offer Comes with great offers Do you need a package which has call minutes, SMS and internet data? Worry no more because Ufone is offering its special Ufone All In One package range. They are providing all in one package on 1-hour, daily, weekly and monthly basis i.e. power hour offer, asli chappar phaar offer and many more. We have also added the complete information of these offer along with activation codes, charges, and status information code. Read below for all necessary information.

Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Details

Ufone SIM Lagao Offer is an amazing opportunity to bag for the people who have not used their Ufone SIM for a long period of time. By activating your inactive Ufone SIM, you will get free minutes, SMS and even internet data as a bonus. Ufone SIM Lagao Offer can be availed by any Ufone user who has not used their SIM from last 60 days. Activate your Ufone SIM today and avail this offer. We have shared a complete step-by-step guide for this offers one SIM Lagao Offer is a very exciting offer to avail free minutes, SMS and internet MBs. Read below to know the number of minutes, SMS, and internet MBs that are being offered;

Minutes3000 minutes for Ufone network only
MBs Data3 GB
Subscription ChargesRs. 0
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*5000#

Terms and Conditions

Apart from the bonus, there are some conditions that have to be kept in mind while subscribing to this offer. All the terms and conditions are written below as;

  • Ufone SIM Lagao Offer is a limited time offer
  • You can only use 100 minutes, 100 SMS and 100 MBs per day
  • If you use extra minutes, SMS or internet MBs, you will be charged extra from your account

Nayi SIM Double Offer

This offer is exclusively for those who have just bought a new Ufone SIM or if they have recently switched to Ufone. This offer gives extra and bonus minutes, SMS and internet MBs when you subscribe to Ufone Super Card or Ufone Super Card Plus.

With Ufone Super CardMinutes: 2000 minutes for Ufone and 300 minutes for other networks

SMS: 8000 SMS for all networks

MBs: 2400 MBs

With Ufone Super Card PlusMinutes: 2400 minutes for Ufone and 360 minutes for other networks

SMS: 8400 SMS for all networks

MBs: 3000 MBs

Status Information*706#

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for Ufone prepaid users only
  • This offer will be valid only at first-time recharge of Ufone Super Card range
  • This offer can be availed for the first 30 days of SIM activation only

Nayi SIM Offer

This offer is providing a great amount for SMS, minutes and internet data. Complete details of this offer are written below as;

Minutes500 minutes for Ufone and 25 minutes for other networks
SMS500 SMS for all networks
Validity30 Days
Subscription ChargesRs. 50 (inclusive of tax)
Subscription Code*1000#

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer can be availed within 30 days of SIM activation
  • This offer is available for a limited period of time
  • After the utilization of bonus resources, charges will be cut from your account
  • With the recharge of every Rs. 50, you will get these bonus resources till 60 days

Power Hour Offer

This offer is for people who want the resources for a limited time of frame i.e. one hour. This offer has minutes, SMS and internet data. All the necessary details are elaborated below;

Minutes60 minutes for Ufone
SMS60 SMS on all networks
MBs60 MBs
Validity1 hour
Subscription ChargesRs. 7.17
Subscription Code*99#

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

This offer is valid for a whole week and it is a wholesome package as it provides all communication resources; minutes, SMS, and MBs. Read for all the details;

Minutes100 minutes for Ufone
SMS100 SMS for all networks
MBs1000 MBs
Validity7 Days
Subscription ChargesRs. 80 (inclusive of tax)
Subscription Code*5050#

In case, you want to check your remaining resources, dial *707#.

Daily Pakistan Offer

This is a very budget friendly offer as it has exceptional internet volume and other resources to help you throughout the day. Following are the details of this offer;

Minutes100 minutes for Ufone
MBs10 MBs
Validity24 hours
Subscription ChargesRs. 18 (inclusive of tax)
Subscription Code*888#
Un-subscription Code*8880#

Weekly Pakistan Offer

This weekly offer is for people who only need minutes and internet data as it does not offer any SMS. Complete details are written in the table below;

Minutes700 minutes for Ufone
MBs100 MBs
Validity7 Days
Subscription ChargesRs. 1000 (inclusive of tax)
Subscription Code*8888#
Un-subscription Code*8880#

Monthly Pakistan Offer

This offer is providing minutes and internet data for a whole month. Subscribe to this offer and use the resources whole month without any difficulty. We have added all the necessary information in the table below;

Minutes4000 minutes for Ufone
MBs400 MBs
Validity30 Days
Subscription ChargesRs. 418 (inclusive of tax)
Subscription Code*8888#
Un-subscription Code*8880#

We tried to add every possible detail but if you still have any questions or queries, ping us in the comments below and our team will be there to help you out.

Thank you!

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