How To Celebrate 14th August – Ideas & Celebration

As it is already almost mid of the July, we all know that 14th of August is just around the corner and our patriotic selves just cannot wait for it. On 14th August 1947, Pakistan was made and came into existence with the tireless efforts of the ultimate founder, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. This is why every year, on 14th August, every Pakistani celebrates this day with so much patriotism and zeal. But we sometimes get out of ideas and if you are going through the same situation, you have landed to the right spot. We are saying this because we have added How To Celebrate 14th August – Ideas & Celebration in this article. Have a look!


When the event is joyous and every Pakistani is celebrating it equally, it is just that whole families will be celebrating it with full excitement. So, why not decorate your homes as well? In this section, we have added the decoration ideas so that you can be inspired and get your home decorated

  • 14th August is all about green and white and in the case of home; you can change the tablecloth and napkins to greens and whites. You can also decorate with white and green balloons along with some paper plates
  • If you are a resident of Pakistan, you can head out to the market and buy some Pakistani flags, buntings, and the balloons. You can choose these decorations to decorate the home and you can also opt for some DIY
  • Every Pakistani home has something green and white lying around in the drawers and cupboards and on 14th August, it is high time that you take those all out and set a main decorating table with paintings, mats, and even the trucks. It’s just a time to get creative with your lovely home


If you are a person who has an artistic mind and is creative, why not get your hands dirty with some paints and these can be used as an activity for kids as well;

  • You can set the white papers and green paint to make the DIY Pakistani flags
  • If you have too many sheets or rough magazines lying around, you can use them to make the truck art. You can even add your own touches with colouring pencils and crayons


If your family and kids are active and love to indulge in creative activities, we have got some amazing ideas for you whom you can implement on the day of freedom and patriotism. Have a look!

  • You can sing the patriotic songs which are called mili naghme and ask everyone at home including elders and kids to sing them
  • You can write Pakistani patriotic songs on the small chits and put them all in one big jar. You can all sit around the table and pass the box and everyone takes a chit. Whichever song anyone gets, they have to sing it and soon, everyone will be singing along
  • You can play some national and patriotic songs in a normal volume and wave those Pakistani flags you made. This way, you will have a little parade right at your home
  • You can even play those childhood games such as oonch neech, kho kho, baraf pani, pithu garam, pakran pakrai, and much more to revive the memories and have a great day with friends and family
  • If you have an open map of Pakistan lying around at the home, you can pin it up on some wall and ask the kids to choose their cities. Then, they can talk about those cities, discuss cultures and even the changing weather/. They can even share the stories of when they visited those cities
  • You can arrange a fun quiz where you ask questions about the Pakistan. The difficulty level can be managed according to audiences such as kids or elders or mature ones. Few questions that you can ask include, what is the national flower of Pakistan? What is the national game of Pakistan? What is the national bird of Pakistan? Who is the national poet of Pakistan? How many laureates are there in Pakistan? How many prime ministers Pakistan has have had?
  • Pakistan is filled with culture and with every province, culture changes and if you want celebrates the cultures, you can play the traditional songs and ask everyone to dance a little on them to make a cultural environment
  • You can set up a table with paint brushes with lots of green and white paint. You can make Pakistani flags on the hands and cheeks to celebrate this day to the best

Talent Show

There are always people in the home who do not like to indulge in games and activities and they just sit aside. For those people, we have an amazing option for you as you can hold talent shows which will be a great way to create an excitement factor among them and it will even create the hype and encourage them to take part. You can ask people to share their stories related to Pakistan, share Pakistan-related books, showcase a drawing, or they can even sing some patriotic song. You can keep everything simple and casual but do not forget to involve kids. You can give everyone a few minutes to show their talent and make sure they knew beforehand so that they are well-prepared


When it comes to Pakistani gatherings, food is an integral part and it has to be great as well. You can choose the time of the day for the party and design the menu accordingly. You can opt for biryani, nihari, tikka, chicken karahi, malai boti, and much more. If you are looking for something simpler, you can opt for star sandwiches, star-shaped kebabs, crescent sandwiches and much more. If you are deciding to make something sweet, you can make a Pakistani flag on the top with green jelly to add a touch of patriotism to the food


  • You can play background music in the form of patriotic songs to make the mood
  • You can set the clothing theme to be white and green
  • You can add some candies and other goodies in a small bag to give to the kids

This was all about How To Celebrate 14th August – Ideas & Celebration and we hope that you liked the ideas that we have shared. If you like the ideas, you can share it with your friends and family and help them with new ideas and celebrations as well. Thank you!

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