4G EE Max Plan Complete Guide + Comparison With EE Essential Plan

There was a time when a single network was covering more than 100 countries. This last till 2000 after that with the passage of time, the competition among the networks enhanced. And now the time come in which different networks are serving the single country. There is considerable discussion about network competition but here we have picked out the 4G EE max network so that their customers can know what they want to learn about this network.

Well, this is the world of technology people are living on technology so they want improvements and betterment with time changing. A customer, using any network, demands high quality communication. It is a fact that in the mobile network market the demand is increasing. Customers want a fundamental approach to high-quality transfer, transmissions, brand new frequencies, fastest network, and affordable packages. Considering all this every network is trying to satisfy their customers.

Broadband networking introduced their 4th generation as the 4G EE. 4 G EE max plan is the one approach to reduce the data abuse. It gives the fastest data coverage to its customer and tries its best to meet their demands as well as wants. This generation is going with 4G networking so here focusing on the fastest network speed, EE max plan offers 60 Mbps with fastest downloading speed.


We all know that there exists a difference between theoretical and practical value, sop theoretically it gives the speed that is higher than 30 Mbps but such speed is achieve-able in ideal conditions only.

Fastest 4G speed

4 G (4G LTE) gives wing to your network. Once getting on 4 G EE max plan you get the sufficient speed that makes your usage flawless and efficient. You do not face any time difficulty and things get done so smoothly. It happens that sometimes, being on other UK networks or packages, you get the 3G or 3G HSPA+ speed but this 4G LTE offers you 20 Mbps speed which is 150 Mbps theoretically.

What frequencies you get on this 4G network

There are different frequencies that you can avail, being on this 4G EE max plan. The frequencies are as follow.

  • 700 MHz (Band 28 – Telstra / Optus)
  • 850 MHz (Band 5 – Vodafone)
  • 900 MHz (Band 8 – Telstra)
  • 1800 MHz (Band 3 – Telstra / Optus / Vodafone)
  • 2100 MHz (Band 1 – [a small number of Telstra sites] / Optus [Tasmania] / Vodafone)
  • 2300 MHz (Band 40 – Optus [Vivid Wireless spectrum])
  • 2600 MHz (Band 7 – Telstra / Optus)

Choices of tariffs

Being on the EE network you have two categories of tariffs that are EE max and EE essential.

EE max Incentives

  • If you go for EE max, flagship 4 G tariff, you are able to get the fastest speed as 30 per month.
  • It gives you access to the data allowances as 60 GB per month
  • Moreover, you get the fastest downloading speed and smooth data usage.
  • Customers that are using this max bundle can access the 4G + coverage
  • Roaming: it covers the European roaming, within the EU range you can use your inclusive text, call minutes and data with no extra charges. A Fair Usage policy gets applied only if you are going with the data plan that is more than the 150 GB.

EE Essential Tariff

  • EE essential tariff is another low -cost alternative choice. Customers that cannot afford the Max plan can go with this Essential tariff and enjoy the network services. This gives you an allowance of 30 GB per month.
  • Customers that are using low cost alternative essential tariff enjoys the double speed 4G coverage.

Comparison summary between EE max plan and EE essential plan

incentivesEE Max planee essential plan
Monthly priceFrom £30 / monthFrom £12 / month
minutesunlimited unlimited
texts unlimited unlimited
data8 GB to 60 GB500 MB to 30 GB
data speedfastest speed 4G +double 4 G speed is available
tethering  ✔       ✔     

Other Selling Plans

there are different selling plans shared by the EE max. these are as follow

datamonthly cost/ upfront costplan term
5 GB13 / 0.00 £24 months
15 GB22 / 0.00 £24 months
15 GB25 / 4 0.00 £30 days

NON-Monthly Data plan Changes

the RPI is responsible to look over the changes in the EE plans. these changes are done, if required, in the March season. There are some other bundles as well which includes some non-monthly based data plans whose prices increase/changes with the EE contract. Then it is completely your choice to select whatever data plan you want to go with. Your price increases on the basis of your data plan. With the changes in services, changes in other prices also occur, like an increase in roaming rates, calls and texts. There is no discount available on such non-monthly packages.

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