How To Advertise On YouTube For Free Ultimate Guide

YouTube has been named as the second most used search engine platform given the billions of active user who are spending one hour daily watching videos.The watch time is the average value and there are many other users who watch the videos for hours. This has encouraged the businesses to acquire a presence on YouTube and the competition is immense. If you need to stand out from the competitors, you need to advertise the channel and the best way is to configure the YouTube video to create an embedded link for the business website. So, if you are interested, we have added How To Advertise On YouTube For Free in this article.

In the first step, start with logging in to the Google Adwords Account and go to the shared library. Then, click on the “Linked YouTube Accounts”

Click on the YouTube and click the “Advertising” option in the footer

Now, click on the “run your ad” and the all video campaign tab will be opened in the AdWords account

Now, click on the “new video campaign”

You can add in the all desired details and once you do, you can save and continue. Then, choose the “select bidding and audience” option and the set the maximum bids.

Now, click on the “new video ad”

Now, choose the “select a video” option

Now, enter the YouTube video URL

You will be directed to the resulting page on which you need to select “let me choose” and go to “In-display” tab from the “YouTube Videos” tab. After this, populate the ad and click on the Save button

Now, you must be at the dashboard and you need to pause the just created campaign

Now, click on the videos tab and click on the hyperlink named, “Add call-to-action overlay”

In the last step, just populate the headline, URL, ad text and other channel information

This is all; you have just created a perfect ad and that too, for free with effective results. We hope that you were to make the best-embedded link. For further guidance, reach out to us in the comment section below and we will be here to help. Thank you!

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