Warid PUK Code-How To Reset Unlock Warid SIM With PIN Code

In this webpage, we are going to talk about how to rest and unlock the Warid SIM PUK Code. The PUK Code plays an important role in the safety of your SIM Data etc. So in order to access your phone once you switch it off, you need to enter the PUK Code but sometimes people forget it. We are here to assist them in recovering that PUK Code. But first, we are going to discuss the Warid Company itself.

Warid is the seventh network service to enter in the Pakistan market. They are providing 3G and 4G services and to add to your information, Warid is the first company to introduce 4G services in Pakistan. They launched their services in 2005 and today, they have a user base of over 12. 8 million. They have covered every inch of the country where they are providing their exceptional network services. Due to the immense user base, they are considered to be one of the most successful cellular network services of Pakistan.

Now we are going to talk about the PUK Code. PUK Code is the safety key of your SIM Card and it helps keep your data on SIM safe and sound. In case you have enabled the “Ask PIN Code” on your phone, you will be asked to enter the pin code to access your SIM Card. But if due to any reason, you have lost the PUK Code that you entered for the first, your SIM Card will be blocked. Kindly keep in mind that your SIM Card will be blocked after three or more wrong pin code attempts. But do not worry as we have elaborated the methods to recover and reset the PUK Code.

Warid PUK Code

We know the importance of PUK Code very well and we know that it is so annoying to have your SIM blocked due to wrong attempts so, as to help our readers, we have discussed the methods in details.

Warid PUK Code and Resetting Method 1

This method is as simple as it can ever be. Just take your SIM Card cover and turn it. There is a PUK Code written and you can enter it on your phone to gain access to your communication purposes again.

Warid PUK Code and Resetting Method 2

This method uses texts to make sure that you get your PUK Code again. Let’s read below to know the details;You will receive the PUK code in a few minutes and you can enter it to start to use your SIM again.

Warid PUK Code and Resetting Method 3

This method is based on calling the official help line of Warid. Read forward to know the guide you have questions or complaints, comment down below and we will get back to you to answer and help you out in any way possible.

Here Is Puk Code And Pin Number To Unlock Your Warid Sim

In the first step, open “messages” option from your phone
In the second step, type PUK Number <CNIC NUMBER>
Now send it to 321
Go to the dial pad of your phone
Type 321 and dial
You will be connected to customer care representative and he will give you a PUK Code after asking a few questions

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