Zong Free Internet Tricks-Get Unlimited Internet 100% Working Free Method

In this article, we are going to show our readers the easy and very practical tricks to use free Zong package. By using the following mentioned tricks, our readers will be able to use unlimited 4G free internet on Zong without paying any sort of charges or free proxy and VPN. By using this trick, you can even use Zong Free YouTube Streaming. Isn’t that a great way to enjoy? If you still face any issue kindly let us know through the comment box at the end of this article.

Zong has a large base of users and it is a very exciting thing for every user as now these Zong customers can now enjoy unlimited free internet by just simply dialing Zong Free MB code 2019. In this article, we will share all the necessary details and a complete guideline on how to avail Free Zong Internet with code method, a proxy method as well as Zong free internet app method.

Moreover, if any of our users are fond of Facebook then we have good news for them as they can now enjoy Zong Free Facebook by simply dialing activation code that we have mentioned below in this article.

About Zong

Zong is a local Pakistani cellular communication provider and is providing Zong Internet Packages. However, this cellular communication company is a Chinese company operated by China Mobile Pakistan and is 100% firm of China Mobile. They care for their customers and provide some of the best and exceptional benefits for their customers. Their services range from the prepaid to postpaid plans and provide best 3G, 4G internet packages.

It is the second largest GSM cellular network mobile service providing company in Pakistan. Right now, the market share of Zong is 19% in the country. Zong also holds a large number of users under its belt and the numbers are tremendously increasing because of their reliable and exceptional services and rates.

Below is an updated list of Zong Free Unlimited Internet Tricks 2019. You can read the full article or simply click on the titles below to switch straight to your preferred section and get benefitted:

Zong Free 1GB Internet 2019 (Trick 1)

If you have not installed ‘My Zong App’ on your phone yet and want to have access to free Zong Internet, you can now avail 1GB Zong 4G Free Internet then all you need to do is, simply follow the steps mentioned below as Zong offers 1GB FREE Internet on successfully signing up to the app:

NetworkZong Free 1GB Internet 2019 (Trick 1) Guide
Open Play Store on your Android phone
Search for “My Zong App” from the search bar at the top
 Download the first app that shows up and register your Zong phone number
After signing up, you will get free 1GB Zong Internet which is valid for the span of 3 days
5. In order to check the status of your free resources, open > My Account in My Zong App and there, you will find complete details of how much data you have consumed so far and how much is left for you to consume.

 Zong FREE 3G/4G Package for Facebook 2019 (Trick 2):

Today, everyone is fond of Facebook and if someone can get free access to Facebook, its best news for them! So, this news is or everyone and all of the users because now Zong Internet users can easily use free Facebook without paying any charges. Below is the method to use Zong Free Facebook.

Network Zong FREE 3G/4G Package for Facebook 2019 (Trick 2):
Unlimited FREE Internet Data (Valid for Facebook FREE Mode Data and you will not be able to watch photos and videos)
1. Offer is valid for 24 hours only
2. This offer is free of any cost
3. There is no need of subscription code
4. The Facebook application itself allows the user to switch from data mode to free mode
5. To enable the feature Go to > Facebook application > Login Account > In Settings Dropdown Menu, you will find Facebook FREE Mode > Enable it
6. You have free Facebook access on your mobile phone

Zong Free WhatsApp Offer 2019 (Trick 3):

WhatsApp is the best mode of communication in today’s fast pacing world. Everyone wants to stay connected to their loved ones and even businesses use WhatsApp as a mean for communication. Sometimes, a person does not have access to the internet and to cater that need, Zong is providing free WhatsApp to its users. Let’s see how can you subscribe to Zong Free WhatsApp Offer;

NetworkZong Free WhatsApp Offer 2019 (Trick 3): Guide
1. Enjoy FREE Unlimited WhatsApp and you can make Unlimited video & voice calls, Picture sharing, Text & voice messages, and video sharing & downloading
2. This offer is available to the users in just Rs. 20
3. The offer is valid for the time period of 30 days
4. *247# is the subscription code for this offer

 Zong New SIM Offer 2019 (Trick 4):

Zong is the company that always cares for its customers even on buying a new SIM. So, whenever you buy a new Zong SIM, you will get free Zong Internet. Below are all details for Zong New SIM Offer;

NetworkZong New SIM Offer 2019 (Trick 4): Guide
 Enjoy 2GB FREE Internet Data upon buying a new Zong SIM
This offer is valid for the time span of 3 days
This offer is absolutely free of cost
Dial *10# from your phone to subscribe to this offer

Zong Free Unlimited Internet 2019 (Trick 5):

Zong is now offering Free Unlimited Internet to its users but there is always a procedure to follow. So, we have elaborated the procedure below to avail Zong Free Unlimited Internet;

NetworkZong Free Unlimited Internet 2019 (Trick 5):Guide
1. Install UC Browser on your mobile phone
2. Go to the option “settings”
3. Open the option “Access Points
4.Create a New Access Point file

Now, add following details;


You can now enjoy Zong 4G free Internet on your mobile phone.

Remember: Visit HTTP websites on Google Chrome only because otherwise https websites won’t work and you will not be able to avail any offer.

Zong Free Unlimited Internet 2019 (Trick 6):

In case, the other tricks did not work out well for you, this trick will work perfectly to give you access to Zong Free Unlimited Internet. Follow the procedure below to use Zong Free Unlimited Internet;

NetworkZong Free Unlimited Internet 2019 (Trick 6): Guide
1. Install UC Browser (UC mini won’t work as this trick is not applicable to that application)
2. Open UC Browser on your mobile phone
3. Click on the URL bar at the top and enter “free.facebook.com.kproxy.com” and click on “Go Button”
4. In the next step, you will be automatically redirected to Kproxy Website

 Zong Free Internet 2019 (Trick 7):

This is all and now you can enjoy free unlimited internet on your mobile phone.This trick can be used by anyone who wants access to Zong Free Unlimited Internet using a UC Handler. The procedure is very hassle-free and everyone can make it possible. Follow the below-given procedure;

NetworkZong Free Internet 2019 (Trick 7):Guide
Install UC Handler on your mobile phone from Google Play store
Setup the UC Handler by doing the following steps;
Real ProxyHTTP
Kindly TypeSetup the UC Handler by doing the following steps;
Put in Real Proxy Server119.160.92.4

Zong Free Internet for YouTube Downloading 2019 (Trick 8):

You can now enjoy Zong 4G FREE Internet through UC Handler Method This Zong Free YouTube Downloading is the perfect trick for everyone who wants to watch free and unlimited videos on YouTube. Follow the below-written procedure to get the maximum benefit.

The videos are now downloaded! You can now watch your favorite videos anytime even if you do not have access to the internet.This was all about Zong Free 4G Unlimited Internet Tricks – 2019, Don’t forget to share your problems or thoughts in the comments section below and let us know if you found the above-mentioned tricks and tips interesting and helpful.Kindly keep in mind that we have personally tested and verified these free Zong internet tricks before posting it on the website.

We have worked for weeks to find these internet tricks for our readers and we hope that you will appreciate our efforts. If any these tricks are not working, try to do it again while following all the instructions correctly. To get the most benefit from this trick, you have to follow all the steps in the exact manner as we have mentioned.Apart from that, kindly acknowledge that these tricks are time-based, they will work for a few days or months and then they will get blocked. So, if you are facing any difficulty in applying these tricks,

please drop a comment or message in the sections below and we will help you with the issue.We hope that our users will like these tricks and appreciate it by sharing it with their social circle. In order to know of more tricks, stay tuned to our website. If you need any more guidelines and information, contact us.

NetworkZong Free Internet for YouTube Downloading 2019 (Trick 8):
 1.Install Yoga VPN from Google Play Store
2. Connect with the Default Settings of the application
3. In order to download free videos from YouTube, Install any Screen Recorder from Google play store
4. Start Recording through the installed application
5. Open YouTube and search for the desired video
6. Watch your desired videos
7. All videos will be recorded and saved to the device storage automatically

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