Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Stores

With the changing dynamics of the world and industries, almost all the businesses are acquiring an online space to expand their overall image. This has forced or we may say encouraged the businesses to sell their business offering on the internet. However, in order to sell the business products and services, businesses often acquire a website on WordPress. To make an effective WordPress website for the eCommerce, you need to have the perfect plugin incorporated into it. So, if you have been finding such plugins, you have come to the right place as we have added Top 5 WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Stores in the article.

After talking about each plugin and its features, we will also add the suggestions for your website based on the business niche and the business scale. So, let’s see what we have in the house for you!


This plugin has to be the most famous and the most-used plugin for the eCommerce websites. This plugin has been named as the king of eCommerce plugins and this is why it has taken a place at the top of the list. Once you incorporate this plugin in your WordPress website, the website will be turned into a full-fledged eCommerce store and the best solution as well! Ever since WooThemes was acquired by the Automattic, WooCommerce has been gaining a lot of popularity. As per the stats, 21% of the top eCommerce sites such as WalMart and Amazon are using the WooCommerce.

This plugin is the most preferred choice when it comes to expanding the online business. It does not matter if you want to add five products in your online store or thousands of them, WooCommerce will do that efficiently and the best thing? It will do it for free. However, your website hosting and the infrastructure must be able to handle the incorporation of your business products. We have added some top reasons to choose the plugin for your eCommerce store, so, have a look!

  • The plugin is free to download which is a good thing for small businesses who cannot invest in something like plugins
  • It has been affiliated with Automattic which ensure that you will have a lot of updates in the future and will not have to switch to other plugins
  • There is a wide range of extensions available for different errors. By using those extensions, it becomes easy for the businesses to incorporate the advanced features in their website
  • It allows the websites to add the options such as appointment, subscriptions, and the digital goods as well
  • The user-interface is very easy to use and beginners can use it with extreme ease because no technical expertise is mandatory

2.Easy Digital Downloads – EDD

This plugin is a perfect option to opt for if you need to manage and sell the digital product from your business website. When it comes to digital products and their selling, this plugin is the optimal choice as it has been incorporated with all the features required. The common things which can be sold through this plugin include PDFs, eBooks, or audio clips.

This plugin is free to use and it can be installed easily through the website. It also offers features such as file access control, discount codes, and the activity tracking. There is a wide range of themes available in EDD while the option of shopping cart has been added. With this plugin, the payment option has been added. The top reasons for choosing this plugin for the eCommerce store include;

  • It is the perfect plugin for selling the digital products and services such as music and eBooks
  • There are tons of add-ons available which can help the website owners turn the simple website into a fully advanced store
  • There are RESTful APIs available which allow the developers to provide full-fledged customization
  • There is a large group of the bloggers and developers which help the users communicate with the people from their field
  • There are more such features as customer management, data reporting, discount codes, and the shopping carts which enhance the overall shopping experience

3.Cart66 Cloud

This plugin is a perfect option if you have too many extensions and add-ons on your website as it smoothes the overall website experience. This plugin is easy to configure and all the reviews about it are positive so far. The one amazing thing about this plugin is that it enables the users to create the vendor marketplace. This plugin is free but there are some premium features which come in the paid version. The top reasons for choosing this plugin include;

  • The help desk and customer support service is up to the mark and the matters are resolved almost instantly
  • The plugin is easy to use and reduce the costs by eliminating the need for an in-house developer
  • This plugin has a stronghold of email marketing which has been helping businesses do better
  • This plugin allows the businesses to sell digital as well as the physical products
  • Three are over 100 payment getaways have been incorporated into the plugin

4.WP eCommerce

This plugin is the go-to option if you are looking for something like WooCommerce as the dashboard interface along with the pricing model is somehow the same. The basic version of this plugin is free but if you need additional and more advanced features, the add-ons have to be downloaded and incorporated.

However, before choosing this plugin for your eCommerce website, it is important to note that you will have to buy the review add-on which is sort of mandatory for the online stores.  The support team of WP eCommerce is excellent and the issues are resolved with minimum downtime This feature is great because as a business, time is money. The top reasons for choosing WP eCommerce for the online store include;

  • This plugin is easy to add to the website, thus eliminating the reasons to hire a developer or get yourself a technical course
  • There are hundreds of add-ons available which enable the businesses to advance their website as much as they want depending on their affordability because the add-ons aren’t free
  • The issues, bugs, and glitches are updated instantly providing a smooth user experience without making the business lose their customers

5.Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart

This plugin is an adequate fit if you need a setup that looks like WooCommerce as a matter of fact whole improving the overall ratings. The best thing about this plugin is that it can be used with any type of the website without having to add additional coding and programming. The basic version of Ecwird eCommerce Shopping Cart is free and allows the users to get their hands on feature libraries in addition to the paid add-ons. The tops reasons for choosing this plugin for your eCommerce include;

  • If the product number is up to 10, this plugin will work out perfectly with the amazing installation procedure and the wide range of features
  • It can be integrated with a wide range of website builders as well as the content management systems
  • This plugin supports the call and chats support and the customization features are outstanding
  • The plugin updates are automatic and you will not have to worry about initiating the update downloading
  • It allows the businesses to sell from numerous sales channels such as Facebook shops and Google shopping

Now, this was all about the plugins, so, let’s get on to see what plugins are best according to your business niche;

  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are perfect if you need to add the customizations
  • Cart66 and WP Easy Cart are perfect for the beginners and small businesses
  • WooCommerce and WP eCommerce are perfect if you need everything to be free
  • Cart66 and WP Easy Cart are perfect if you want to add a few features or add-ons
  • Easy Digital Downloads are perfect to sell digital products

This was all about Top 5 WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Stores and awe hope that you found the perfect plugin for your online store. If you need further guidance, reach out to us in the comment section below and our team shall be on their feet to help you out. Thank you!

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