Barbie Birthday and Panic Day With Details And Celebration Activities

Well here is a discussion about a fantastic day of fantasy world and an entertaining day for stressed people. You can say that it’s a worthy day of celebration dedicated to your favorite toy character Barbie. In this article, we will be delivering to you the specificity of both the Barbie birthday and panic day.

both of these days get celebrated in the march. Yes The March. I know hearing this sounds strange that why March is worth celebrating? Well, this is because many special days and events are in this month. The thing is that people use to assign a certain day to certain people or event that worth respect and honor everything that someone likes or any specialty of a day that must be respected in all ways get celebrated with dignity and honor. Most of such days come in the month of March.

It is totally up to the general public that how they want to celebrate their special days. There are several ways in which they express their joy, happiness, emotions, and love.

Barbie Birthday:

For me and I know for many, the best memory of their childhood is the Barbie Doll. The ideal model of Disney land. As it brought joy in the childhood of many people so this character, in respect, worth a wonderful day by her name as “Barbie birthday”. This character has served the world, for more than 60 years Barbie has been bringing joy in the lives of many children even in the lives of adults like me.

You can say that Barbie is getting old in age but without getting aging effects. Yeah, this is amazing. She is getting a year old in this march but her glamorous face is exactly the same and young. Barbie’s birthday is on the 9th of March. It is a sort of immortal invention by American. Barbie is the sweetheart.

Introduction of Barbie:

Barbie, for kids, is more than a toy, children have some feelings and emotions attached to her. It was introduced by an American toy company Mattel Inc. in the march. The launching year of Barbie falls in 1959. And since then (1959) the Barbie birthday get celebrated at every 9th of March.

Barbie is a fashion doll which catches the love of everyone. There are many Barbie cartoons and movies as well. It has been carrying a huge market interest for over fifty years. And the most important fact about Barbie is that it was the one and very first toy who earned television advertisement marketing for the first time.

Barbie got fame all across the world like there is no one who can say that I am unfamiliar with the popularity of this Barbie doll and I guess this is the reason why Barbie day worth a celebration.


Barbie is a slim and smart fashion doll with big and beautiful colored eyes as deep as the ocean is. She has a pretty face with sharp face cuts and a bunch of curly or straight hairs falling aside as a spring of cold water falling down to stream with a fast and cutting flow. It is available in all sizes and different shapes, wearing tights or jeans or shorts etc., but the shape or size does not affect its beauty. Barbie’s complexion varies from dark to light and somewhere at the mid of both.

Creation History of Barbie:

The reason behind this creation could not be identified properly but according to some writings and researches it was found that this creation came into being as per the demand of Barbara, the baby girl of Ruth handler who was the famous business women and the wife of Elliot

Some studies showed that one day, being pissed off by the older toys, Barbara demanded a new doll with good appearance. Ruth searched for it in all stores and shops but could not find any but decided to make her own. She invented an adult Barbie doll who seemed to be more fashionable and attractive. Se utilized a German doll as her inspiration. And after that, she named it Barbara, it is said that Barbara and Barbie were nearly similar in features and looks.

Officially Barbie was launched in a toy fair in 1959 and she made her space at the top, worldwide. Because of this fame and success, Barbie Birthday gets celebrated every year at the 9th march.

Later the Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken Carson was invented by the Mattel in 1961. As time passed many other changes occurred and Barbie went through many evolutions as well.

How It Is Get Celebrated?

On Barbie birthday, kids and adults both exchange pretty Barbie dolls. They watch the Barbie movie. Gift each other different sort of gifts like Barbie watches, Barbie dollhouses, dancing Barbie doll and many more things.

At this gentle day, people let their inner child come out. They feel happy and free in playing Barbie games and with the Barbie dolls sometimes. You may be getting it strange that in this age of life how you can play with such dolls so do not worry you can celebrate it in a way different than others. You can enjoy making and eating Barbie cakes or cupcakes or pancakes.

There are some people who use to give Barbie accessories to the needy ones. You can buy some clothes for the poor

Well, this is the day which is a kind related to generosity and a feeling of love and sensation of joy. You can enjoy it in your own way.

The Message Related to Barbie Day:

The message, they actually want to deliver is that, try to spend your lives I a way Barbie presented. Ye,s it is on a point that Barbie is a creation of a fantasy world and there is a huge difference between the fantasy and reality but at least you can try to make yourself happy as Barbie does. You can build courage in you when the harsh time comes up. You can help the poor and needy without paying them. You can do many practices as Barbie does to make you satisfied and comfortable.

The Panic Day:

I know it is a kind of wonder and surprise that even why this day is regarded as a celebration. Well in a sense it’s a day to celebrate but it is to create an awareness in all that nobody is free of stress, nobody can claim that he is fine in all ways. It is a natural fact that in life we all have to suffer something somewhere at different times. We can’t say that I am the only person who is suffering from tension and tragedy. No! Not at all! At different times in different situation may be the other person is sustaining stress, or maybe someone is more tens than me or you.

Introduction to Panic Day:

It is not a formal but a holiday that is celebrated every year on the 9th of March. the inventor of this Panic Day is Thomas and Ruth.

Panic is a disgust situation that may lead to severe conditions or even it can take someone to the death-bed. Often it is said in stressed situations that do not panic because it ends with sad and depressed consequences.

It is always recommended that in stressed conditions you must try to keep yourself calm and cool. It is a common practice to take deep breathes in tension or aggression as it normalizes your heartbeat and mind.

However, we all have an idea that no one can handle the situation calmly, all the time. Because sometimes it becomes the need to steam out away the suppressed and tiring emotions. I also highly recommend to blow off such sensational feelings out of your mind. This day is worth blowing out the pressurized stream of stress, hate, aggression, anger, and tension.

People spend the whole day sending their suppressed sensations out of their mind. It’s a day to say no to all those who say, “Stop your drama we all face difficulties”. No, you will not bear it anymore, you are not mean to do this. This day gives you freedom of speech, freedom to expel your thoughts out, freedom to feel free and finally to feel relax and light.

Why This Day Is an Event:

Stress can eat you it can end you. You, me and even no one has any idea that how it leads us to dreadful, life taking diseases, like diabetes, blood pressure, mental illness, and permanent sickness. It takes us to unwanted situations so here is a public Panic day that gives a message, it is ok if you are stressed, it ok if you feel low, it is perfectly fine if you are panic you do not need to let your stress make you feel down anymore. This day gives you a welcoming environment and a comfort zone to let your inner frustration come out. You do not deserve to end yourself like this. You have the right to stay relax.

How IT IS Get Celebrated:

The question here arises hat how someone can celebrate its panicking. So there are many ways to deal with your stress. Here are some practices that people use to do so that they can make their panic days comfortable, entertaining and joy able. You can cherish the Panic Day without even losing its respect.

  • People talk to those who are in stress
  • They listen to them and then advise them positively according to their situations without even making them pinched or pissed off.
  • You can entertain yourself as well as your friend by making them scare so that in a result they let their inner frustration to come out
  • You can arrange dramas and short movies in a way that the stressed people enjoy it and laugh for a while.
  • If you yourself are in stress you can cry even if you are a man, this is the most important benefit.
  • You can involve yourself in some stress releasing activities like yoga, exercise, and other things.
  • The best way to release your stress is to make others happy.

Importance Of This Day:

The major significance is that it lets you make yourself relaxed. When you talk to others and freak out the all stressing thoughts you feel light and more comfortable. When you listen to the others you learn different techniques to deal with the problem. Spending a whole day as a Panic day makes you able to encourage yourself and to prepare yourself to deal with the suppressing situations.

Hope you enjoyed it. Give us remarks in the comment section below. Stay in touch to be updated.

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