The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide – Creating, Promoting, & Optimizing

There is no doubt in the fact that YouTube is addictive and that can be measured by your actions i.e. we all have wasted our precious time watching additive and captivating videos on YouTube. In the old times, YouTube was just to watch the entertaining stuff but with time, it has become a hub for marketing the services at a huge scale. This shows that YouTube is going big and if you want to go big alongside it, we have added The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide – Creating, Promoting, & Optimizing in this article to help you out. So, let’s dive in and make most out of the YouTube and its 3 billion users!

Creating A YouTube Channel

Before you start with the creation of your YouTube channel, it is essential to note that maintaining the channel and running it precisely will take up a lot of time and efforts. In other words, start a YouTube channel only if you can invest time and efforts.  If you think you are ready for it, let’s just start off with the step-by-step guide;

First of all, you need to create a Google account by tapping on the “sign-in” button on the top right corner

Now, click on the “create account” button which will be present at the bottom side of the page

You will be asked if the account if for personal use or if it is for a business,  you can choose the business managing option

Now, add in all the details such as given the screenshot below and hit the “next” button

This is all, you have created a Google Account and now, it’s time to move on to YouTube channel creation!

Now, open the YouTube application and sign in by clicking at the icon present at the top right corner

After signing in, click on the profile icon and the drop-down menu will appear. From there, choose the “My Channel” option

Now, use the “create channel” option to create a channel. However, make sure you use some other name rather than using your own name to create the channel

Here, the account has been created and you might even start off with editing if you are unsure about anything or the details to be specific!

Now, to customize the YouTube account, click on the customize channel and add the profile picture and the channel art

After adding everything you wished, click on the save button and voila!

Optimizing The YouTube Channel

There is a massive competition on YouTube and if you want to rank higher and get more views on your videos, it is highly suggested to optimize your channel. For optimizing the YouTube channel, few things are considered such as;

  • Title – While creating the title for your YouTube video, conduct a keyword research and conclude a title from the keywords. In the terms of the character limit, 0 is the optimum
  • Description – When people hit the play button on your video, they can only see the first two lines of your description and that is your only asset. Make sure that you create an amazingly engaging description which forces the views to read more
  • Tags – Tags will help you widen the video reach by showing it with other similar videos. In the tags, you need to add the similar keywords for the high ranking
  • Category – There is not only one type of video you create, right? So, to differentiate everything, you need to select a category and put your video in that. It further helps your video appearing in the competition to the rival’s similar video increasing the reach chances
  • Thumbnail – When you upload a video on YouTube, it shows three screenshots form your video which will be used as a cover to your video before people hit the play button. You need to choose one but the best one from three to engage and attract the audience
  • End Screens – When you have added everything, make sure to add an end screen to your video as it will direct people to other videos from your channel increasing the overall engagement and reach

Creating The YouTube Videos

You have decided to create a YouTube channel, great! But for YouTube, you need to create videos and if you are a beginner and do not have an idea what to choose, this is the perfect spot as we have added some ideas for the YouTube videos!

  • Feedback Video – If you are a business, you must have some customers who love your products and that is what running your business, right? So, if you have such loyal customers, you can create a video with them and ask them to tell the audience about the pros of your business offerings
  • Product Descriptions – If people seem to be confused with your products and unable to understand how to use them, it is high time that you create a product description video in which you will describe the functions, pros, and cons along with the usage
  • How-To Videos – These are far by the most important yet the most successful types of the videos. In How-To Videos, you need to teach your audience making something featuring your business offerings.

Once you have decided the video content, shoot the video, edit it to the perfection, and upload. However, after uploading the video, you need to carry out the following steps;

  1. You need to advertise your videos on other social media handles. For instance, if you already have a strong audience base on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can leave a reminder for them through the stories that you have uploaded a video
  2. At the end of the video, create a call-to-action statement and ask them to subscribe to your channel and share the video with their loved ones
  3. You need to keep a keen eye on the analytics of the video i.e. conversion rate, reach, engagement rate, and much to see how your videos are doing and what needs improvement

This was all about The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide – Creating, Promoting, & Optimizing and we wish you a great YouTube journey. If you need further help, we are always here to helps. Share the article with your friends and family and help each other grow. Thank you!

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