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Are you fed up of arranging different bundles for different family members? Worry not about this, we are presenting a huge network that can be shared among five people at a time. Yes, we are talking about EE shared max plan bundle. In this section we will be discussing more EE shared Max Bundle. You can add up as many members as you want (max 5). Being on this EE shared Max plan you are free to go for your choices that vary from 1 GB to as much maximum as 50 Gb.

It depends on you that which data max device you want to avail, but either device you select can give complete and full range to new tablets, new phones and to EE sim’s USB dongles and to mobile wifi.

How you can get advantage from different options

4G Phone SIM

It makes you able to get on approach to 4G network, any WiFi hotspot or to the allowances that you share.

4G Data sim

Next comes the 4 G data sim that process once get inserted into the tablet, acceptable of 4G network. It allows for sharing the data allowances.

4G Phone

It gives you access to share resources and network. Moreover, it gives you a way of approach to unlimited calls, and texts, and wifi hotspots. Other than this you can add on one inclusive content as well.

4G Tablet

It may be any new tablet that gives 4 G approach and covers the 4 G network easily. It may be an IPad. With this, you can easily share the data allowances, hotspot plus you can add-on an inclusive content.

4G Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi is basically 4 G hotspot approach that can be shared among people for their usage. It does not matter where you go, with 4 G mobile wifi you can share the data allowances as well as the device/ mobile hotspot

4G USB dongle

This is the 4 G USB device that gets inserted into the laptop or computer which is ready to accept the 4 G network approach. With this USB dongle, you can share the allowances of data easily.

Sharer Plan for Smartphones           Contract  Length               Monthly Price
Smartphone SIM only (for the existing handset)              12 months          £12 / month
Smartphone SIM only (for the existing handset)               30 days         £7 / month
With new handset              24 months          from £23 / month

Significance by EE shared Max Plan

Once you become an EE account holder you can check your data usage easily every month. In My EE your data usage will be displayed. This display holds the total usage done by the whole family or by all the members. You can have even minor details of each and everything.

Limitation of checking approach

The sharer is able to get the details of its own device only and regarding this, he is unable to change the plan even if he wants. But in some serious issues, he or she can contact the helpline.

Sharer and Account Holder

  • An account holder can administer the usage.
  • He can control the plans that are listed on the account
  • He holds the financial responsibility as well as the shared plan’s responsibility.

Control of Account holder on My EE account

  • An account holder has responsibilities as well as the authority. He can keep on checking the data usage by different users or sharer. He is the only authoritative person who can allow or block any sharer to limited or specific data usage.
  • For any purchase of UK or roaming data add-ons or even for both, his permission grant is a must.
  • He has held on calls and texts as well. he can allow or block and text call to UK international number, roaming calls and even calls to premium numbers.

Important Note

The customers are curious about this question that can the account holder block any contact on EE shared Max plan. So the answer to this question is YES, an account holder has complete authority to block any social networking of any device that is under EE shared max plan. He can even kick out any 8 rated material that he finds inappropriate.

Upgrades on EE shared Plan

Lastly, we are covering the EE max Shared Plan’s up gradation, this responsibility is also allocated to the account holder because he is legally and financially the authoritative person.

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